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Hi guys! Feel free to browse through my portfolio and please leave any comments/suggestions....Smile
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  • Another Flower

    Ok Smile I'm editing it now Smile
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:45PM
  • Fruit

    Haha, thanks again Smile
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:44PM
  • Experiment

    Ok thank you Smile
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:44PM
  • Stormy Lighthouse

    OMG! This is by far one the best pictures I've ever seen! So good!
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:41PM
  • Go On, Laugh!

    that's a fantastic shot!
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:38PM
  • Oranges in Seville, Spain

    Haha! Thank you! We were on a school trip and it was actually with a digital camera as I didn't take my DSLR Smile
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:28PM

    that is awesome!
    • 19 Jan 2013 3:22PM
  • Flower :D

    Hi Karen! Thank you very much for comments Smile your portfolio is looking amazing! So professional! Haha Grin
    • 19 Jan 2013 11:17AM