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tull 17 181 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 2:58AM
Great result Mo,the larger version is a must.

lollydeakins 16 42 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 3:01AM
Fantastic work ! The thumbnail doesnt do it justice at all, the large version is superb ! ................... click*

Lorraine :0
lollydeakins 16 42 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 3:02AM
Fantastic work ! The thumbnail doesnt do it justice at all, the large version is superb ! ................... click*

Lorraine :0
lollydeakins 16 42 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 3:03AM
Oh dear dont know what happened there ! Sorry :0)

heatherb 16 23 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 3:14AM
great concept, definately should be bigger
John_Lee 15 1 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 3:14AM
Great idea and well executed.
iajacks 15 24 England
20 Feb 2006 3:18AM
very creative patern effect.
reminds me of the montarge of the world in photos that me and caleb toke at bradford photo musium.

keep working at it theres a good consept in this shot.

well done IAJACKS
lilipolala 15 8 Northern Ireland
20 Feb 2006 3:47AM
Unique image
Well done
Miriam xx
20 Feb 2006 3:54AM
Think this would look great on canvas plus a keepsake of your sons early years.
Rock 19 10 2 England
20 Feb 2006 3:56AM
The effect is spectacular.
I always encourage this type of work if only to widen the photographic parameters.
Ian_D 16
20 Feb 2006 4:06AM
Wow, very original.

I think this is one of the reasons why we SHOULD be able to see the votes on the thumbnails - I just thought this was a badly compressed photo at first. Looks like it took a lot of work; I like it (in a freaky type of way)!
MalcolmS Plus
15 1.2k 13 England
20 Feb 2006 4:06AM
Needs to be large Mo, interesting work

Kim Walton 17 145 30 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 4:06AM
All said is that 72 dp "eye"
Well done mate.
SueTurner 16 81 3 England
20 Feb 2006 4:12AM
Think this would look good on a large canvas. Nice work - Sue
Sina 15
20 Feb 2006 4:36AM
Well done, thats so different.
MoWiz 16 114 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 4:39AM
Thanks all,
Lorraine, I agree about the thumbnail, just saw it and it looks really bad, LOL
Thanks Rob appreciate your comments
Agree with you to certain extent Ian, but I prefer things the way they are on EPZ, sometimes the click number acted as a magnet, LOL
Kim don't give up the day job, LMAO

It does need to be bigger but there's only so much you can fit into 1000 pixels Wink
thanks again everyone
simont 17 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 5:00AM
Wow, what a great image! I wasn't sure about this from the thumbnail/small version, but the effect in the larger version is really great.
angelamary 15 6 England
20 Feb 2006 5:00AM
Well worked! Lovely image... the possibilities from here are endless! Well done!!
Jasbe 15 116 England
20 Feb 2006 5:03AM
Great experiment Mo, nice original work mate.
User_Removed 18 39 6 Scotland
20 Feb 2006 5:19AM
You bugger, LOL there goes my upload tomorow which was called iScan. Oh well great minds think alike and you got there first (will leave it for a week or so). This is just woderful just a shame we cannot see the really big version in all its glory.

take care Mo, and thanks for the comments as alweays.

RichardB 16 328 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 5:30AM
Well done looks like painstaking work
MoWiz 16 114 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 5:51AM
Thanks again,
Victor sorry mate Wink
a bit strange us thinking of the same image LOL
I'll settle for the great minds think alikeSmile
Richard the painstaking part is getting a basic image for this to half work with 1000pixels, the bigger the canvas the better it looks.

Says a lot when my wife buys be some new software for Valentines day LOL
Wooly 15 112 4 England
20 Feb 2006 5:59AM
Nice work Mo. bet it would look great printed large.

alyismad 15 9 Wales
20 Feb 2006 6:12AM
Nice work Mo

panda 16 5 1 England
20 Feb 2006 6:45AM
Just brilliant Mo, love it.

firzhugh 16 13 New Zealand
20 Feb 2006 6:49AM
interesting effect, very nice image
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2006 7:19AM
I've always wanted to try this but it looks like it would take a LOT of time. You did a great job on it. I guess you had bad compression problems? Still looks good though. Now, lets see you do it with different small images!
JouŠo 17 56 Finland
20 Feb 2006 7:19AM
A cracker,Mo!
Very creative!

