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Hi guys! Feel free to browse through my portfolio and please leave any comments/suggestions....Smile
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  • Flower

    Thank you! @MICH1974
    • 22 Jan 2015 7:36PM
  • Deutschland's Sunset

    @dudler: Thank you! The car was moving unfortunately, and I had just woken up from sleeping in the car 2 minutes prior so I wasn't very quick on my behalf!
    @Paul: I was trying to catch the sunset, but it was difficult through a car window haha
    Thank you both!
    • 21 Jan 2015 7:43PM
  • Bellevue

    Thank you to all of your comments, and yes, unfortunately, the website turned it around, not me, I took the shot as a portrait one.. Haha, thanks all for the wonderful comments though! Really appreciate it! And thank you for the modifications too! Smile
    • 21 Jan 2015 5:01PM
  • Compact Candid

    where was this photo taken? its such a good shot!
    • 2 Jul 2013 2:08PM
  • Edited ballet shoes

    thanks karen!
    • 12 Mar 2013 6:21PM
  • Ballet Shoes

    Thanks Karen Smile
    • 11 Mar 2013 7:27PM
  • BBC Studios at London 2012

    thanks christine! Grin
    • 16 Feb 2013 3:30PM
  • Home Olympics 2012!

    wow, thank you for the great comments karen, james and ann!much appreciated!
    • 16 Feb 2013 1:23PM
  • NZ Blue Moon

    wow! this is a super shot! well done ian
    • 15 Feb 2013 7:43PM
  • NZ Landscape

    such a great photograph! well done Ian
    • 15 Feb 2013 7:41PM
  • Beauty

    hey yasmin! i think this is my fave out of your portfolio...! it's so good! and i agree with 'slowsong' that you could clone some of the distractions at the top! well done though! awesome snap!
    • 15 Feb 2013 7:37PM
  • 77 Headlight

    this is a great shot! did you use macro lens? Smile
    • 15 Feb 2013 7:35PM
  • Sunrise

    omg that it is a nice picture! you must have gotten up quite early for this shot! ahaha
    • 12 Feb 2013 6:27PM
  • experiment again!

    thanks james, ann, karen and colleen!
    • 11 Feb 2013 6:39PM
  • Cycle Racks

    thanks ann Smile
    • 10 Feb 2013 3:47PM
  • bluebells

    ohhh this is coool!
    • 8 Feb 2013 7:41PM
  • The eye

    this is such a great photo! you have captured so much detail in one picture! really and truly fantastic! Grin
    • 8 Feb 2013 7:35PM
  • Trafalgur Square

    Thanks colleen, Ann, Karen and Lavina!!!
    • 8 Feb 2013 5:19PM
  • Vase

    thank you for your comments ann, karen and rende!
    • 7 Feb 2013 9:06PM
  • W.W.W

    this is absolutely beautiful! it looks like one of those images that come with a new computer to use as default desktop backgrounds! looks amazing! please keep uploading more pictures!

    ramyaa Grin
    • 7 Feb 2013 7:34PM
  • Boadicea

    this is really nice but if you got rid of the tree in background, it would be even better! ---> personal opinion though! haha

    • 7 Feb 2013 7:33PM
  • Nant Ffrancon in Wales

    this is so great! and nice camera Wink
    • 7 Feb 2013 7:31PM
  • Looking

    Hi yasmin! Its ramyaa! Nice shot Smile glad you signed up like I told you to! Hahaaa
    • 7 Feb 2013 4:56PM
  • Further response

    Thank you so much to steve, karen and ann... Your thoughts mean so much to me! Glad there are some people out there who appriecate my work! Thanks once again, and please keep looking through my portfolio!
    Thanks, Ramyaa Smile
    • 6 Feb 2013 10:31PM
  • NZ Moon

    how did you take this picture? its awesome!
    • 6 Feb 2013 3:04PM
  • Final Piece 2

    hahahaa thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments! karen - i can see why you have a lot of questions, to be honest, i have many too... but having said that, i like to think that everyone see's my work in their own way... ann - i know! it was very annoying because the way that i took the picture of the policeman meant that it was hard to see them... this was because i went on a night time photoshoot - at around : pm to london and took this picture of two policemen, and using them, as their boots were black, it was hard to create the shape of their book using the magnetic lasso tool! thank you anywa, and finally james - thank you so much for your comments! really motivated a young photographer like me! so, where is my egg? (JOKE!)

    Just want to say thank you for all your comments, seeing as you've put time and effort! thanks so much, and i'll uploading more of my work! thanks everyone!

    ramyaa! Smile
    • 5 Feb 2013 7:08PM
  • Clarence Dock

    really love this! well done phil!
    • 5 Feb 2013 4:25PM

    Wow. such a great composition, the colours work really well together, giving it such an original feeling overall.... Grin
    • 5 Feb 2013 4:24PM
  • Mysterious Berries

    this is such a cute shot! well done Smile love the focus on the plant!
    • 5 Feb 2013 4:16PM
  • Photoshopped!

    thanks tony!
    • 4 Feb 2013 5:34PM