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Thank you for poking your nose in, hope you like what you see. Smile

Current EQ:
Canon 700D
EF 100 Macro F2.8L IS USM
X2 extender
25mm tube

EFS 55-250 IS

Past EQ:
Canon 600D
Canon 70D
EFS 18-55 IS II kit lens
EFS 60mm F2.8 Macro USM
Velbon Tripod, Manfrotto MM394 monopod
Panasonic FZ30 Bridge Camera
Raynox DCR-250
Various filters
EF 28-105 F3.5-4.5 USM Japan "Macro" version + EW-63II Hood
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  • HDR images

    Well I-phones do it.... 600D doesn`t. Just an exaggerated bracketing feature and unless you install Magic Lantern maybe a little laborious but I am really interested. It seems it is a marmite scenario, I can see the die hard`s POV but this is th...

    14 Jun 2012 9:02PM | Read


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  • Arrived

    The Canon 60mm Ģ210 USM macro is here! Mint condition from a fine lady from Ebay, even has a nice DIY string attached to the lens cap, aww. Managed to take a couple of shots indoors, swift USM and was able to hand hold in very poor lighting. Promi...

    12 Jun 2012 7:23PM | Read


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  • In the mail..

    It`s in the mail... before 1pm tomorrow.. it`s on it`s way...... The Canon 60mm F2.8 macro....... quite excited! Many reviews say the output is L quality but isn`t every lens with a bit of post tweaking an L lens? Ahh I get it, for people like my...

    11 Jun 2012 8:09PM | Read


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  • OMG

    After spending yet another day to prevent snails getting at my chilli`s, mesh, perlite, "roofs" (yes an ongoing problem which I am having to engineer out) I had to get out for a walk. Not much to take pics of but noticed a multitude of bees around...

    10 Jun 2012 9:06PM | Read


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  • New lens this week!

    2nd hand EF 28-105 USM, feels like chalk and cheese build quality from my kit lens but was a bit scary for a while.... Here is my forum post... I purchased a 2nd hand lens this week which I received yesterday. An EF 28-105 F3.5-4.5 USM. Filled wi...

    19 May 2012 7:29PM | Read


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  • Valencia tomorrow...

    Myself and the 600D are off to Valencia tomorrow. Hopefully I will manage to get a good shot or 2. Looking forward to the Oceanogrāfic etc. If the pictures fail then at least I should get a tan....

    8 May 2012 11:15AM | Read


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  • Managed to get out!

    Weather was OK but light was pretty poor. Test run went very well and very impressed with the 600D, especially considering this was just using the kit lens! Next lens is definitely a more telephoto lens, 55mm max is no where near the distance I need...

    5 May 2012 7:38PM | Read


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  • Yay the 600D is here!

    My new purchase landed on Wednesday, the Canon 600D. Quite small! Chopping fingers off this weekend so stay tuned. Very nice sample pics and will get out and about this weekend before Valencia next week. Hopefully upload my first pic this weekend....

    4 May 2012 8:00PM | Read


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  • April 28 Camera ordered!!!

    Well that`s it, taken the plunge. Uhm`d and ahh`d and plumped for the Canon 600D over the 550D and Nikon D5100. Days and days of internet research, some good, some weirdly bad but think the articulated screen will help my dodgy hip (38 YO) for some s...

    28 Apr 2012 7:20PM | Read


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  • April 2012

    I am back yet again, cannot keep saying that! Buying a Canon 550D next week to hopefully kick start my hobby again with better images and less noise reduction! Hat`s off to camera manufacturers and electronics as a whole I suppose for making DSLR`s ...

    23 Apr 2012 7:35PM | Read


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  • Back Again

    I have returned to photography & Ephotozine after about 3 years. Lost interest and life/work had demoted photography down my list of priorities. Hopefully now I will get back into the swing of things and maybe even get an SLR if my interest keeps up...

    24 May 2011 10:18PM | Read


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