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Welcome, I love the large sea/landscape I usually take my photos at dusk and dawn, pursuing a dramatic edge when the light is at its best, my photos are a personal interpretation of the subject to convey how I felt about the subject. Although drawn to sea and landscapes I will photograph anything occasionally doing motor sports, still life and when I can find a subject, knackered looking buildings.
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  • Commented on 'Ways to upload'

    Thanks for the reply.
    You don't need to integrate with lightroom per se via a custom plug in development if you had FTP upload then there are already plug ins for lightroom that do FTP so there are many options that would avoid the cost of you having to develop a plug in or how about hooking up to a dropbox folder and importing whatever images the user drops in there some services I use take this route very successfully.

    Anyway I look forward to any steps you can take in this direction let me know if you need such a feature testing having to use the upload page is really the thing that's holding me back from using the site more.

    Regards Chris.
    • 12 May 2015 8:53AM
  • Commented on 'Ways to upload'

    The upload page concept is a bit old fashioned I'd like to get some integration with lightroom going if possible, anybody know if its possible to upload photos here via FTP or other method?

    I have had a look around and not finding anything so hoping some tech wizard knows a way,

    Thanks chris.
    • 11 May 2015 10:16PM
  • Commented on 'accessing lightroom 5 presets'

    Re seeing the effect of presets on an image

    You could also try this LR plugin http://www.robcole.com/Rob/ProductsAndServices/DevPresetLabLrPlugin/ this will allow you to select an image then select a bunch of presets it will then create one virtual copy of the image and apply the preset to it, once for each selected preset this way with a couple of clicks you get to be able to compare the effect of many presets on an image side by side and select the one that suits you best.
    FYI it does a bit more as well and also don't select too many presets each time, in my experience 12 seems to be a good number.
    • 4 Jul 2013 2:01PM