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montechoro's Gallery Comments

montechoro > montechoro Recent Activity > montechoro's Gallery Comments
Ticket 38 - The Photographers Dream by montechoro

Ticket 38 - The Photographers Dream

Smile Roger - happy Ticket 38

By: montechoro

Old Oak Tree by Sconz

Old Oak Tree

Superb colours and presentation.

By: Sconz

clown fish by catherinekp79

clown fish

You've made your Sony cybershot work hard on this one considering the strong lighting coming down from top left and shooting through glass.

It a good colourful image and record shot for you. Not quite sharp enough in all areas and I'd be tempted to crop off the area of harsh light from the top of the image.

This makes the really colourful fish stand out even more.

By: catherinekp79

sunset by alanne


You've captured the warm colours of a sunset well and got the best out of your camera on this occasion.

The foreground which takes up about one third of the image really needs to be cropped a bit and contain more detail.

There is a good, narrow panoramic image waiting to be extracted from this shot containing the sky, sea and beach.

By: alanne

Autumn by khedarin


Great autumn colours but I think it would have more impact if you closed in and filled the frame with a smaller area of colourful leaves.

You could experiment with different points of view to see which works best.

The range of colours here represent the autumn theme very well.

By: khedarin

img_6844_pier by rane


Hi rane - I really like the composition and presentation of the image - the jetty leads the eye well into the image.

The early morning sun appears to have "burnt out" in the middle and the lighting across the clouds appears uneven with perceptible darker diagonal lines across the clouds and a darker circular lines parallel with the outer ring of the sun which don't appear to be in keeping with the cloud formation and density.

This would be a difficult image for any digital sensor to capture given the dynamic range of the early morning, rising sun and strength of shadows but you have done well.

This is a good shot and a pleasure to view.

By: rane

Monday Night Challenge by montechoro

Monday Night Challenge

lol jonah - although I'm really struggling to upload tonight with connection delays

By: montechoro

Beachcombing after Storm by montechoro

Beachcombing after Storm

Thanks for the comments DRicherby and Paulbroad.

This was a real "find" on the beach at Hayling Island. It turned out be a small fragment of a distress rocket.

This macro shot has distorted the scale - the fragment was only about 40mm long and 25mm wide - but this is how it appeared in the sand when I saw it.

Many thanks for your comments and concerns

By: montechoro

Textured Anti Nazi by ade_mcfade

Textured Anti Nazi

I prefer V2 - although the crop spaceman refers to above would indeed create greater visual impact.

I think the concrete textured overlay in V1 over complicates the image and detracts from the main subject.

The perspective of the cracks in the concrete overlay is different to the lines of the concrete block pavers - and to me this adds a discordant note to the image.

By: ade_mcfade

Hannah in Red by MerryP

Hannah in Red

An absolutely stunning image in every respect

By: MerryP

Bishop's Walk by Cephus

Bishop's Walk

Superb image - an almost 3D effect. I really like the colours, composition and perspective

By: Cephus

NO 16 by sophielou

NO 16

Superb colours and composition. We walk our dog along the sea front close to No 16 and just up from "The Love Shack" lol

By: sophielou

Reaper by Eviscera


Superb work Dave. A very thought provoking image. Absolutely love it.

By: Eviscera

Jumping pooch!! by mally101

Jumping pooch!!

Fantastic action capture. The expression on the dogs face is unforgettable. Great shot

By: mally101

Wonderland by LauraFerreira


Stunning and thought provoking work.

By: LauraFerreira

The Sax by Dee_Zee

The Sax

You've got the lighting, colours and exposure spot on and this is a great subject for abstract work.

You could gain more impact in the shot by changing the angle of the camera / saxophone and not having it fall away from the camera quite so sharply.

It's quite a busy shot as it is and not immediately clear what the subject is.

I'd also be tempted to get in even closer around the 3 white button/keys and fill the frame with this and other areas.

Strong diagonals always look good in images.

I'd also be tempted to do a silhouette as well with such a subject as this and create a really strong graphic image.

By: Dee_Zee

Rainbow Tucan by gnovey

Rainbow Tucan

The mod from banehawi just leaps off the page at me and is a first class example of how to take a good image and turn it into a stunner.

All the mods show the hidden potential in this shot.

One quick thought though.

I agree that the additional sharpening, saturation, placing a catch light in the eye, darkening the background, adding contrast and increasing the canvas size all benefit the image and make it even better but there are two white chips / blemishes near the tip of the beak.

I would be tempted to remove these as well but would that make the image too perfect?

I'm wondering if leaving in the beak blemishes add to the reality of the image (which has been improved by software) or whether if they were removed the image could be classed by some as too picture perfect?

I'm clearly in two minds over it or is it a case of make a decision, publish and be damned?

The beaks chips are reality, but as we have already tampered with reality to benefit the image does that really matter?

My reason for posing this question is that although I love this image, my eye is constantly drawn to those wretched white chips in an otherwise super, highly colourful beak.

By: gnovey

BLOOMIN  HECK by youmightlikethis


I prefer V2 slightly over V1 for its symmetrical layout and image composition - but I enjoyed looking at both images and colours aas presented.

Any gardener would like these on the wall

By: youmightlikethis

Farewell ePHOTOzine by forestfotos

Farewell ePHOTOzine

pilleyboy - your work is exceptional and speaks volumes for your ability.

The site will be poorer without you.

You have inspired many people to achieve more with their work because of the stunning images you have shown here.

By: forestfotos

Lydford Gorge 2 by rpba18205

Lydford Gorge 2

Now that's brought back a very special memory of our trip there two years ago. Thanks for posting.

By: rpba18205

Maelstrom by Johnfromnotts


A stunning, eye catching abstract. I could look at this for hours and lose myself in its pattern and intricacy. Superb work.

Perhaps you could create even more impact with a different edge / border / colour combination?

By: Johnfromnotts

Abstract by StephenBrighton


I really like the colours, pattern and obscurity of the subject

By: StephenBrighton

Mars And Moon by cantona43

Mars And Moon

Great capture and presentation. A memorable image.

By: cantona43

Reflections. by Amanita05


Such a serene image. Super work

By: Amanita05

Icicle by montechoro


Thanks for the comments guys - I'll try the stock photo route - and see what happens. Good tip thanks

By: montechoro

Dreams by McBrian


Superb composition, pose and lighting.

By: McBrian

Lake of Lights by montechoro

Lake of Lights

Thanks for looking everyone and for the comments. Much appreciated.

By: montechoro

mosiac by milly123


Great colour capture with random and abstract features. A most striking image.Lots to enjoy in this image. Well spotted

By: milly123

A Need for Speed by HeatherR

A Need for Speed

He is really moving. Great action shot

By: HeatherR

Belt UP! by lifesnapper

Belt UP!

She's been watching too much of Simon Cowell ..... great fun shot

By: lifesnapper