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  • ŽIVILE by Mikestu100

    Quote:Hi Michael,
    Finishing off an image depends on what you were aiming for in the first place tbh.
    Have you done anything to this at all ?
    Just answering your thoughts, I think you have achieved your goal of a nice image of your model.

    Many things could be done with it....give us a clue why you don't think it's 'finished' please, then we may be able to offer suggestions and perhaps mods.

    Your exif is showing this taken 29th November 2020, is that correct ?

    • 1 Dec 2021 10:21PM
  • Autumn Glow . by Mikestu100

    Quote:Do you have the original before PortraitPro?

    EXIF data is showing the date shot as 11/13/2020 at 6:50 PM which seems odd and Roxio Photosuite as the application..

    • 22 Nov 2021 1:29PM
  • The Dress . by Mikestu100

    Quote:Thank you for uploading your original image.It does help us.
    It would also be nice if you could give us some feedback here too, please join in the conversation.

    I see this was taken almost a year ago now, perhaps it's time to do something a little more recent maybe using some of the advice we have given you so far.
    She is a pretty model but for me she looks a touch uncomfortable and appears to be looking downward as on one of your other images of her in your pf, which has given her no neck and her shoulders are hunched up, which makes it look like her head is 'stuck' onto her shoulders.
    You could do with slightly changing your lighting set up, just to give a bit more modelling of light/shade as i think has already been suggested.
    You have cleaned up the bg nicely but there are tell-tale signs, particularly on her hair.

    Your use of skin softening is a little too much, she has no texture to her face thus beginning to look 'plastic', gently does it as we have previously mentioned.
    I'm not convinced the crop works, looking at your original, it's nice to see her legs and feet.

    I did do a mod for your consideration, just something a bit different.
    Added a simple texture to the bg. to remove the starkness of the white, which sometimes works and sometimes can look too white.
    Lightened the darks a touch, especially on her hair where the headband melts into her dark hair.
    Added a little more space to her left for her to twirl her dress into.
    Basic levels layer to brighten her up, just a touch.
    All done in Photoshop using your original frame, nothing drastic.
    Added a frame as this is a small image, there is no need to resize your images, the clever site does that for you.

    Generally this does look a bit static, maybe you could have used a slightly slower shutter speed and got your model to move her dress around a bit, simply to add something a little more dynamic to the frame, or even given her a stool or chair to sit on.

    • 22 Nov 2021 12:26PM
  • ZIVILE . by Mikestu100

    Quote:I like the clothing she is wearing and the lighting seems to be ok.
    What initially struck me was the skin texture, especially on her bare tummy and arms. For me, very overdone.
    The bg looks a bit odd, did you replace or blur that ?
    Would be nice to see the original before you did any post processing, you can upload it as a modification.

    • 21 Nov 2021 9:11PM
  • Lithuanian Girl . by Mikestu100

    Quote:Hi Michael and welcome to the Critique Gallery where you will get good, honest critique of your image but no votes or awards.
    I see you have been a member for some time and have returned to ePz after some time so, welcome back.

    We could do with a little more information tbh. For instance, what lighting did you use, did you apply any post processing, is there anything in particular you would like us to help with ?
    The more you can tell us, the better we can critique your image.

    As I see this, it looks a little soft, did you apply some skin softening ?
    The dark stripes on the bg I find very distracting, did you replace the original bg ? but, she has a nice smile, good eye contact with the camera and the red top matches her lip colour.
    Her pose looks a tad awkward but you have some nice shapes there.

    We look forward to hearing more from you with, hopefully ,as I suggest, a little more info.

    • 18 Nov 2021 11:43PM
  • Urban - face off by tazisdylan

    I think that as the model is so stunning and you`ve captured the eyes so well , I would never have noticed anything untoward.
    The crop also works very well IMHO.Perhaps I`m not as observant as some people .But then again I`m mainly just looking at shots
    on this site to decide if I like them or not.For me this is most certainly a `LIKE `.
    • 18 Feb 2012 10:22PM

    A very nice portrait.Well taken and good work done on it.
    Mike .
    • 18 Feb 2012 9:52PM
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  • Posted on paulsimmons's profile

    Quality throughout . Love your work .I`m with Gerry on this - I envy your photography skills .
    Mike .
    • 7 Mar 2009 10:33PM
  • Posted on Missy_Vix's profile

    Have just discovered your work Vicky,really like it.I agree with Jay-great portfolio and a good eye.
    • 27 Jun 2008 9:47PM

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