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hello and welcome to my portfolio gallery. Grin

i am self taught and enjoy learning by experimenting and exploring a wide range of subjects & approaches. Smile
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Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
18 Apr 2018 10:52PM
thank you, everyone, for your kind comments, likes and UA's. i continue to thoroughly enjoy my love of photography and art and exploring various ways, often original in approach, to capture anything and greatly enjoy viewing your marvellous visions =).
Mozzytheboy Avatar
Mozzytheboy 13 710 4 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2013 3:59PM
I'm amazed that so many of your images have not gone manic in terms of votes! I've just spent quite a time here thoroughly enjoying so many of your images.

Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
12 Jul 2013 3:53PM
thank you everyone for your kind comments regarding my photography Grin

i appreciate your comment peter so i have reworded my words about own style to include inspiration by others but simply not to just 100% copy. Grin
Bonvilston Avatar
Bonvilston 12 61 8 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2012 6:41PM
Great portfolio. I have just started a project on abstract photography - a new area for me. I am making my first steps ( shown by mu last few uploads to my portfolio ) and looking at your work I have a long way to go. On the other hand your work is an inspiration to me. Despite your comments about not looking to others for your own style, i do feel I have a lot to learn from you. Thanks for the inspiration. ....Peter Smile
TanyaH Avatar
TanyaH Plus
20 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2012 3:59PM
Just discovered your portfolio and have to say that it is incredibly inspirational. Love the way you see life and the things you photograph, and also how you photograph/process them; definitely not the ordinary which is brilliant. A real treasure trove!
Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
24 Nov 2011 9:39AM
thank you everyone for your support and kind comments for my visual portrayal of my mind and the world through my eyes. my passion for art remains ever strong and shall continue to do so forever more Grin
Gambit Avatar
Gambit 16 Ireland
2 Dec 2010 2:14PM
Fantastic portfolio...could spend all day looking at it! Well done...

Cor Avatar
Cor 14 Belgium
3 Nov 2010 10:55AM
Diversety means a lot to me, so, Bravo with Your PF, Your Unique approche in every way.
magnus Avatar
magnus 18 661 5 United Arab Emirates
26 Sep 2010 11:25AM
What a remarkable PF - excellent work!
User_Removed Avatar
27 Jun 2010 7:12AM
very unusual
Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
25 May 2010 11:16PM
i am probably over diverse to my cost but i love being overly diverse because it protects me from ever being BORING! Grin
thank you anyone who notices i am here Grin xxx
TickRoe Avatar
TickRoe 14 3 5 United Kingdom
23 May 2010 10:31AM
Great portfolio Peter! Love the dandies, and thanks for your kind comments on mine.

Mynett Avatar
Mynett 15 142 6 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2010 9:14AM
Your work is such a joy to view..... stunning pf

Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
21 Dec 2009 2:18PM
thanks for the kind compliments and comments - creating imagery is my passion and makes me feel good when people like what i do Smile
WoadV Avatar
WoadV 15 14 8 United Kingdom
21 Dec 2009 1:54PM
Now this is what I call a portfolio - not a cliche in the place. Ab fab work - I really like this collection.

Thank you for the viewing.

fraser Avatar
fraser 19 631 14 Scotland
18 Nov 2009 1:09PM
What a high quality and imaginative folio. You have fantastic vision.
Sean_Dillon Avatar
Sean_Dillon 14 2 2 England
11 Nov 2009 2:01PM
Wow! Very inspiring porfolio!
You are obviously very talented with a camera and creative with your photoshop skills.
Will be back often!
Angi_Wallace Avatar
Angi_Wallace 15 355 11 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2009 12:24PM
Ive only just really discovered your portfolio after coming back for a 2nd browse and I like what I see.
You seem to see art in things that most people dont and that is part of what I like. But I also like your approach, with much of your work being quite dark and the application of photoshop in so many diferent ways. Very much the type of art and photpography I enjoy.
User_Removed Avatar
User_Removed 20 39 6 Scotland
21 Sep 2009 4:36PM
Hi Peter,

I'm ashamed to say I have missed so much of your work as I do not spend as much time on here as in the past due to health and work but alas its my loss. Superb photography and an abundance of creative thought that will have many inspired.
take care
Alan86 Avatar
Alan86 15 13 2 Ireland
7 Jul 2009 3:52PM
Excellent PF!...(And PF pic!-I also love my Tea!)..Some really Varyed and inspiring shots! Look forward to seeing more!!
SueEley Avatar
SueEley 17 279 96 Wales
23 Mar 2009 11:22AM
Great range of shots here!
picnic66 Avatar
picnic66 14 1 New Zealand
27 Jan 2009 1:38AM
you are so clever Peter - love your ideas!
makes me want to go and explore my world a little closer ...
really, really inspiring portfolio.
helenlinda Avatar
helenlinda Plus
16 375 22 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2008 8:37AM
Would love to have the time t go through all of your portfolio. Maybe I will do so in stages. Love what I've seen. You have a very unique way of looking at the world and some superb idea. Have really been inspired by some of your images.
Keep them coming
JBA Avatar
JBA 15 341 1 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 9:01AM
Nice PF. I shall stick you in my faves once I get round to actually joining this place Wink You make me realise i am getting hung up on trying too hard to master the technical side of things at the expense of the creative. ( but I've only had me d80 for about a month so I have a hill to cimb techically wise ) Keep it up. That pic of your neice really takes me back to when my two kids were tiny. thanks for that.
Juliee Avatar
Juliee 17 382 4 England
28 Apr 2008 11:50PM
A fantastic PF.
Keep 'em coming I'll be back for more!

