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Hi, I am a relative newcomer to photography having bought my first digital in May 2004. I am a retired police officer and so have time to devote to my passion of photography. I live next to the River Humber and being next to a wonderful subject you will forgive me for these images dominating my portfolio from time to time. I am amateur with aspirations to become professional in due course and I am already selling images on a regular basis. I have exhibited in small exhibitions and have had images used in TV bulletins and a couple of magazines.

I enjoy landscapes as it is great way to get quality, peaceful time alone to enjoy the world around you, but I diversify into most other areas from time to time.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and please visit my web site which also links to another of my web sites.

Thanks for visiting my profile

Regards, Paul Davies
[email protected]

Apparently in 2022 on Alexandria Fragrances, Robert Mullen thinks Iím a scammer😂😂.


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