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Thanks for all you suggestions and critique. Any and all are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping by,
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A quick view of monashort's recent activity.

  • High up...

    Love the view. So good to see you are out and enjoying good weather. I haven't been on here in forever. Looking forward to checking out your latest pictures. Love to you and the family Smile
    • 1 May 2011 7:50PM
  • Boats

    I remember this place Smile It's a special place and especially to you. I'm packing and getting ready for the big move. Don't have but a minute. Great picture with nice memories. Love to you and the family.
    Mona Smile
    • 26 Sep 2010 6:45AM
  • ''Rainbow Bee-eaters''

    Lovely colors. Nice wingspan in v1. Click!
    • 19 Aug 2010 4:19AM
  • Ice-bergs

    Great images here. Particularly like v4. Nice job. Click!
    • 19 Aug 2010 4:15AM
  • Tui - Lady Norwood Rose Garden, Wellington NZ

    Wonderful colors. Well done. Click!
    • 19 Aug 2010 4:08AM
  • vue aujourd'hui -II- mother and son

    Nice lighting and shadows. Click!
    • 19 Aug 2010 4:06AM
  • Sunset Over San Diego Bay

    Brilliant sunset. Click!
    • 19 Aug 2010 4:05AM
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  • No topics found.
  • Lovely portfolio, you can tell you have a great appreciation for nature. It shows in your photo. Great close up's, lighting and detail in all. Enjoyed all I have seen. Looking forward to viewing more.
    Best Always,
    • Posted on norton's profile
    • 26 Jul 2008 7:53PM
  • Your portfolio is wonderful. I like your style very much. Looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for your comments and help with the self portrait.
  • Your portfolio is amazing. Your choices and subject matter are just perfect. You are truly gifted. You make it look so simple, but that is what a true artist does. Great portfolio, looking forward to viewing more.
    • Posted on NevP's profile
    • 10 Jan 2008 5:28AM
  • Your portfolio is amazing. Your presentations and subject matter are breathe taking. "Color My World", "Butterfly Kisses" and the leaf in mid air are amoung my favorites. Would be hard to choose one. Looking forward to viewing more.
  • Your portfolio is wonderful. It is clear why you are the "Editors Choice". You have such a good eye. Lovely photos and your presentations are just flawless. Enjoyed everyone very much. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Your work is just lovely. I like your choices very much and have enjoyed all I had time to view. I am looking forward to viewing more at another time. You make it look so easy. The mark of a really good photographer, I think Wink

    Thanks for your critique on my Clipper Ship photo.

    Take Care,
  • Your portfolio gives the empression that everywhere you look, there is a perfect shot. I guess thats because you make it look so easy. You have what I call the gift of "the eye". The ability to look at something that myself, and most others, would simply not notice and see this perfect shot. Lovely portfolio, like your diversity and your display of Australia is beautifully done. I feel like I have just taken a trip there. Click!
  • Hi Johanna, Finally had some time to really enjoy the new photos. You have such a good eye, and your poems and stories compliment each perfectly. What a good porfolio and you have many others who agree with me, I see. Best to you always.
  • Your "eye" is amazing. Always the perfect shot complimented by the perfect frame or caption. An artist... I have enjoyed them all very much.