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A quick view of mttmwilson's recent activity.

  • Into the sun light by mttmwilson

    Thanks Paul,
    I agree about the content not being inspiring! I liked the image because of the 'two halfs' sky and water( clouds and ripples). I normally stick to the thirds rules but in this case I wanted the sun and sun reflection in the shot with the aim of trying to correctly expose a shot with two very bright lights in it...

    • 25 Jan 2016 4:17PM
  • broken man by paulhankin1

    You look rough... your not sleeping in the dog house are you?

    • 6 Jun 2009 7:59AM
  • The Elusive Wreck by RobinF

    Shame you couldn't get back to the wreck with your SLR. Interesting image though, wide range of colours.

    • 2 Jun 2009 9:37PM
  • Sunset Backdrop by iowaug

    Interesting image, love the composition.

    • 2 Jun 2009 5:18PM
  • Female Chaffinch by lawbert

    Spot on, Great Shot.

    • 2 Jun 2009 5:13PM
  • Hoverfly by WildLight

    Wow... Great detail..

    • 2 Jun 2009 8:45AM
  • The young one's by greatdog

    1st version is my favourite. Well captured.

    • 2 Jun 2009 7:13AM

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  • Posted on Sezz's profile

    Amazing images, a real insperation.

    Looking forward to seeing some more...

    • 2 May 2009 10:46PM

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