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  • Monica

    It was a surprise to receive so many detailed critiques and even though some were not so positive I welcome them. The reality here was that I was going for a different kind of shot but in processing cropping from the original seemed to me to say so much more.

    Not looking into the camera was intentional, Monica is not engaging with you, this is her own world and time and you're simply an observer but I do take on board the position of the glasses across the eyes (if honest I didn't see it until it was pointed out).

    Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated. Words of encouragement and ones to consider for the future.

    If anyones interested, the shoot is a year old and Monica is still fighting the big C with her positivity. There will be a follow up shoot so your comments will be taken into consideration. Regards to you all.
    • 28 Apr 2014 11:25PM
  • Alone with her thoughts

    Beautiful shot mate, love the framing and caught the wave brilliantly
    • 14 Aug 2011 9:29PM
  • No title necessary !

    Nice one mate
    • 3 Jul 2011 6:52PM
  • Guardian against the Storm

    Nicely done mate.
    • 15 Jun 2011 8:51AM
  • Derwent water jetty

    This is a beautiful shot, just looked at your gallery, some fantastic work
    • 20 Apr 2011 10:37PM
  • What is she thinking?

    Love this image, could be an album cover, reminds me a little of Tears for fears album "The Hurting" (style wise that is)
    • 20 Apr 2011 9:36PM
  • Explotion

    I think you've got the lighting spot on with this image, I really like it
    • 20 Apr 2011 9:33PM
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  • Love your work
    • Posted on Jay44's profile
    • 10 Mar 2011 11:40PM