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A quick view of Morvinson's recent activity.

  • Field of gold by banehawi

    A beautiful scene, the clouds look 3D. A lovely photograph.
    • 6 Nov 2020 8:43AM
  • A narrow lock by Morvinson

    Thanks Willie, I can see what you mean about chopping the lock bar off. I only had this 35mm prime with me but I could have got all of it in (careless of me). It has been very dull here, at first I thought I had blown the sky but it was that colour and texture.
    Thank you for the modification, it does look better. I will try this another day with better light!
    • 5 Nov 2020 4:08PM
  • A stile by Morvinson

    Thank you all very much for the very helpful comments. My main interest is landscape photography so I want to get DOF and picture quality as best as I can. I will certainly start experimenting more with aperture. Once again, many thanks for your kind input.
    Moira, I have no idea how you reversed the view. It looks so much better!
    • 30 Oct 2020 1:34PM
  • Across the pond by mrswoolybill

    Lovely composition and great detail in the tips of the leaves.
    • 29 Oct 2020 10:25AM
  • The Boathouse by Morvinson

    Thank you very much. I don't think I'd get the same colour today!
    • 29 Oct 2020 10:20AM
  • By the pond by mrswoolybill

    There is a real intimacy about this photograph. I like it a lot.
    • 29 Oct 2020 9:56AM
  • Rudyard Lake by Morvinson

    Quote:Hi Barry, welcome to the Critique Gallery!

    You joined the site back in 2013 but this is your first upload - I hope that you have found the site useful in that time, there is a lot to refer to here. Here in the Critique Gallery we try to assist with camera technique and image processing as well as other questions. It helps if you tell us how you feel about the image, if you have any questions someone will have an answer.

    I guess you are aware that by ticking for critique you disable votes and awards - I think this would do well uploaded in the main gallery.

    This is a really attractive image, it captures autumn light beautifully. The colour of the water is beautiful. I'm not a landscaper, the specialists will arrive, but I'll make a few observations, in fairly random order.

    You were using your lens at its widest angle, which will give very considerable depth of field. I don't think you needed to go to F/13, F/11 or even F/8 would have been fine - which would have allowed for a lower ISO.

    One effect of wide angle is that it pushes the distant view away from us, makes the boats seem smaller and further away. So there is a lot of empty water in the foreground, as well as the occasional nice reflection. I would want to experiment here, not try to get everything in at once, look for compositions involving a few boats and use a longer focal length to bring them closer.

    And one other point - there is a certain amount of detritus in the water, which catches the light. When the file is resized for the internet that will further exacerbate the effect. I always reckon that it's worth doing a bit of despotting, to avoid distractions.

    I shall remove the bits just for comparison - depending on your software, the clone tool or spot healing brush will do this very easily. I guess you know your way round here, but for reference, modifications appear under the blue Modifications button below your upload. Back soon.

    • 28 Oct 2020 11:33PM
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