Simon-Gimson Avatar
Simon-Gimson 17 236 1 England
5 Apr 2008 12:13PM
wow what a great profile really love the colors

Si Smile
EmmaG_M Avatar
EmmaG_M 15 136 4 United Kingdom
4 Mar 2008 6:44PM
Very impressive PF I particularly like the daisys!
delboy1145 Avatar
delboy1145 15 30 10 England
19 Feb 2008 10:57AM
Stunning Pf love your use of light and shade very impressive
luxaeternam Avatar
luxaeternam 16 21 1
12 Feb 2008 1:14PM
Great portfolio. Varied and creative.
Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
3 Feb 2008 9:55PM
thank you for all the very kind compliments and comments. i have a deep passion for photography and art and it always makes me feel good if something i create can entertain or inspire others =)
User_Removed Avatar
User_Removed 19 16 1 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2007 10:35AM
You have a great eye for detail and shape. Your work is always interesting to the tiniest detail. M have a great talent. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

Di x
Wibbles Avatar
Wibbles 16 1 England
13 Jun 2007 2:53PM
Hi Peter! Thanks AGAIN for all the lovely comments on my work! Really appreciate them... Smile
Wibbles Avatar
Wibbles 16 1 England
9 Jun 2007 2:49PM
Hi there! Big thank you for your kind comment on my pf. I'm working hard to come up with some good'uns! Smile ..and enjoying every minute I hasten to add!
Loving your pf.. nearly commented on your teapot the other evening in
fact... it's GREAT!
mairit Avatar
mairit 16 1
8 Jun 2007 11:29AM
have just come across your work....i find it excellent,lov to be diffrent..........lov all your images.........mairi
riprap007 Avatar
riprap007 19 1.6k 37 England
30 May 2007 3:33PM
great eye for the detailed form Smile
seanslevin Avatar
seanslevin 19 9 Ireland
26 May 2007 10:04PM
up close and personal , great pf Peter ,
regards sean s
AnthonyR Avatar
AnthonyR 17 5 Wales
5 May 2007 11:53AM
A most interesting portfolio. You've put a lot of thought into your efforts, a pleasure to view. I'll be back.

riffusraffus Avatar
5 May 2007 10:58AM
Excellent work , very hard to pick faves out as they are all very inspiring , well done
Morpyre Avatar
Morpyre Plus
18 1.6k 8 Wales
19 Apr 2007 4:23PM
thank you for the kind comments and compliments =)

i am very proud of my photography and of the style i have taught myself over time

i really enjoy being able to express my mind or capture what my eyes see and share with other people through places like epz - i only hope sometime a higher number of people feel they want to share thoughts and creations with me because the potential for interesting stuff is great.
peter_davey Avatar
peter_davey 17 1.4k England
10 Feb 2007 4:51PM
great work I like it, consistantly escelant, don't worry about clicks, if you enjoy what you do - keep on enjoying it.
ripleysalien Avatar
ripleysalien 16 1.2k 11 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2007 7:13AM
Nice to see you take the pictures you want, you are under clicked, nice work.Steve
lena Avatar
lena 17
6 Dec 2006 1:08PM
Absolutely stunning, Peter! A breathtaking portfolio, very captivating, very professional, very original. By the way, I really liked your old Oly pics too. My very best to you, keep up the fantastic work.
BeiK Avatar
BeiK 17 7 Scotland
1 Dec 2006 9:16PM
When I look through your pf, as I have just done, I am astonished and there are two reasons for this astonishment; firstly, it is your immense creativity, originality and ability at capturing something one can tell was there in your mind to do something with...and you do it so well! Secondly I feel astonished at the low number of "clicks" on your images,but I should not worry too much about that, although...YES, it is nice to get to 30 and above...but, it doesn't really say anything much....popular is always popular, but that is all it is.....Your photography,a lot of it, has something over and beyond that. Excellent PF, glad to have visited!
wasper Avatar
wasper 17 533 1 Ireland
18 Nov 2006 9:56PM
Hi Peter,
A great & interesting gallery. Very varied themes. Well done.
Coza Avatar
Coza 19 2
24 Oct 2006 9:48AM
I can see great care has gone into all of your photos to look exactly how you want them to. Fantastic Portfolio.

Paul Morgan Avatar
Paul Morgan 22 19.9k 6 England
21 Oct 2006 10:30PM
You have great ability and it shows, great portfolio. I like your fresh and honest approach. Nice one.

ann_g Avatar
ann_g 19 19 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2006 9:04PM
You have an excellent collection of images at your website, well worth a visit. Enjoyed looking at your pf too, a little out of the ordinary. Many thanks for your visit and comments. It would be nice to get more clicks I suppose but I just enjoy photography and the chance to view other photographer's work, can be very inspiring.

Ann Smile
danpen Avatar
danpen 19 15 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2006 7:19AM
Some really original shots here, you have a great eye for an unusual angle
riprap007 Avatar
riprap007 19 1.6k 37 England
22 Dec 2005 2:47AM
consistently great images, what else is there to say!
TeresaH Avatar
TeresaH 18 1.1k United Kingdom
16 Dec 2005 4:25AM
One of my favourite portfolios and I always look forward your uploads.

Love the banner!
rhion Avatar
rhion 19 36 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2005 8:01AM
Certainly one of the most imaginative and interesting portfolios to dip into.

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