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hello and welcome to my portfolio gallery. Grin

i am self taught and enjoy learning by experimenting and exploring a wide range of subjects & approaches. Smile
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A quick view of Morpyre's recent activity.

  • Posted on: Canon EOS 500D first look

    i bought one today 01/10/09) from Jessops. i bought a 500D body with kit lens, canon battery grip, 8gb memory card and UV filter - all together this came to 745.

    if you are willing to wait a few months after initial release you will see the price plummet before long.

    i look forward now to using this new camera with my sigma lenses.

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 1 Oct 2009 4:26PM
  • Posted on: Sharpening using a High Pass Filter

    great technique - i have used it on a couple of my photographs this week rather than the usual unsharp mask option which i have found to be good but high pass is definitely a higher sharpness quality.
    • 28 Aug 2009 8:06PM
  • Posted on: Tips on how to make more money

    thanks for the great advice - will definitely come in useful when moulding my earning package in future Grin

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 8 Apr 2009 8:32PM
  • Posted on: Perfect outdoor exposure

    thanks for this most useful tutorial - i am currently working on improving my exposure ability to get a great photo and this will come in very handy Smile

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 8 Apr 2009 7:57PM
  • Posted on: Hot classics and hot rods

    thanks clive for a very interesting artical =)

    i love classic cars, hot rods etc and mostly because my family love them too - my parents are part of a classic car club called Swansea Historic Vehical Registar.

    these cars make for a wonderful photography subject. by chance i was out on a walk with my family a few years ago and stumbled across a beautiful classic car parked down a side alley that seemed already set up to photograph.

    my classic car photo

    thanks again =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 15 May 2007 10:17PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS 5D Announced

    nice camera but i agree with everyone else that for the price you don't get that much - there are many better setups for that sort of cost - the body should be about 1000 max for body only.
    • 29 Aug 2005 2:45AM
  • Posted on: Sigma 800mm f/5.6 APO EX DG/HSM announced

    beautiful looking lens and one i would love to own but ouch on that price =)
    • 18 Jul 2005 7:25AM

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  • Posted on AnnJ's profile

    practice practice practice, trial & error experimentation (try things & if you like the visual do it again soon. if you don't like something at first, try it again another time but don't decide to never do that thing again. mood & feelings can vary over time, so something that doesn't work now may well be one of your favourite subjects in future. ask questions, fellow photographers will be happy to advise any way they can. above all other advice I can give, best I think is ENJOY YOUR PASSION! Grin
    I can tell by your beautiful portfolio that you definitely have the talent for photography and I look forward to seeing more creations in future Grin

    • 17 Jan 2013 11:36AM
  • Posted on Bonvilston's profile

    thank you for your comment on my portfolio. makes me feel good if i can inspire others in their passion for the creating art. you have a marvellous portfolio and full of wonderful creative diversity. keep your passion flowing and i look foward to seeing more from you in future Grin
    • 6 Dec 2012 1:49PM
  • Posted on stevesloan's profile

    wonderful portfolio - a great range of interesting creative approaches and nice to see there are members that experiement and try stuff rather than just being a photo scanner to be like everyone else - keep the creative juices flowing Grin
    • 24 Sep 2012 10:52AM
  • Posted on Diana's profile

    i need a one click button so i can vote and comment every stunning image you create all at once. always breath taking - keep the beauty flowing forever =)
    • 18 Oct 2010 6:34PM
  • Posted on Eviscera's profile

    awesome portfolio - my eye mouths are smiling seeing originality like this - a breath of fresh air when swimming through sea's of sameyness Smile
    • 11 Mar 2010 9:03PM
  • Posted on RWPhotoGraphix's profile

    beautiful collection - a great range of strong visuals - can certainly see talent and a great mind for the creative image Smile
    • 30 Jan 2010 6:33PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    always such a visual pleasure - i look forward to seeing your additions during 2010 - merry xmas and have a great new year Smile xx
    • 22 Dec 2009 9:13PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    such an inspiring and comforting place to be - both for the reason of finding somewhere i can relate to rather than being a total opposite of - reality that makes sense to me.

    stunning portfolio and still leaves my jaw crashed to the floor and me gasping for breath each time another creation flows from your mind =)
    • 23 Sep 2009 6:58PM
  • Posted on iancatch's profile

    wonderful portfolio - a beautiful collection of images. i love to capture flowers as part of my own photography and i can tell you definitely have a photographic eye for great visuals.
    • 22 Apr 2009 10:08PM
  • Posted on climbing_orchid's profile

    absolutely stunning portfolio - more than a pleasure to spend time in relaxing. i love that you provide a range of subjects to view and enjoy. i'm trying to find a button on the site that allows me to click all photo's in a gallery at once =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 29 Apr 2008 10:53AM
  • Posted on olbell's profile

    a stunning portfolio of wonderful photographs and means even more to me because i live in the mumbles and know these places very, very well =)

    if you were a student that move here to study i can tell you now you won't move away. many people stay here for life =)
    • 11 Feb 2008 9:39AM
  • Posted on LisaRose's profile

    a truly stunning portfolio with a marvelous range of interesting subjects. a pleasure to visit =)
    • 23 Dec 2007 11:00PM
  • Posted on Goggz's profile

