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A quick view of monosodium's recent activity.

  • Nichole

    Nice work, keep it up. Composition and placement are excellent and the background matte choice is tasteful and adds a little story / context without distracting from the subject.

    To give you something to work on though... Beyond the initial hit of composition any critique turns tehnical and for me this is where attention to minute detail is essential. I feel some of the edges could be sharper between the model and background - I think that's caused by the blur/feather/brush on the mask being too broad. Depending on the shot the model came from originally there may be scope to drop in the background using another blending mode and/or by investigating the sliders in the blending options. Also I feel the lighting is quite different between the two layers - the warmth of the background doesn't match the subject which exposes that the image has been 'shopped rather than being straight.
    • 16 Aug 2011 1:10PM
  • Listening

    For me the shot is great, I don't mind the slightly overcooked contrast (it's certainly fashionable right now) and the look and eye contact from the model is nice. I'd like to see something done to just emphasize her lips a little more - a little less red in the mono conversion would just take care of that.

    Where the light parts of the image join the border there is quite bad pixellation / tearing which detracts from the smooth curves of the subject. At the top and right edge where the border joins a dark region you have a brighter line which I find a little distracting. It's a minor thing though and as I say, what's inside the border works well.
    • 17 Jul 2011 11:56AM
  • Grace 2

    FT pretty much hit on most of what I was going to mention.

    Going for a 'tight crop' is a brave decision and you have to be bold and think differently. In many ways the way you crop might have to change... Most people I know look at the picture from the outside-in, asking "what do / can I lose?" but it's almost the other way - the question becomes "what MUST I keep?"

    * stay tuned for mods... *
    • 23 Jun 2010 3:10PM
  • Fashion series 1

    Overall I like this image and it looks like your initial capture was good, model pose is right for the type of image you wanted to capture. I agree with the comment about the right arm and maintaining the line through from the left but it's a small thing.

    There are a couple of other niggles for me - everything looks a bit purple, if you intended this then fair enough; but if you didn't mean to then you might want to take the white balance from the background instead of the dress. When you do that the eye make-up really starts to stand out too.

    Also, and probably the bigger thing for me is that something looks odd about her left forearm. At first I thought it was the pose but out of interest, did you do any sculpting of her arm with the liquify / distortion tools?
    • 29 Apr 2010 6:27PM
  • London Marathon 2010 Elite Women 30k drink station

    I love those mods, thanks for your time & input.

    The first mod is similar to the crop I was originally thinking of; but straightening up the post is one of those things which is really blindingly obvious (but only now someone's pointed it out!)

    I don't think I'd have considered the close crop that really picks up on all the key elements in it and I like that very much.

    This is exactly the kind of inpiriation I need, thanks again!
    • 29 Apr 2010 9:59AM
  • Josh And Jenny

    I like this - the shooting conditions look a bit harsh and the bright skylight has washed over the image - that said the effect works well and it creates a warm feeling. Generally the colour is really punchy without going overboard.

    For me I find that people tend to gurn a bit when they're kissing and it's often quite unappealing to look at in images. I'd try getting them into (very) close proximity without actually kissing. Touching noses, playing kiss-chase or whatever you can get them to do and if it seems silly then they laugh and that's a great shot too!

    Great work!
    • 28 Apr 2010 11:59PM

    Quote:my camera makes no square pictures, why cropping when you can compose? isn'it easier and cheaper shooting someway then adjusting someway?

    That is very much in line with Cartier-Bresson's way of thinking... it is admirable, but comes with the caveat that framing the image has to be 100% exactly perfect in-camera.

    From both the mod's presented, some feel you have created 2 images with a clear boundary in your composition and alternatives were presented to make the model more dominant as she should be as she is both good looking and was well captured.

    The thing that really changed in my (the 2nd) mod was the *composition* of the image... Compare the position of the model in the mod with the original. Aside from the crop, she has been moved relative to the background and is now clearly breaking the boundary between the two halves of the image... This change of composition could have been done easily when the image was taken but was not the composition presented to us.
    • 20 Feb 2010 6:36PM

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