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I'm just a point and shoot photographer and nature/wildlife is my passion!

Thanks for looking at my photos and your comments.
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  • Quote:well they're not so just shows your ignorance

    Very easy to be insulting behind the safety and anonymity of your screen.

    is it really an insult?

    more fact as i'm not sure he's had every windows phone thats ever been made to say such a comment

  • Quote:I think the nokia lumia 520 is a windows phone. steer clear of all windows phone they're useless.

    well they're not so just shows your ignorance
  • if you like windows phones the nokia lumia 520 is a great phone for the price about £100 at the moment
  • i would say get one with at least an intel i5 processor and as much RAM and hard drive as possible for what you want to spend. Amazon have this Acer at the moment. i've got the hp g6 with 8gb ram, i5 and 750gb was £399 in the january sale last year, very happy with its performance. its all the same stuff inside similar laptops just the casing is different and the name on it in my opinion
  • i have a toyota aygo which is exactly the same as a Citroen C1 and a Peugeot 107, great little car, very cheap to run and reliable
  • i've had duracell and energizer batteries both work just as well as the canon one, can get them off amazon
  • I've got the canon sx50, it's a good camera for what it is, maybe look at an entry level dslr, can be a bit more versatile canon 1110d, Panasonic are releasing a new bridge camera soon looks good, don't know the price yet though
  • with your limit budget i would suggest a decent second hand compact/bridge camera, like a canon sx260 or sx500, will take good photos and got big zoom. DSLR - i had a canon 1000D was pretty good should be able to get one less than £100.
  • hi sx50 noise,

    i've had my sx50 for a few months it takes some time to get used to it and get the right settings, if you're new to photography, try the camera on the 'P' mode on the top dial and put the iso limit setting to about 400 max, the only problem is that if there isn't sufficient light then the shutter speed will be slow and you'll get handshake blur especially at full zoom,

    if you google "canon sx50 settings" there are several forums with good info on settings for good photos

  • i have a windows phone (samsung omnia w) great phone and operating system, much simplier and easier than android i find, mines windows 7.5, new windows 8 phones look amazing. no software problems, phone has never crashed and is fast.
  • I've just got the canon SX50 HS for £299 after cashback, very impressed with it so far for the price. Traded my D90 in for it, still working out the best settings still.

  • thanks, the only thing is they seem to have fallen short on a few things like the viewfinder so just weary that canon have already got a new version in the pipeline :S
  • hi everyone,

    the reviews for this camera look good, i have a nikon d90 with 70-300mm lens and i'm not really getting on with it. i mainly shoot wildlife and can't afford a bigger lens, so i was wondering if anyone has the SX50 and what its like for wildlife photography with its super zoom, , just weary of the image quality at longer focal lengths.

    any help/advice please

  • On that budget you'll be able to get an Intel i5 processor probably at least 6gb of ram and a big hard drive. The i5 processors have some boost technology which seems to work, I have a hp g6 was cheap at the time so I got it but I the keyboard is a not amazing quality, but is super fast.
  • I had a canon 1000d till it broke so "upgraded" to a nikon d90 and I can't say I have taken better photos with it, so i'd get a 1100d or a 550d similar to 600d without stupid flip screen, and get better lenses, plus weight is an issue for me with the d90 with 700-300mm lens its just bit heavy to carry around all day
  • really depends on your budget, i've used garmin etrex H which is a basic one tells you the essentials and a garmin oregon which was great had ordnance survey maps on it, colour, touchscreen, good battery life but is expensive.
  • Definitely get one, my laptop overheated and fried the insides, cost me £400 pound to get fix Sad
  • Once cameras get to a certain spec like the D90 its the lens that makes the most difference in image quality, i have found so i would invest in better lenses and stick with D90 Smile.

    I went for the D90 with kit lens which i'm very pleased with and also bought a nikon 70-300mm VR lens which would cost about the same as D7000. If i had the money i would definitely buy a better lens over a new body now!


  • Quote: Er, I thought I'd given a pointer?

    yeah thanks the last one on there is the village I live in , can't say i've ever seen a kingfisher on the marshes, but i'll have walk down there Smile
  • I'll update it asap! back to the original question anyone?
  • Blimey, this is a bit OTT, as I have a degree in countryside management, work as a countryside warden, RSPB member need I say more, I know all this probably better than most, wildlife and countryside act 1981 is what your referring to. Is not as if I'm gonna stick my camera lens down their nest hole, just seeing them fly past!!!
  • hi,

    i was just wondering if people know any good places to capture or just see kingfishers in Kent area? I guess the many rivers but does anyone know of any specific sites?