    great portoflio - a wonderful range of topics covered in an interesting selection - good to see you don't stick rigidly to one way and instead use the wonderful thing of "originality" =)
    • 5 Sep 2007 1:19PM
  • Posted on SueTurner's profile

    absolutely stunning portfolio - i especially love the big cat photographs - i would love to photograph them myself sometime =)

    great surname there too =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 19 Aug 2007 8:37AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    i'm going to talk to the site mod folk and ask if as part of the V4 epz site they can add a feature to portfolio's with a button one can press that clicks every photo in the portfolio - i want to do that on yours as everything you do is stunning =)
    • 24 Jul 2007 5:36PM
  • Posted on jaspernina's profile

    a fantastic and wonderful portfolio - a real pleasure to visit and great seeing the wide range of things you like to cover with your photography. it is good seeing in other photographers the same sort of approach i do when capturing images. keep up the good work =)
    • 11 Jul 2007 4:14PM
  • Posted on chase's profile

    absolutely stunning portfolio - as soon as i entered i could feel the quality surrounding me like a blanket =)

    i really must do bird photography like this myself as i have a number of woods and forests near where i live and even closer to home the birds come to my balcony in all shapes and sizes - just need them to be a bit more patient while i swap lenses to my tele rather than macro =)
    • 13 Jun 2007 11:43AM
  • Posted on _Helena_'s profile

    i'm not convinced you are a beginner - looking at the immense quality of your creations i would believe you taught photography at university atleast =)

    beautiful place to visit and i look forward to returning again soon =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 27 May 2007 10:58AM
  • Posted on stevekhart's profile

    i'm surprised each photograph doesn't have a complimentary EC attached - they all certainly deserve such a thing =)

    a beautiful collection of photographs and a pleasure to look through

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 6 May 2007 11:39PM
  • Posted on ann_g's profile

    a beautiful portfolio full of stunning images - i agree with peachT that your work is very much under clicked - i know how that feels - trying not to sound vane i believe my own portfolio is underclicked too - i have been a self taught photographer for atleast 20 years and self taught artist since i was 7 - trial and error experimentation is the best way to learn.

    i shall stop waffling now and look forward to viewing more beautiful creations from you =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 20 Oct 2006 10:05AM
  • Posted on Hazard's profile

    a cool looking portfolio - i really like your creative original idea's in your various images - definitely a style i personally enjoy.

    keep up the great work and i look forward to seeing more =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 9 Nov 2006 8:36PM
  • Posted on TeresaH's profile

    you have such a beautiful collection of images in your portfolio that shows very clearly what a great talent you have. it is always a pleasure to view your creations - i always appreciate the kind comments you leave on my images and this new portfolio comment feature allows me to give you a group compliment that makes up for when i can't always individually compliment your stuff - keep up the great work =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 15 Dec 2005 10:27AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    firstly thank you for your kind comments you leave on my photographs - i really appreciate it.

    i love your portfolio the way you have a nice range of different subjects and the way you experiment with ideas rather than these rather stagnent portfolio's that only have hundreds of one type of image - i think the same way in my creative journey and think it is far better to give the viewers a variety to enjoy

    i try to compliment your images when i can but a lot of the time each day i am piled under a hundred and one tasks - i shall use this portfolio comments thing to give you a group compliment that applies to everything you do =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 26 Nov 2006 7:33PM
  • Posted on Kevlar's profile

    this doesn't look like the portfolio of an amateur - a fine collection of images showing that you know what you are doing - i always find trial and error experimenting gets me images i am happy with - tutorials and advice help too obviously.

    keep up the great work =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 22 Oct 2006 1:34PM
  • Posted on mwatkins9801's profile

    an amazing portfolio of fine masterpeices - i love your style and it always catches my attention - very inspiring visuals - keep up the great work mate =)
    • 13 Dec 2005 10:42AM
  • Posted on ESP's profile

    thanks for your recent kind words

    i've had a great time viewing your portfolio - are you sure you are only new to this image creating thing? =)

    you have a wonderful touch with photoshop and have created very original, deeply creative images.
    have a lot of fun with your new camera - practice makes perfect and don't be shy to ask for help - it can look very complex at first but you will find most things on the camera menu's you will probably never use.

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 23 Feb 2007 4:58PM
  • Posted on damianlinley's profile

    a great portfolio with a fine range of photographs all of a very high quality. a continuous joy to visit to see new additions. keep up the great work =)
    • 13 Dec 2005 10:16AM
  • Posted on danpen's profile

    thanks for your kind comments on my portfolio - i looked through your collection and am very impressed - you have a good range of images showing a definate photographic talent =)
    • 18 Jan 2006 2:49AM
  • Posted on Paul Morgan's profile

    great portraits in your portfolio - each one really captures the characture and emotion of the person - good lighting and toning too

    a good range of other subjects captured well too =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 21 Oct 2006 11:10PM
  • Posted on CathyT's profile

    hey cathy - you have an absolutely stunning portfolio of images here - i really want to start doing landscapes soon and if i can be even half as amazing as you i will smile for many years - keep the masterpieces flowing =)

    peter "morpyre" turner
    • 18 Aug 2006 12:37PM

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