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Hi and welcome to my portfolio, i am a serius hobby photographer who shoots for fun, making great pictures is my passion, feel free to browse and comment/vote on my work Grin
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  • Tammy 2 ~ A daylight strobist fashion shoot

    If you read Tammy 1, this is another expansion on that style of shoot, using flash as the main light source and daylight as the fill. So, shoot 2, two days later, is overcast and well generally crap, grey skys, freezing cold ( minus 1 ) and lookin...0


    12 Feb 2012 1:39AM  |  Read


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  • Tammy ~ Daylight Strobist Shoot

    I met Tammy through a casting call on an model site, we met on the arranged day and drove around looking for a location, i found the wooden structure by the beach and set up a shot on it, it was bright sunlight from the right and wanting to include t...0


    10 Feb 2012 2:43PM  |  Read


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  • Beach shoot

    Last summer i was talking to a model who said she & her freind would like to do a beach shoot, so we agreed to do a shoot after contacting her freind, but due to their work commitments they could only give up a hour for the shoot. The following da...0


    18 Mar 2011 2:34PM  |  Read


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  • Lauren Portfolio Shoot

    I did a shoot with Lauren in November, it was freezing cold and grey, overcast. We were looking for some fashion style images and worked out the clothing and props prior to the shoot, locally we had this sculpture which had been commisioned by the co...0


    17 Mar 2011 10:58PM  |  Read


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  • Luthiene portfolio shoot

    I arranged a last minute shoot with Luthiene after receiving a cancellation of work, so a hastilly arranged shoot, with a breif to shoot the clothing that Lucienne Makes herself. on arrival at the location we found it to be grey & overcast and pret...0


    16 Mar 2011 9:10PM  |  Read


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