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  • That's great. Thanks. I bet you have got some great results with your kit since you bought the Oly. Would love to see some.
  • I've always used both type of lenses happily. Is this a mixture of Olympus & Panansonic lenses Paul?
  • Mike
    To be honest it is me wanting to do it for her because of what I have put her through with my sudden health situation.
  • To: Mike / Paul

    Really appreciate your comments. I'm not going to worry about cost so which lenses should I go for with the Oly. OMD? Should I stick with WEX?

    Regarding my wife. She really likes to Canon G9 because it does not involve changing a lense. Again I am not going to worry about price, i think i paid about 450 for the G9 at the time, just get her a modern camera with an improved performance than she gets from the G9. Best options at the moment please guys.

  • Thank you so much everyone. I now know that by the end of August I will have received my radiotherapy and Chemo so will aim at looking forward to buying myself one at that time. Best wishes to you all.
  • Hi all

    Regrettably I got home from a holiday to Flroida a week ago having been taken into hospital and had a brain tumour removed. Further treatment to follow. The reason I am writing this is not for sympathy but to ask you all for advice. Weight was always on my mind when thinking of swapping over to Digital and even though have asked previously did not get around to doing anything about it. Still using the canon G9 which I bought for my wife.

    Thinking of upgrading this for my wife and friends have been telling me to get a new one for myself after what has happened to me.

    The MICRO OMD has received such good reports that I am seriously now thinking of going down that route and if so would appreciate advice on what lenses to add to the package. I have no problem with the retro look as some people do. Also what should I consider replacing my wife's camera with as an upgrade?

    Many thanks Mike
  • Do you believe it is a good idea to buy a used camera from Wex for example when you can often get a deal of sorts on a new one?

    I only have a film camera and a compact. Been looking seriously at Canon, Nikon and Olympus
  • Do any of the compact system camera's out-perform a camera such as the Canon EOS 650?
  • I have had to accept that due to a continuing spinal problem that I will have to give thought to the weight of equipment when I purchase my next camera system which will almost certainly be either Canon or Nikon. Health problems have unfortunately delayed this decision already by several months. I am taking the time to do as much research as possible.

    I wondered whether most people do stick to original manufacturers lenses or choose a mixture of both for a particular reason? Are there lenses from Sigma or Tamron for example which are better than the Canon/Nikon equivalent for the price? I have started to gather weights of all the available equpment to help with my decision. I still have an open mind on what level of camera to purchase and hope to join a club, do a course and get back into photography again purely for the fun factor.

    I took your advice some time ago and got a professional to take photographs for our Florida villa which we rent out and that proved to be a very wise move so thatnks for that.

    Best wishes Mike
  • Thanks Gary. Much appreciated.
  • One thing i don't like is the fact thast you cannot put a CF card into a DVD player to show your photograsphs on the TV. That is what is putting me off buying the 7D at the moment.

  • Quote:I have just come back home with the 7D, just learn its ways is the next thing

    Enjoy the new camera Smile

    One thing to keep in mind when trying out your new camera is the raw files may initially look a little softer and noisier than your used to with your 5D II, don't be put off by this though, once they've been processed and sharpened, and printed, if that's what you prefer, they'll look excellent.

    Can you explain what you mean by processing and sharpening raw files in relation to the 7D? I am thinking of buying one.
  • I'm 99% certain of getting the canon 7D. Thanks for the input so far. Quality is important to me.
  • Thinking of getting the canon 7D. What is the best wide angle lense I could get so that I can particularly take acceptable shots insde buildings?
  • Wouldn't the A1 and T90 become valuable in years to come? Both award winners in their own era. I think I will just keep them and use them occasionally as suggested.
  • Sorry for the typo's I meant a canon A1
  • I'm not now using my Canon A! plus Canon T90 plus lenses, flash guns etc. Should i keep them or sell them and put any money towards new digital gear i want tp buy?
  • I have contacted Kerso (Ian Kerr) and had several email chats with him. He seems a decent, honourable guy.

    States that "all lenses have Canon USA warranties. Bodies have USA warranties valid in UK with invoice provided."

    So what does this mean if something goes wrong and repairs etc under guarantee are required?
  • Where can you buy a 7D body for anything like 740?
  • Why do people purchase from Warehouse Express when you can purchase considerably cheaper from places such as procamerashop, Bignorman, simplyelectronics etc?
  • Firstly I would just like to thank all of you for your comments and the time you took to reply to my "body verses lenses" enquiry.

