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The Journey

By mmz_khan    
This picture was take at Kenora.
Tried to show how our companion change through out our life journey.

Tags: Journey Life Portraits and people

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dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1884 England
6 Mar 2019 11:42AM
In the taking, everything seems snesible... You know, by now, that my choice of settings and metering is different from yours, but both work.

I think there may be a slight tilt to the picture, which I'll change in a mod. I may also crop to put the edge of the boardwalk into hte corner, instead of near.

You have obviously done some work on this: the skyline and sky are very much darkened - a little too much, I think, as they draw the eye, when less treatment would have looked completely natural. I'd like to see an unprocessed version, as always.

This has a very European look - almsot like a flatter version of the ponds at Hampstead Heath in London, or maybe somewhere Scandanavian.
dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1884 England
6 Mar 2019 11:53AM
Having done the mod, there's a real lack of detail in the shadow areas. I wonder if there's some underexposure?
banehawi Plus
17 2.6k 4274 Canada
6 Mar 2019 12:53PM
This is northern Ontario, Canada.

I like the three stages you have captured here, quite a fortunate moment.

Its rather dark, and dudlers mod looks good being brighter.


paulbroad 14 131 1293 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2019 3:39PM
You need to be very careful with spot metering. You must meter from the correct tones, or apply suitable correction. This is a touch under exposed as mentioned above and that has given a dullness and blocked shadows.

Otherwise a decent composition, although I would have preferred a viewpoint a little more to the right, thus angling the walkway more.

pamelajean Plus
15 1.6k 2238 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2019 3:54PM
I'd like to think that you carefully considered this composition because it's so good. If you didn't, then perhaps you ought to know why.

There are 3 couples walking on the path, and 3 is a very good compositional number.
The wooden pathway leads the eye through the scene, on a curve, following the pairs of people, and arriving at the building top right. We are pulled into the picture on a journey through the scene.
They are not in a hurry, they walk in a leisurely manner, and we follow their path quite peacefully. I can see why you relate the image to the journey of life.
Moira (one of the Critique Team) says, "'Every picture needs a way in for the viewer, then an interesting route to follow, then a satisfying point to arrive at." You have all of that here.

Different lines create different moods, and a curve like this is often perceived as soft, soothing, settling, and relaxing.
Also, there is a satisfying repeat of a bit of yellow clothing on 2 of the walkers. It ties them together, even though there is a big gap between them.

I have done a modification. Firstly, I straightened the image using one of the more prominent horizontal lines on the boards of the walkway, near to the feet of the mother and child. I then cropped in order to place the nearest lady onto a thirds line. In doing this, I lost the ability to get the walkway edge to emanate from the bottom left corner, but had to compromise there.

I brightened the image, lifted the shadows and sharpened.

I have enjoyed this very much. Well done.

capto Plus
9 6.8k 25 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2019 6:53PM
Really like this image. I thought the composition is so good why not remove any colour distractions and go mono.
capto Plus
9 6.8k 25 United Kingdom
6 Mar 2019 7:00PM

Quote:Really like this image. I thought the composition is so good why not remove any colour distractions and go mono.

The mod looks considerably darker when uploaded than expected.
7 Mar 2019 5:09AM
Thanks all for your comments.

This shot is 100% set up.. first two couple was walking on that floating bridge and i got an instant idea to create a multiple exposer shot showing the flow of time line. Unfortunately it didn't come out that good. So I use next best alternative to create the desire output. Make my family member model. The little one is my niece and her mother is beside her. Middle two are cousin.

I got my desire output but with different technique.

Dudler @ This picture was take some time back. I have start using different metering mode in my resent pictures. When i start photography I was told that Spot Metering is the best metering hence i stuck with that. Recently i realize each situation demand different metering mode and technique.

Added the raw file for ref in mod.
mrswoolybill Plus
15 3.0k 2465 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2019 8:30AM
I'm a bit late here. It's a lovely opportunity, the three pairs of figures evenly spread out. Like Pamela I have been thinking about how to compose for that.

You opted for a broad landscape view, using the sweep of the boardwalk. That gives nice curves, and allows for the possibility of anchoring the diagonal line to the bottom left corner as in John's modification. But it still leaves an awful lot of empty wooden planks.

There's an inherent problem in using landscape here - landscape format leads the eye to explore horizontally from left to right. But the real direction of interest here is a meandering route upwards through the frame. I would really like to move a few steps to the left to have the figure apparently closer together and then take a portrait view.

As it stands I cropped to square which leaves the eye free to explore undirected. I placed the foreground lady on the third and allowed space between us and her. The crop loses the strength of the diagonal tied to a corner but gives greater important to the curve on the right.

Processing - using the Camera Raw filter, I reduced contrast, lightened shadows and darkened highlights to get more detail visible, in areas such as the lady's hair. I warmed colour slightly - OK, this is a cold climate, I'm used to that! But I wanted to bring out the wood tones. Then a Levels tweak to bring back highlights, and a very gentle application of the burn tool, large brush, to strengthen foreground textures.

I'm now going to try b&w, possibly with a few % on the Structure slider in Nik Silver Efex to enhance those planks.

See what you think.
dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1884 England
7 Mar 2019 8:39AM
Thank you for the original file, which has loads more detail in the trees, which I was afraid might not exist. It allows a much gentler view - this scene is all about moderation and gentleness. And there's more room - I've doen a mod with a wider framing than my first one.

Pamela has explained the beauty of the picture really well - we all react to that, but it takes considerable analytical ability and thought to lay it out so clearly.

As to setting things up: why not? It makes the image so much better than it would have been otherwise!
mrswoolybill Plus
15 3.0k 2465 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2019 9:00AM
I've added a b&w, I prefer it. For me it enhances the formality of the placement of the figures, and also the anonymity, the distance.
dark_lord Plus
17 2.9k 785 England
7 Mar 2019 10:02PM
There's nothing wrong with setting the shot up, in fact it's a good idea and you have all the compositional elelments under your control.

I'd like to see the couples closer together as the furhtest couple get rather lost against the background.

The lighting was dull, and while that doesn't mean you can't lighten the image by extra exposure or post processing I think this would look very good with some late evening or early morning light (depending on where the sun is in this location, of course!).

Moira's mono mod looks good too.

dark_lord Plus
17 2.9k 785 England
7 Mar 2019 10:08PM
Using your original file I cropped, boosted exposure using Curves, lightened shadows, warmed the Colour Balance, increased Vibrance and finall increased contrast with a further Curves adjustment - all in less time than it took to type this description!
pamelajean Plus
15 1.6k 2238 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2019 9:05PM

Quote:This shot is 100% set up

Thanks for being so honest.
I'm glad I returned here and read what you had to say.
There's nothing wrong with a set-up. In fact, it shows off your artistry and your plan to achieve your goal.
Well done.
11 Mar 2019 3:53AM
thanks all for your comments and mod.

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