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Miles Herbert

Welcome to my Epz Portfolio Pages. I have been taking photos just about all my life from the age of 7 onwards - having a father who once worked for Kodak probably helped - and now run Captivelight Photo Days where we help people feed their cameras!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact page on my website at
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A quick view of Miles Herbert's recent activity.

  • Happy Mouse ...

    Thank you to every one who looked, commented, awarded or voted Grin
    • 20 Dec 2019 8:06AM
  • Four your Eye's Only!

    Good to see you both again Lillian. Grin
    • 1 Nov 2019 5:47AM
  • Windfall ...

    Quote:Miles, this is similar to country file calendar!!

    A lot of their stuff is very similar to what we do ...
    • 30 Sep 2019 12:46AM
  • Harvest mice

    Ahhh ... the old stick! Smile
    • 17 Sep 2019 12:45AM
  • All Eyes on the Prize

    Ahhhh ... love the details on her. She always manages to look cute, even when her skin is shedding! Another great image.
    • 14 Sep 2019 7:01AM
  • Why Hello There

    He was such a little poser Lillian, good to see you again and glad that you enjoyed your day with us.
    • 14 Sep 2019 6:58AM
  • Come Dine with Me

    Glad that you enjoyed your day with us ... that image is amazing!
    • 12 Sep 2019 10:20PM
  • Nice portfolio Geoff, a pleasure to view your work.
  • One of my favourite portfolios...and a really nice person behind all those amazing images. It's a pleasure to know you Kate.
    • Posted on katieb's profile
    • 3 Dec 2005 11:58AM
  • An excellent and diverse portfolio Mike, always a pleasure to look at your images, and even more of a pleasure to have met you in real life.
  • One of my favourites, an amazing portfolio and a stunning website Ange.
    • Posted on angej's profile
    • 7 Dec 2005 5:28AM
  • Your images are improving all the time as you sharpen your skills. I admire your determination, and your willingness to learn, keep it up Hayley.
    • Posted on hayleyk's profile
    • 7 Dec 2005 2:44AM
  • Your dedication and skill really shows through in your portfolio Cheryl. A pleasure to view your work, and a pleasure to have met you.
    • Posted on csurry's profile
    • 4 Dec 2005 6:15AM
  • Creative, talented and artistic, your portraits have always been amoungst my favourites, and your honesty and integrity have always been appreciated.
  • One of the most dedicated people I know, and a good friend.
    • Posted on debster's profile
    • 3 Dec 2005 12:01PM