    Chris_L: Thanks for the link to the lenses that you found helpful. Will check it out. Noted your comments about quality lenses being the priority.

    Wheresjp: I have been seriously looking at the 7D and will check out the lenses that you mention.

    Mikehit: Really appreciate the information and your views. The link to the portfolio made my mind up for definate what a brilliant lense can do to a cheaper camera. It blew me away what this guy achieved but I bet the lenses cost an arm and a leg! I have held the 600 body and most of the ones i think i would consider and i felt that the body was a bit small for my liking. I really like to have something which I can get a good hold of. Do you know what i mean? I know it has a great reputation and a close friend just bought it. i will check out the 15-85 you mention.

    Thewilliam: I think I want to go a bit higher in price than the D3100. i did have a look at the 7000.

    Out of interest what bodies do you use if you don't mind me asking.

    The photographs which i want to improve upon at our Florida home by the way can be seen if you take a look at www.tuscanpines.co.uk and you will see what i mean. many guests state that the villa is far better than the photographs look on the website and we find it very frustrating!
  • I assume it would be generally agreed that the quality of the lense is more important than the finer points of a camera body?

    Is it worth buying the Canon L series or Nikon G series lenses (I think that i have got that right) if considering camera bodies such as the EOS 60D or EOS 7D or alternatively the D7000 or D300S?

    Where can you find reliable reports on the quality of individual lenses other than here?

    Unfortunately I am the sort of person who researches to the point where I am incapable of making my mind up what I want and then do nothing. This time i am determined to conclude my research and buy a new camera/lense etc. Previously I used a Canon A1 and Canon T90 and recently have been using a canon G( which i actually purchased for my wife! All my lenses are obsolete i gather so am open minded about the make. I intend to do family/holiday shots plus internal room shots of our \florida villa and maybe a little wedding photography after completing one of the recognised courses to get me up to date.

    Thanks. Mike
  • What should I consider when choosing between the Canon 7D, the Nikon D300s and the Nikon 7000? Should manufacturers lenses play an important part in that decision?
  • In general which are the best quality lenses and why? Still debating which camera to purchase and wondered whether make of lenses might tip the balance. Are other lense manufascturers such as Tamron or Sigma better in general? Mike
  • Why would I choose the 50D ahead of the newer 550? Is it purely because of the build quality? Can I also throw the Nikon D90 into the equation?
    Thanks Mike
  • Thanks Malcolm

    Your photographs are amazing!

    That package does seem to work financially. I note you have the 40D and that the 50D supercedes this one. Can you get the 2 lenses you mentioned to go with the 50D? Would it be the right choice of lenses/ How much more would it cost me!! I checked out Adorama and a 50D with a 18-135 Autofocus lense f3.5-5.6 is was $1498.99 which is more expensive than buying in the UK.

  • Thanks James I will have a look at that one.

    Thanks cameracat. I'll have a look as you say at Adorama as I do have some spare cash in our US account which went over at a better rate. Mind you it will have to be replaced later in the year!

    One other thing, i do not understand the new lenses. ie what do they convert as from the old FD lenses. i have a 28mm, a 50mm and a 70-210mm in FD. What would i need to cover those areas?

    Thanks for all in advice in advance!
  • I still own a Canon A1 and a Canon T90 plus several FD lenses. In recent times I have used a camcorder more. I would like to get back into still photography again mainly for holidays but also to take photographs of our villa in Florida for website promotional purposes.

    I bought a Canon G9 for my wife but seem to have used it more myself. I can see the benefits of being able to just get rid of all the shots you do not like and would like to now buy a DSLR. I understand that my FD lenses are not suitable for use with a new Canon DSLR so it seems I have to sdtart from scratch with any make etc. I do not wish to spend more than 1,000 to start off. can any of you experienced photographers please point me in the right direction.

    I would ideally wish to have the camera with me when I go to Florida at the beginning of May. Should i also consider purchasing the camera in Florida if it is cheaper? If so are there any compatibility issues I should know about first other than maybe the power supply lead?
  • i have paid nothing else as yet.

  • Quote:Did you pay VAT when they delivered it to you ?