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A quick view of Mounters's recent activity.

  • All I want for Christmas is.............

    Lucky man Wink
    • 26 Dec 2018 4:07PM
  • Dicking about with a cheap point and push

    Quote:Love him (her?)
    itís a Her
    • 23 Apr 2018 1:33PM
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park

    Quote:A very regal stare, brilliantly caught! The dandelion(?) under his chin made me smile! Smile

    The dandelion made the shot for me Grin
    • 17 Oct 2016 8:59PM
  • Porsche 904

    Thanks John
    • 28 Feb 2016 9:00PM
  • Porsche 911 RSR, WEC Nurburgring

    Thanks Ron
    • 5 Sep 2015 5:09PM
  • Porsche at Paul Ricard

    Thanks for that Ewan I'll take note and bear it in mind in the future
    • 3 Apr 2015 10:52PM
  • pretty pink package

    A nice sensuous shot
    • 6 Sep 2013 4:52PM
  • What an amazing portfolio, constant quality and infinite variety and imagination.
    Great work Andy, a leader not a follower
  • Your portfolio is another gem in the crown of EPZ. You have a great skill in taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. You have mastered HDR making each photograph a must see piece of artistry. Does the Manchester tourist board know about you, they should do you could do wonders for the tourist trade.

    Well done Gerry keep it up
  • It was a pleasure to discover your portfolio. Apart from the quality which runs throughout it there is a constant air of sensuous passion.
    Your shots look like candid reportage of the most intimate moments of a young womans life.
    This is an amazing body of work and I look forward to seeing how the story develops.
    Very well done and thank you for sharing it here
    • Posted on agean's profile
    • 7 Feb 2010 10:15AM
  • The only constant in your portfolio is outstanding and breathtaking quality. Your work is always fresh and innovative your imagination and vision is remarkable. Most of you work is in a different league to us mere mortals. Every now and then you produce a shot that is just within reach, until we try and emulate it and then we find just like the others it is way out of our league.
    Keep setting the pace and showing us what can be achived.
  • This portfolio is a real gem full of superb photographic shots that we all wish were in our portfolio's.
    Every single shot in this portfolio would not look out of place in a gallery.
  • What an amazing portfolio you have a wonderful and distinctive style.
    It is full of shots that I wished I had taken, it is a real pleasure to look at your work.
    • Posted on Piks's profile
    • 7 Feb 2009 6:45PM
  • Nice portfolio a good variety of quality shots
    • Posted on Lilac's profile
    • 30 Dec 2008 6:04PM
  • What a gem in the treasure trove of EPZ.
    It is a pleasure to wander through your portfolio, great work every one a masterpiece
    • Posted on jimPat's profile
    • 2 Dec 2007 3:43PM
  • Moira,
    No longer are you in the shadow of Bill you are a social commentator, artist and an amazing observer.
    Both yours and Bills portfolios would make wonderful contents of a time capsule.
    Keep them coming
  • Bill,
    Your portfolio and that of Moira's is an important piece of social history and comment.
    The portfolio is both artistic, journalistic and technically accurate
    You have built up, and quite rightly so, a loyal and respectful following.
    Well done and please keep them coming