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  • If you look to another brand, consider the Nissin i40 as a starting point.
  • Yup, Port Isaac where a lot of Doc Martin is filmed.
  • Been there myself in the past couple of months, in fact I even toyed with switching to Nikon....

    I eventually opted for the 6D. However it is worth noting whether it's differences from the 5D Mikiii will be a show stopper for you. 6D is not a full metal body, top shutter speed is only 1/4000 as opposed to 1/8000 and also a less advanced focussing system.

    However, and this is a big however, for the extra 1,000 for the 5D, will the 6D deliver what you need for the type of photography you intend to do. In my case as I don't do much wildlife or sports the 6D suited my needs pretty much. In addition I was fortunate to already own a number of 'L' lenses and so I was able to transfer these to the new body.

    It is worth remembering that any EF-S lenses will not fit either of these bodies.

    A further thing I benefited from was from a money off offer from Canon and also the trade in of a 50D with WEX which took the camera price downt to 800. It is worth checking 'camerapricebuster for best current deals.

    Finally, I have to confirm I have found the 6D to have been a great purchase, for a price that was less than I originally paid for my 7D mki which I still use.
  • Thanks for all the feedback. I eventually settled for the 6D, with discount and trade in for the 50D I got it for just over 850. As was suggested, probably a no brainier with already having 'L' glass. In addition I also have the 7D for any further reach that is required.
  • Currently WEX have a 250 trade in off the price which would take it to 1,999 (however, this only runs until Tuesday. In addition I am awaiting a quote from them for my 50D, I may not get much for it but it would make the trade up cost more palatable.
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes the main intention is to upgrade to full frame. I would hope to improve DR, ISO performance at low light and resolution. I appreciate fully what you say about lens situation both for the 5D mk3 and D810.

    What may tie me to the 5D is that I currently have the 17-40, 24-105 and 70-200 (all 'L'), unites the arguments for the benefits of the d810 would seriously outweighs the 5D(?).

    I know this may seem a no brainier to a lot of people, but real world feedback from actual users is helpful.
  • Hi, I am looking to upgrade/change my current camera. I am currently a Canon user and using 7D but it's getting a bit long in the tooth and I am going to take the step to full frame. However, without spending close to 3,000 I would be looking at the 5D mk3, but this now is getting on itself.

    The other option would be to switch to Nikon which does have a range of full frame models which are considerably more modern and competitively priced. Whilst I appreciate I would have to change lenses, I was hoping for some (impartial!) advice as to whether the d750 or D810 would be a worthwhile change. Current deals would see the price of the D810 drop to under 2,000 with the trade in of an old dslr.

    Thoughts appreciated.
  • thanks for this, I wasn't aware of this. Much more like I was hoping for.
  • A little advice please.

    I am using the Xpro 1 and was looking to get a flash gun for it. However, the offerings from Fiji seem a little limited I was hoping someone could advise if there is anything else out there which could be used with this camera, ie some thing which has a little swivel and bounce?
  • EPZ camera strap for me, arrived this morning!

    Thanks very much great competition.
  • Thanks for this, i am tempted!
  • I was wondering if anyone had taken advantage of the Fuji offer (949) for the Xpro 1 and 18mm, plus free lens, and if so whether any problems had been experienced with delivery of the free (claimed) lens?
  • This was covered in an earlier email response I received.

    Quote:I have just received the following email from the company detailing delivery and tax concerns.

    "(Quote) Thank you for your email.

    All orders are fulfilled and shipped from our Crawley warehouse (UK), you would not incur any duties, taxes or VAT as the website price is the final amount you will need to pay.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

    Kind Regards,

    ProCameraShop Team"

  • Similar to one of the earlier posters above I have also used Ian Kerso before, and he is my usual reference point for pricing as I consider his service very good. However, when looking at his current prices for 5D mk ii & iii respectively he is asking 1439 & 2399.

    The Pro Camera site is asking 1189 & 1998 for each.
  • I have just received the following email from the company detailing delivery and tax concerns.

    "(Quote) Thank you for your email.

