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A quick view of mikeyham's recent activity.

  • Nikki

    Absolutely stunning.
    • 23 Oct 2015 10:07PM
  • Tryfan

    Superb lighting.
    • 18 Mar 2015 5:11PM
  • Pandit of Haridwar..2

    This is why visiting India is on my bucket list. So many amazing people to see. Great photo. Debu
    • 17 Mar 2015 12:06AM
  • Lake Buttermere

    That's a bit cheeky. reaper4252, considering it is a first post on here.... I did notice once someone posting an image titled The Kirkstone Pass. I always remember it as Kirkstone Pass. Without "The". lol We are all learning, it just takes time.
    • 9 Feb 2015 12:41AM
  • Liv Austen - Live at Ping, Earls Court, London - 2 July 2014 - 2

    You should be looking at a shutter speed of a minimum of 1/125 for this shot.. With a steady hand.Thats why it looks blurred.
    • 9 Jul 2014 9:29PM
  • New Abbey

    My workmate's house with the red paintwork. You should have popped in for a coffee they are very friendly. Nice shot though.
    • 31 Jan 2014 7:44AM
  • close up

    Very interesting use of dof. I like it a lot.
    • 3 Jan 2014 2:52PM
  • Thank's for the recent comments. I sometimes feel like a voyeur on this site, I like to look but don't say a lot! If you ever fancy a free accomidation holiday in Scotland let me know? Your knowledge should be shared. Thanks
  • Fantastic work, you now need to write a book. I for one would buy it.
  • With refrence to this pic Leon#2. I have an idea that i've seen similar. Put a boxers punch bag to the left, use the same light, wrap his hands in dirty crepe bandages and put a makeshift joint in his hand. Call it ON THE DOWN SIDE
  • Hi Joe, thank's. Just new to photography so I really appreciate your comment.I'm a mature photography student at the grand old age of 38 in Scotland. Enjoyed your profile,just like you I love my family too.