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I first started taking pics when I got a free 110 Halina with some promotion many years ago when it were all fields and I couldn't see above the conveyor belt at supermarkets.

I later got a funky little Kodak 35mm compact for my 10th birthday (an S100).

I kept using compacts for many years, but got interested in SLR photography on a free trip to Oz with my Girlfriend, where a guy who makes maps let me have a quick go on his Canon EOS-something.

I now shoot mostly film (B&W and Colour) on Nikons, but am still rubbish. I also recently bought an ETRSi (one of the last of the line), so have been experimenting with medium format, and have taken my first tentative steps towards home processing.

This explains my lack of portfolio pics, as everything's on film until I make time to use the reasonably posh scanning kit at work. I've nothing against digital, and I can't give a completely logical reason for continuing with film, other than the fact that I like it. I work with modern technology all day, but as my profile pic may suggest, take a slightly more retro/classical/backward (delete as you see fit) approach to my free time.

I have also now solved the mystery of what makes the food move along on it's own at supermarket checkouts.


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