    All orders are fulfilled and shipped from our Crawley warehouse (UK), you would not incur any duties, taxes or VAT as the website price is the final amount you will need to pay.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

    Kind Regards,

    ProCameraShop Team"
  • I came across this link on ephotozine ( and had a quick look at what appear to be very low prices.

    Their website give an office address in Carlisle, but only for admin. Anyone any experience of this organisation?

    Reviews of this site (if believable) seem very positive, however I also appreciate if things seem too good to be true they often are.

  • Walter trout, Blues for the modern daze. looking forward to seeing him in 2 weeks. he often gets overlooked in view of others, ie Mr Bonamassa, but an excellent full on performer.
  • Would recommend Ian Kerso's site. excellent value and service. Currently priced at 679 I believe.
  • Anything by Cormac McCarthy.
  • I would be grateful for any feedback from people attending with their kit as I will be attending the mountain biking on the last weekend and was intending to take my 7d & 70-200, which does fit within the 30cms specified.

    nonetheless It would be good to hear of others who have attempted to take similar sized kit into an Olympic event.


  • I am considering adding a full frame body to my kit (currently using 7d). Whilst the 5d mk3 is appealing on paper, the current price is prohibitive. I am not looking to use the new body for weddings or ultra low light shots, or to print to A2 and was wondering if I would be equally well served by the mk 2?

    Although the improved focussing would be nice the extra cost, ie x2 seems excessive.

    Before anyone steps in and says "Nikon D800", yes this would be nice but I am too far into Canon's lenses to jump ship.

    All views welcome.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys, a little food for thought - 300 + 1.4, or 400, mmm...


  • I have been considering the above lens for the occasional wildlife shots I may take. I would be attaching this to my 7D. From a number of reviews the consensus seems to be that whilst this lens may not have IS, the image quality is slightly sharper than that produced from the 100-400.

    I am curious if anyone has any first hand experience of these 2 lenses. I appreciate the flexibility the 100-400 would give me, but I am not too concerned at just working with a prime. I also know the 400 has been in production for some time now and is it likely this will be due for an upgrade, although by current canon revamps, in both bodies and lenses, this would likely be a considerable price hike.


  • Ian Kerso ( - 85 plus delivery.
  • I have the 055 Aluminium version which I use extensively along the coast and like previous comments It does show noticeable signs of wear due to exposure to salt water etc. However, I have not experienced any problems in it's use other than looks. I also purchased the cf 190 as a lighter option when out hillwalking. whilst this is not the 055 cf version you have been considering, although it is lighter I do find the overall stability not to be as substantial as an aluminium option. there is greater flex in the legs, which although would likely be lessened With the 055 I anticipate still would not be the same as your current model.
  • just an associated question regarding the link above to Ian Kerso's shop. Are the warranties for the camera bodies he sells valid within the UK as I assume these are sourced from outside the UK? Although not listed as currently available the 5D iii is priced at just ove 2,600 on his site.
  • Ensure the power switch is fully switched on otherwise not all functions work fully.
  • You may wish to consider a cyclo cross bike. Built around a road frame, but with heavier duty brakes and wheels. Yes they will come with "knobbly" tyres, albeit much lighter weight than those you will associate with mountain bikes. Anyway tyres can be changed to suit. Cyclo cross bikes are becoming much more popular nowadays due to their ability to be used on both the road and also on tracks etc. A very flexible alternative to what you are considering.

    An ideal time to source a new bike as the 2011 models are reduced dramatically in price to make way for 2012 models. A useful starting point for looking for a sale bike would be online at either Evans Cycles or Wiggle etc, or any other of the large retailers and you may find something within your price bracket which suits.

    Hope you are successful.

  • Aside from the price difference from the 100-400 and focal distance of the 150-500, has anyone any experience of these lenses in terms of IQ against the Canon 100-400?

    Looking to use as a walkabout wildlife lens which would be attached to a 7D. I'm happy to pay the extra for the 100-400 if the IQ is considered better.

  • Was wondering if anyone had any experience of the suppliers of the retractable lens caps provided by UN of Japan or Lensmate in the US?