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hello and welcome to my portfolio gallery. Grin

i am self taught and enjoy learning by experimenting and exploring a wide range of subjects & approaches. Smile
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A quick view of Morpyre's recent activity.

  • Self Portrayal

    thank you for your user award c - very much appreciated Grin

    thanks for your kind comments everyone Grin
    • 21 Aug 2020 5:39PM
  • Dark Emotion

    thank you isabel Grin

    Grin yeah, i want my eyes to be the strong part of the portrait to create the reaction in the viewer as my intention ideally but at the same time, sorry if i scared you Grin

    felt good doing some photography again after a period of silent camera time.
    • 1 Aug 2020 3:47PM
  • nova

    i always know who i can rely on to make me feel good. your continued flow of truly beautiful & marvellous pieces always lift my spirits. wonderful Grin xXx
    • 1 Jul 2020 10:42PM
  • Lion in the Sun

    thank you c and thank you for your user award Grin
    i don't think i will ever tire photographing dandelions, such a marvellous subject to capture Grin xx
    • 25 Jun 2020 11:40AM
  • dreaming of you

    simply beautiful. a marvellous piece Grin xx
    • 9 Jun 2020 11:10AM
  • In The Red

    thank you AJG for your user award - very much appreciated Grin

    thank you angela & joe for your kind comments. Grin

    each year I am drawn to the reds of this rose in my garden. almost a flower version of a fine merlot Grin
    • 20 May 2020 5:20PM
  • powder puff

    beautiful capture of the marvellous lion - lovely and sharp while lovely & soft at the same time Grin
    • 20 May 2020 11:35AM
  • practice practice practice, trial & error experimentation (try things & if you like the visual do it again soon. if you don't like something at first, try it again another time but don't decide to never do that thing again. mood & feelings can vary over time, so something that doesn't work now may well be one of your favourite subjects in future. ask questions, fellow photographers will be happy to advise any way they can. above all other advice I can give, best I think is ENJOY YOUR PASSION! Grin
    I can tell by your beautiful portfolio that you definitely have the talent for photography and I look forward to seeing more creations in future Grin

    • Posted on AnnJ's profile
    • 17 Jan 2013 11:36AM
  • thank you for your comment on my portfolio. makes me feel good if i can inspire others in their passion for the creating art. you have a marvellous portfolio and full of wonderful creative diversity. keep your passion flowing and i look foward to seeing more from you in future Grin
  • wonderful portfolio - a great range of interesting creative approaches and nice to see there are members that experiement and try stuff rather than just being a photo scanner to be like everyone else - keep the creative juices flowing Grin
  • i need a one click button so i can vote and comment every stunning image you create all at once. always breath taking - keep the beauty flowing forever =)
    • Posted on Diana's profile
    • 18 Oct 2010 6:34PM
  • awesome portfolio - my eye mouths are smiling seeing originality like this - a breath of fresh air when swimming through sea's of sameyness Smile
  • beautiful collection - a great range of strong visuals - can certainly see talent and a great mind for the creative image Smile
  • always such a visual pleasure - i look forward to seeing your additions during 2010 - merry xmas and have a great new year Smile xx
  • such an inspiring and comforting place to be - both for the reason of finding somewhere i can relate to rather than being a total opposite of - reality that makes sense to me.

    stunning portfolio and still leaves my jaw crashed to the floor and me gasping for breath each time another creation flows from your mind =)
  • wonderful portfolio - a beautiful collection of images. i love to capture flowers as part of my own photography and i can tell you definitely have a photographic eye for great visuals.
    • Posted on iancatch's profile
    • 22 Apr 2009 10:08PM
  • absolutely stunning portfolio - more than a pleasure to spend time in relaxing. i love that you provide a range of subjects to view and enjoy. i'm trying to find a button on the site that allows me to click all photo's in a gallery at once =)

    peter "morpyre" turner