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Hi,Ive always liked taking photographs,but i think i only realised how important they are to our history was when i had to find a picture of me as a young child for my Wedding,and I could not find one! Now don't get me wrong it's not my parents fault, but i kind of realised what a valuable history making machine we have in our hands when we click that camera...
oh and in the end i used a picture of my sister! Well you can't tell when your little anyway, and pink has always been my favourite colour.

Well ive been here over a month now and what great time im having seeing some wonderful and inspirational work from you all,isnt it funny how you start to look at everything in a different light,just the simplest of things catches my attention so if you ever see a guy standing, just looking at the clouds or the shadows on the wall then its probably me,thinking ? can i catch that image as i see it !
All the best James


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