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Hello I hope you like my photos and please free to sugguest improvements.
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  • Looks like My Lull May Be Coming To An End

    Some of you may noticed that I haven't posting for a while. Well maybe one or two. I could give all sorts of excuses but it smiply because I've been having one of those lulls we all have from to time to time. Could n't be bothered with going out wi...0

    27 Apr 2010 6:32PM  |  Read


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  • The Joy Of Sharing

    I saw this as a part of a comment in the forums. This is the main reason why I upload most of my own images on to the site. I sometimes ask for cirque but most of the time it is simply because I want other photographers to see my images. I love ge...0

    12 Mar 2009 10:43AM  |  Read


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  • Mrs Woolybill's Glove

    Ok I saw Mrs Woolybill's glove images and thought they were great fun. So I thought I would borrow the idea. The idea that I had was to do a studio portrait of one of my own gloves. Sounds simple right? I set up my light and set to fire it thru tr...0

    9 Mar 2009 5:26PM  |  Read


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