20 Feb 2006 7:35AM
great image and effect
old timer 17 55 1 Scotland
20 Feb 2006 7:36AM
How cleverly done, Mo! Has to be seen at the large size.
dven Plus
16 43 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 8:03AM
You are right it must be seen large,a very clever image.

tonymarq 15 1 United States
20 Feb 2006 8:39AM
Mo now that's totatly amazing!!! Love it and would make a great poster!!

stay well
Marian 15 62 England
20 Feb 2006 8:58AM
This is an excellent image, it's very different, and it's very good.
bricurtis Plus
15 2.5k 51 England
20 Feb 2006 9:13AM
Very innovative. Great work to create a very strong image.Well done.

thorn 16 124 2 Scotland
20 Feb 2006 9:28AM
Hi Mo,sorry i got cut off till the computer updated,this is stunning,creative and so personal to you and your son,great detail,lighting and Spectacular composition.Take care.AnnSmile
thankyou for your kind comments,much appreciated.
BerthaDBluze 16 19
20 Feb 2006 9:41AM
Wow! This is fantastic in the large version, can't imagine how good full size must be. No idea how you did it, but it must have taken forever. Excellent image! Smile
20 Feb 2006 10:10AM
Totally superb in the large version. Very nicely done Mo.

Gray22 15
20 Feb 2006 10:10AM
This I've been wanting to try for a while but couldn't work out how.. Do you have a plugin of some sort?... Sooo confused!!... 5
MoWiz 16 114 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 10:15AM
Thanks again Guys,
just to clarify for everyone this is an effect using a plugin for CS2, My wife bought me a whole lot of stuff for PS for valentines day, I know very romanticWink

This is the stamper filter part of the Xenofex1.0 pack.

The only problem I had was finding a basic image to try it on that would work at 1000 pixels, I have tried it on a few images and its great, definitely one to get because the stuff looks great blown up huge
taggart Plus
16 47 14 United States
20 Feb 2006 10:30AM
All of the above--and one moe thing--LOL--this LOOKS like a pre printed cross stitch pattern-- bet it would work for said--

Very clever and persistant, you are, as well as lucky to have a whole lot of new stuff for PS.

gordon.m 17 31 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 10:36AM
Gavin 16 17
20 Feb 2006 11:17AM
Another great effect

User_Removed 16 32 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 11:18AM
Wow Mo! I've never seen anything like this before - it's great

KBan 16 512 4 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 11:31AM
super work Mo
Ceciliat 16 6 Philippines
20 Feb 2006 11:34AM
Amazing image-The cropping and composition are great.
Well done...
VNelson 16 3 United States
20 Feb 2006 11:52AM
Wow, I can imagine how tedious this must have been, but worth the effort indeed.

Nixy 16 131
20 Feb 2006 11:56AM
Nice one Mo....Please check my last photo!!
MarkT 16 119 2 England
20 Feb 2006 12:37PM
Excellent work.

20 Feb 2006 12:40PM
It didn't work until I viewed the large version, then you realise what an outstanding image you have done..... Spot on Mo.....

Keelo 17 18 Australia
20 Feb 2006 1:02PM
Very imaginative Mo, well thought out and executed. Nice one.
vismaya 15 Ireland
20 Feb 2006 7:43PM
Very original and imaginative- like it a lot!
Desh_M 16 410
20 Feb 2006 7:46PM
Exceptional digital manipulation.
So inspiring
This is a superb shot!
joko 17 1 Bulgaria
20 Feb 2006 9:22PM
Great work!

pk_nz 16 New Zealand
20 Feb 2006 9:51PM
here's your 60, I think you should 'experiment' more often if these are the results! I totally agree about getting it on canvas, it'll be great.

Good one Mo, way to go.
sunshot 16 24 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2006 11:00PM
excellent work, very well done indeed.

Leo 19 48 9 England
20 Feb 2006 11:41PM
This reminds me Mo to some extent of the one Pete gave me my EC for, It's made me think now of taking the original eye image I took and playing around with it more, not canvas though LOL
Well done, full marks for imaginationSmile

shane 16 7 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2006 12:51AM
How clever is that then.

Excellent work Mo

jan 1 17 12 Netherlands
21 Feb 2006 1:03AM
Hi Mo.
Very good job you did here. indeed the result is in the large one.!
Like it a lot.
sputnki 17 10 Canada
21 Feb 2006 1:46AM
Wow Mo, the creative juices are flowing tonight I see! Nicely done.

