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Thanks for looking at my Portfolio and cheers if you like any of my Pictures enough to leave a comment. I'm not a fan of the voting system on here, so from Jan 2012 I have disabled votes to my Pictures, I feel therefore its only fair that I decline the opportunity to utilise my vote, I will however instead, leave a comment for every picture I like.
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I have been an Amateur Photograher for over 36 years, did the usual stuff...Camera Club, Competitions, Judging, Studio, Darkroom, B&W, Colour and Transparency Processing etc etc, finally retired my beloved Olympus Cameras about 15 years ago, following the Digital road to where I am today.

I can't stand the click cliques that have evolved on here and I won't become part of them, I comment on pictures I like, not because the author has commented on mine. It saddens me to see so many out of focus pictures getting high votes because the Photographer is part of a buddy group, it is also a poor reflection on epz and its members, I know full well cliques are a part of life and in this context would be perfectly acceptable... if the people in them would give truthful and constructive critique to their Buddies, especially when they know fine well the picture is technically flawed...soft focus, yeah right Wink .
I see many new members arriving here and leaving not long after because of this problem, its a shame because this could be a really good place to enlighten and learn.


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