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A quick view of MrGoatsmilk's recent activity.

  • Catch Me If You Can! by dark_lord

    We were watching these today, those women have balls of steel!
    • 8 Jun 2014 11:35PM
  • Whilst waiting by MrGoatsmilk

    Thank you Lynne
    • 6 Nov 2012 4:54PM
  • Wedding Shoes by MrGoatsmilk

    Not a lot at all in the way of processing, they were lit with a reflector. The shine is how they looked at the time. They had a metallic look about them. I processed the window frame by using a sharpening brush on the wood just to give it a feel.
    • 21 Oct 2012 9:30PM
  • Hide and seek by Gary66

    Try using a narrow apature higher f number try the highest you have, you will need to increase your Iso to get the same or faster shutter speed or a day with more light as you will get less light in with the narrow apature. With stationary objects you can keep the ISO low narrow apature and use a slow shutter speed if you use a tripod.

    Have a practice on various objects such as shooting along a fence using different apertures and see how wide open low f numbers give a shallow depth of field and closed down high f numbers give a deeper depth of field and how they affect the shutter speed.
    • 7 Oct 2012 7:29PM
  • Smile I'm airbourne!! by jeronius

    I love this, been practising over Cannock Chase as we are looking to do a mountain bike theme for the big battlefield bike ride also for help for heroes
    • 4 Oct 2012 8:41PM
  • The Tallow Ovens ... by SecRATary

    Love the lighting
    • 1 Sep 2012 2:49PM
  • The Furnace by MrGoatsmilk

    Thank you I'm glad it's liked, thank you for the award unexpected that was
    • 31 Aug 2012 9:33PM

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  • Posted on lesarnott's profile

    Lovely shots I have enjoyed having a wonder around.
    • 11 Oct 2010 4:06PM

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