hello everybody
hope you al enjoy my photos as much as i enjoying looking at yours,
my website is on the bottom of the page feel free to take a look, need uploading at the moment been to busy with sorting out photos
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A quick view of Misty56's recent activity.

  • Reflections of the bridge at Bezlie

    thank you Spkr51

    elaine x
    • 16 Mar 2017 6:54AM
  • White Tree frog

    Thank you all
    NO Lillian it is a privet shoot Grin
    • 1 Feb 2015 10:00AM
  • Dentrobates tinctorius azureus

    love this shot, so natural
    • 16 Jan 2015 9:28AM
  • Up Close and Personal

    Stunning close up
    • 16 Jan 2015 12:26AM
  • White-breasted Nuthatch 2

    what a superb shot, love the colour so striking
    • 12 Jan 2015 9:19AM
  • Expectations

    What a wonderful shot, I have never seen a fox alive, nor taken a photo of it, great work Lillian Wink
    • 12 Jan 2015 9:18AM
  • White Tree Frog

    I thank you all for the wonderful comments you have said, have to agree getting closer does make it more adorable, thank you all for votes and comments Grin
    • 12 Jan 2015 9:16AM
  • all great shots there, hard to choice which is the better one, they all excellent to me

    Elaine (misty)
  • your gallery and Showcase is amazing, you got some stunning shots, its a pleasure to look over your photos and thank you for voting for mine, no where near your league

    you must be proud of all your shots as i would be
  • looking at you Portfolio, can see now how you get so many votes its a wonderful Showcase,

    its a pleasure for you to let us see it

    • Posted on maryg's profile
    • 26 May 2009 11:29AM
  • looking at your profile, your have some wonderful shots, well done
    • Posted on norton's profile
    • 24 May 2009 7:59PM
  • its a pleasure to see a wonderful showcase you have, all the hard works pays of
    • Posted on BERTRAM's profile
    • 10 May 2009 11:48PM
  • been looking at your gallery, your shots are stunning, wish i could get my water like your is

    well done Fran
    • Posted on MrsS's profile
    • 9 Mar 2009 11:55PM
  • HI Greg
    been looking at your portfolio you have some really stunning shots on here, love the Fox in the snow, never seen one live yet

    thank you for the vote for Hollow
  • what a stunning gallery you have, all so colorful, thank you taking us on your holidays with you. also thank you for voting for my Hollow
  • thank you for voting for Hollow
    HI Dawn you have some beautiful photos, so lucky to such a variety
  • a novice, as you say, all your photos are beutifull, what i like about your photos, they all driffrent, lets see more of your work