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Portfolio Image by Angelica Trustworthy
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  • **

    Hey Susie!

    This is great, but the horizon is crooked???


    cheers, ads :o)

    p.s... i can't choose between the b&w or this! great stuff... :o)
    • 24 Apr 2009 2:10PM
  • Postcards From The Asylum #11


    Such a commanding POV in this Susie, the light looks to be hostile, forcing its way into this space, only to find a disconnected (broken?) telephone...

    What a series... Stunning...

    ads :o)
    • 24 Feb 2009 12:05PM
  • Postcards From The Asylum #10

    wow! a great use of space here Susie (IMO)

    love the light in this, love the series!!!

    hope youre well! ads :o)
    • 23 Feb 2009 11:46AM
  • Postcards From The Asylum #8

    hey Susie!

    wow, a great series you have here...

    it looks hideous in there, dirty and grungy, but with some great light through the window into that second area...

    your standard continues to improve, congratulations! ads :o)
    • 10 Dec 2008 11:05AM
  • Postcards From The Asylum #5

    Hey Susie, just catching up on this series... wow!

    You have done it again, looking forward to more(?)

    Cheers, ads :o)
    • 3 Dec 2008 12:42PM
  • Shoe

    realy like the comp, tones and color here... the light is also nice :o)

    for me, the vignette is too obvious and i think the shot could benefit from having more detail brought out from the shadows of the shoe

    the strap section above the buckle is in danger of (but not quite) losing detail in the highlights...

    on a second look, a seamless background would be the go too, my eye keeps getting drawn to the horizontal line which splits the shoe...

    potentially a great shot, well done! ads :o)
    • 14 Oct 2008 3:05PM
  • 46

    thankyou very much!

    ads :o)
    • 7 Oct 2008 1:39PM
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  • a gorgeous portfolio, full of stunning captures...

    im a big fan!

    ads :o)
    • Posted on rosie42's profile
    • 11 Sep 2007 3:20PM