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Welcome to my Showcase Gallery, and feel free to comment on any of the images!
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A quick view of mudge's recent activity.

  • chillum smoking sadhu

    Another great shot!
    • 28 Dec 2017 4:50PM
  • Black Mountain

    Great shot
    • 11 Dec 2017 2:41PM
  • We are Sailing

    Brilliant action shot
    • 8 Dec 2017 3:18PM
  • Transient in Haridwar 2

    Another cracking portrait!
    I wish I had access to such interest subject matter as you!
    • 8 Dec 2017 3:15PM
  • Stretching Out

    Great action shot!
    • 8 Dec 2017 3:10PM
  • Black Rock Cottage.

    Quite a popular landscape photography location, but this one has an extra special atmosphere about it
    • 8 Dec 2017 3:05PM
  • Andean Emerald

    • 21 Nov 2017 3:49PM
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  • Your PF is outstanding!
  • What an impressive colourful showcase, with plenty of variety

    You need to rewrite your "Welcome Message"! In no way can you classify yourself as an "absolute novice"
    Fernley (aka mudge)
  • I'm not really interested in portraits except for the candid type. But I must say I'm really impressed with your Gallery You have some crackers!
  • Your Gallery is stunning, and looking at the number of votes for each image many others think so as well
    • Posted on KBan's profile
    • 1 Nov 2009 12:40PM
  • Most impressive Showcase
    You certainly have great things to photograph in your neck of the woods, and you make a good job of it too!
    thanks for sharing!
    • Posted on goso's profile
    • 28 Aug 2009 2:06PM
  • I'm glad I didn't see your fantastic Showcase and Editor's Awards before making tweaking recommendations on your Tractor image, as I wouldn't have dared to offer you advice!!!!
    But I'm glad I did!
  • What a great showcase.
    Although I've been a member for a long time I've only just started to become active. This is one of the first showcases I've looked at, because of your "Ugly moth" posting in the Gallery
    I hope the others are half as good as yours!