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Email me [link removed by ePz] as my messaging has been removed.
Missed it so much at Christmas. Apologies to those who have tried to contact me over the festive period.
Just found out from Epz that I am banned from messaging for life on here so guess what............I wont be uploading any more
Its been fun while it lasted as they say and because of one person and a kangaroo Court now this.
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  • Grey Seals - 07/12/2012

    Hello, This is the forum topic to discuss the Grey Seals event scheduled for 07/12/2012. To view more details regarding this event, click here.
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  • Welcome

    Up and running and looking forward to more Fauna & Flora toggers joining with serious thoughts to critique and improving.
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  • Posted on Vikki_R's profile

    Superb and very professional portfolio Vikki. Love the maternity and newborn images. First class
    • 29 Apr 2012 7:20PM

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