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A quick view of mmz_khan's recent activity.

  • Bull Riding by mmz_khan

    Hi All
    Thanks for your comments and mod.

    More pic is coming soon.

    Thanks and Regards

    • 6 Aug 2019 4:01AM
  • Saddle Bronc Riding by mmz_khan

    Hi All

    Thanks for your comments, mod and suggestions.

    All the mods are awesome. I really like Moira's mod. I will make another copy of the image with that crop.

    It was my first attempt to this kind of sports. They organizers were too concern for safety and didn't let anyone go close to the fence. I had to take the pic from the stand. Not a great location to shoot but no other option.

    I did huge corp to get something out from the shot. I am more habituated to take picture where action happen and in this case i feel totally disconnect from the action.

    I tried to take the metering from the ground closer to the action.

    I have few more shots to share... Next image is coming soon...

    Thanks and Regards

    • 30 Jul 2019 10:14PM
  • Twilight by mmz_khan

    Thanks everyone for your comments and mod.

    Honestly speaking i completely missed the flare. I was too concern on the bright window and the next building that was visible through that window. i intentionally burn the window just to hide the building.

    My target was to make the image some thing like Pamela's Mod.

    Thanks and Regards

    • 17 Apr 2019 3:25PM
  • Life in the Stone quarry by mmz_khan

    thanks all for the mod and comments.

    He play with few other children in the quarry. They had some food. They were eating at the same location.
    • 31 Mar 2019 6:02AM
  • Pride parade by mmz_khan

    any suggestion, advice on taking picture in a public event like parade. i am more comfortable taking picture in a control event but i am always lost when everything is dynamic.
    • 13 Mar 2019 2:30PM
  • The Journey by mmz_khan

    Thanks all for your comments.

    This shot is 100% set up.. first two couple was walking on that floating bridge and i got an instant idea to create a multiple exposer shot showing the flow of time line. Unfortunately it didn't come out that good. So I use next best alternative to create the desire output. Make my family member model. The little one is my niece and her mother is beside her. Middle two are cousin.

    I got my desire output but with different technique.

    Dudler @ This picture was take some time back. I have start using different metering mode in my resent pictures. When i start photography I was told that Spot Metering is the best metering hence i stuck with that. Recently i realize each situation demand different metering mode and technique.

    Added the raw file for ref in mod.
    • 7 Mar 2019 5:09AM
  • Ice Hockey by mmz_khan

    Thanks Everyone for your comments and Mode.

    Moira @ Exposure compensation was from previous shot. it was too cold to check and reset the setting....

    Banehawi @ Pcture was take in Winnipeg. So he is Winnipeg Jets Fan....

    Dudler @ Exposure was taken from his shoulder.

    Paul @ He was playing all by himself. Most probably waiting for his other friends to join to play later.

    Thanks and Regards

    • 3 Mar 2019 6:16AM

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