Alison_S 15 339 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2006 1:55AM
Really original, very cleverly done!!

Ycmah 16 4 Australia
21 Feb 2006 3:09AM
Great idea, well done!
ericfaragh Plus
17 149 5 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2006 3:31AM
Nice work, well done.
billbris 16 3
21 Feb 2006 4:47AM
Excellent idea, very well executed. Very (dare I say it)'EYE-CATCHING'!

lizziew 16 5
21 Feb 2006 5:46AM
first class work mo amazing in the larger one.........liz
vparmar 16 7 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2006 6:40AM
superb work Mo - well done

highlander 17 32 Scotland
21 Feb 2006 9:04AM
The success of your experiment is now well documented. Nice work Mo.
plugin 16 1 Canada
21 Feb 2006 9:56AM
Great experiment.. I really like the effect.
Hawkgenes 16 10 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2006 10:06AM
Excellent work Mo. Some creative work to do when the weather is like to-day

Paul Morgan 20 19.5k 6 England
21 Feb 2006 10:43AM
Sorry mate thought this was a load of crap when I first saw the Thumbnail. Got to be seen large, great work.
foggytwo 18 36 1 Scotland
21 Feb 2006 11:28AM
The larger version has to be seen here Mo,this is a fantastic image mate,very well done.
starliz 17 1.6k 3 England
21 Feb 2006 11:35AM
very clever stuff Mo,love it.
A Booth 19 11 4 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2006 1:12AM
very effective manipulation - good result from a simple original.
evelen 16 5 England
22 Feb 2006 8:26AM
excellent work the large version is great ,.
22 Feb 2006 8:42AM
Good work Mo.
ChristineL 16 39 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2006 9:07AM
This is really great, I agree it would look brilliant on canvas,
tripodted 15 32 1 Northern Ireland
22 Feb 2006 11:35AM
Eye really like this one, Mo! A really great eye-dea and very well manipulated:o)
chase Plus
15 2.2k 565 England
22 Feb 2006 2:06PM
All said Mo..well done.
PatriciaWilson 17 617 58 Greece
22 Feb 2006 4:00PM
absolutely brilliant piece of work!
ricochico 15 6 United States
22 Feb 2006 5:38PM
What a piece here Mo! Nice twisting work mate! Definitely deserves the might clicks you got going here. We all can appreciate the time put in and the thinking out of the box that this gives! Love it! Motivates me very muchSmile Congrats mate.
CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
22 Feb 2006 9:31PM
WOW, So smart and "scientific" creation, Mo!

Malik & Mary.
acbeat 16 14 United Kingdom
23 Feb 2006 9:42AM
great job .

andy b
elcid 16 150 England
26 Feb 2006 2:24AM
Yes, I think this would look great on a large canvas, superb stuff.

26 Feb 2006 4:19AM
another ps special well done m8
26 Feb 2006 8:53AM
Ok that is somthing else!
JuliaB 16 110 2 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2006 11:26AM
bloomin fantastic eye-dea (I just love puns, even terrible ones). Eye'm terribly impressed with your execution. Julia
C_Daniels 16 399 10 England
28 Feb 2006 12:28PM
Eye catching!!!
28 Feb 2006 3:08PM
WHAT an amazing image!
Bet your a tadge pleased with THAT! Well done.

Sweetpea 15 6 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2006 12:39AM
Amazingly clever Mo, well done Smile
Nigel_95 Plus
15 262 2 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2006 1:36PM
Just like many other earlier comments, the thumbnail wasn't particularly promising, but all is revealed in the large version. excellent concept and execution. Thanks for your continued interest in my photos.

dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 774 England
5 Mar 2006 12:50PM
Appreciate this much more when looking at the larger version. you must have a lot of time on your hands judging by the amount of well manipulated shots you're putting up at the moment.
13 Apr 2006 6:42AM
WOW!!!! almost passed this by ... till I saw the large version!What a clever and imaginative idea! I sooooo love this ..... my goodness it must have taken you AGEs to do .... and such a lot of hard work! I am well impressed ... would love to know just how you managed it! Ah I see it is a plug in for CS2 ... definately one to think about! Think you have given everyone something to think about here Mo! Click*
24 Jun 2006 8:21AM

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