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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by to look at my portfolio. If you have any questions about any of the shots then feel free to drop me a message and I'll be happy to get back to you Smile

You can visit my website from the link above too - I'm always looking for feedback on it.
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A quick view of mpnuttall's recent activity.

  • Arabella

    Hi Phil. Thanks for your comment - no offence taken. In terms of light, the levels are as shot with a single strobe through brolly with no backlight, hence the light fall off from front to back.

    It's a valid opinion on the lighting and editing. I deliberately shot this to create an even light, as I wanted an almost doll-like appearance. Arabella had incredible skin, so there's less airbrushing than you might imagine. On the high res version there is quite a bit more skin texture, pores, etc visible but I can't upload that here sadly.

    Thanks again for your comments, much appreciated.
    • 5 Dec 2014 7:59PM
  • Dreaming Big

    Thanks all! Grin

    And an Editors Choice award to boot! Woohoo!
    • 5 Dec 2014 3:41PM
  • Inland Sea

    Beautiful shot Martin. Keep meaning to get back out there but struggling to find the time recently. Worth making the time though if I can get anything a tenth as good as this.
    • 27 Mar 2012 9:34PM
  • Splashback

    YYou know me Martin, always up for a bit of cheating with these things! And some excellent cheating it is too! Great final image

    • 15 Mar 2012 7:04AM
  • Hillfort View

    Belter Martin Smile
    • 25 Feb 2012 4:21PM
  • Looking Away

    Beautifully exposed as ever Martin. I'm just not sure about the square crop in this instance - can't give a constructive reason why tbh, it just doesn't look quite comfortable to me somehow.

    Cheers, Mark
    • 25 Feb 2012 4:18PM
  • s t r u c k

    Terrifically lit and processed. The pose looks awkward, but I suspect that is exactly what you were going for - creates a strong tension in the shot. Nice one.

    • 25 Feb 2012 4:15PM
  • I've only just come across your portfolio - you have a lot of amazing work on here. I've added you to my favourites list and look forward to seeing your future uploads Smile