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  • Thanks Stuart...very interesting site. the computer I'm interested in is loaded with windows 7 pro, I'm currently useing windows 10 but am I bothered,

    I know I could upgrade it to windows 10 but that almost doubles the price.

    what do you think ?.....cheers Mike
  • Hi Darren...no I have not, wouldn't know ware to start...thanks though.
  • Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new computer, I'm struggling for cash and I saw that Curry's have some for 399, Just the tower, I have a decent monitor, I don't need anything special and I imagine one of these would do me..... anyone any advice ?

    cheers all....MikeRC
  • " you can choose to have it removed if you decide within 12 months. "

    Cheers Dave... neither myself nor my daughter was informed of this, but would be good to know for a lot of people
  • Thanks all..seems it's not as bad as I first thought.
    my wife claimed that they used 10 times as much water as us but it seems their bill is only 1000 a year which considering their water useage, is not too bad.
    I suspect that their might be the possibility of making dad feel guilty,
    ...not always a good idea Smile

    My daughter thinks that without the meter it'd cost only 400 but I don't know about that.Smile

    cheers all.... Mike
  • Thanks Jack... same water authority ...Yorkshire water.
    ...my last quarter bill, if I read it correctly ... states my useage as 23 cubic metres. resulting in a bill of 83.57.

    I haven't seen my daughters bill, it's a sore point as she claims that I coerced them into getting a meter fitted and won't discuss it with me.

    I thought that if I could find out what others paid it might help to clarify things

    cheers.... Mike
  • Hi... can someone assist me with regards to water bills ?
    I and my wife live in a 3 bedroom house and our water is metered and we pay approximetly 330 a year.

    My daughter, her husband and 2 boys live in a 4 bedroom house and the cost of their water,again metered, costs over 2000 a year.
    Granted they use the bath while we never do, preferring showers.

    Can someone please tell me how the cost of my water should compare to their's.

    I can expect it to be double or maybe even triple or 4 times as much, but seven times as much is incredible

    appreciate any help...thanks...Mike
  • ...appalling,'''' It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths of evil we humans we humans will go to,...we have a lot to answer for when we are judged.
  • Is it Trump Tours ?
  • My birthday
    ......oh yeah also the day that parts of the USA will see a total eclipse.
    Have we got any American members who are hoping to see this momentous event ?
  • Many thanks Tianshi_angie ...that worked great.
    In my next life I'm gonna be a computer genius...like you (Smile
  • ....how do I do that please Justin ?
  • Hi...I've inadvertently changed the colour of my screen,
    ....how do I get it back to normal ?

  • David Attenborough has done some amazing stuff, I recently watched one of his programs called,...I think, "Rise of the birds"
    ....It was mostly about my favourite bird the "Bird of Paradise"
    Unfortunately I forgot to record it so wondering if I can get it on DVD.

    Chester zoo used to have one and I've spent many hours trying to get a decent shot.

    I envy you your huge screen Denny but my wife says she gets headaches watching our 34" screen Smile
  • Hi....who has entered or even considered an equity release scheme ?

    I'm fast running out of money and my pension barely covers my day to day running expenses so I'm considering equity release....Is it a good idea?....or a bad idea ?

    Who's done it and regretted it ?....which is the best company to deal with ?
    ....What are the pitfalls ?

    .....any advice appreciated....thanks....Mike
  • Thanks Rambler....that did it....cheers...Mike
  • Hi...six months ago I bought a Humax recorder.
    When it records a program it installs a folder.
    After I've watched the program I can delete the program but not the folder.
    How do I delete the dozens of unnecessary folders ?
    Appreciate advice...thanks...Mike

  • Did you cheer ?
  • Thanks everybody...I'm afraid much of this doesn't mean anything to me.
    ...bit difficult for me to talk to their friends.

    Quote:The PS3 includes Sonic in a retro Sega games package.

    ...what does that mean please ?

    I suppose I might be better going in a games shop, but frightened of being talked into the wrong thing Smile

    .....thanks again.....Mike
  • Hi ....I'd like to buy my grandsons 9/11 years, a full size games console
    They have these hand held things with tiny screens but I remember my daughter playing "Sonic the hedgehog" on the old megadrive machine and I'd like to buy them a full size version....I'd like to keep it around 200 if possible.
    ....Which machine do I need to look at ?....can you still buy "Sonic" ?

    ....advice appreciated....Mike
  • Yes....I do, the forum was a lot easier then.....Mike
  • Thanks people...the one I have in mind at JL is the HP slimline 411-A020NA at 230
    ...It has 4gig of ram, maximum installable of 8gig, I don't do a lot of processing, if any.
    I have no idea how to fix my old one...some things work sometimes, some things don't
    I thought It'd be easier to by new than spend money getting this looked at and it still not being right....been there in the past.
    If it lasts me 2 years I'm happy.....cheers....Mike
  • Hi...my computer is on the blink....I'm struggling for cash and I'd about decided to not bother then I came across one at John Lewis...HP badged 230 and a Samsung 24" monitor at 117....and a 2 year warranty.
    I don't need anything special...check in with EPZ...check my bank balance...Load the odd picture to ephotozine, one or two other things and it seemed a shame not to have one at this price, less than 350 all in..
    It's very slim, only 10 cm wide...does this matter ? the one I've been using is twice as wide.

    ...anyone any views on this ?.....appreciate any advice ....cheers....Mike
  • ....cheers for that....I'll check it out.
  • Thanks for the link but I really couldn't understand it 'nor could I find any way to get to the settings' ....It is all too complicated for me and unless I can find some improvement in the next few days I'm hoping to return it to Argos, get my money back and buy one of the so called reconditioned machines of the previous models PVR-9150T
    I used this model for the last 10 years with no bother or complications, simple to set up and easy to use which proves to me that the complications built in to the current model were totally unnecessary..

    Can I ask what anyone else uses to record programs ?

  • Hi ..... can anyone please tell me the significance of the folders ?
    ...there're dozens of them...how can I get rid of them when they're empty ?

    ...also how can I tell how much of the 320gb of the drive, is used ?

    ....any help appreciated.....Mike
  • .....Oh dear
  • Thanks everyone...I googled 'em all and finally went with Aviva.
    ....unfortunately I forgot to do it through Quidco...Paid 175.
    .....cheers Mike
  • ...think I'm fixed up though Jack (Smile
  • Thanks Jack,,,I've visited CZ well over 100 times but I haven't been since they developed the islands, I'd like to check 'em out.
    Favourite animal I suppose'd have to be the cheetah's but love the exotic birds.
    I bought a Panasonic FZ1000, terrific camera, no more SLR's for me.