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Thank you for taking the time to look at my images.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to leave critisisms, good or bad.

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A quick view of Mstphoto's recent activity.

  • Posted on: Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Full Review

    At the same entry price as the EM1 c/w 12-40 PRO lens its going to be difficult to chose which model to buy Wink
    • 5 Feb 2015 2:36PM
  • Posted on: Kodak Hero 7.1 All-In-One Printer Review

    I am on my second Kodak printer (ESP 7250) and have nothing but praise for them.
    I have used this printer and my previous printer (ESP 5350) for Wedding proof prints and Camera Club competition prints. Print quality is often mentioned by the comp judge.
    I do find that my prints tend to have a slight red cast but by reducing the red slider in Photoshop prior to printing solves the problem.
    Black and White images print well - way better than I ever achieved with my Epson and Canon printers of yesteryear.
    Being a Scotsman ink costs suit me down to the ground Smile

    My only negative point is that the printhead on my last printer failed (as did the printhead on my Dad's ESP 3). Unfortunately they have to be bought directly from Kodak but its no big deal.

    • 4 Jan 2012 2:17PM

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  • Posted on fraser's profile

    Excellent Portfolio, Fraser
    I see from your "Red Leader" image that you have attended a Neil McIntyre workshop.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work

    • 26 Mar 2010 9:01AM
  • Posted on RonnieAG's profile

    Hi Ronnie
    Just had a wee peek at your pf - a lot of amazing images.
    Judging by the amount of votes your images get, others must think so as well.
    I'm delighted if I manage to get into double figures so I have a long way to go to catch up.

    • 24 Mar 2010 4:47PM
  • Posted on NicolaCariad's profile

    A fantastic portfolio of images and going by the amount of votes you receive, many others think so as well. If I manage to get into double figures I think I'm doing well but I see that I have a long way to go.
    I'll certainly be looking out for more of your work.

    • 23 Mar 2010 8:46AM
  • Posted on MrsS's profile

    I've really enjoyed looking at your PF, Fran.
    Oozing with inspirational images.
    Keep em coming

    • 20 Mar 2010 8:23PM

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