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Semi-pro based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require a quote - portraits from 50! .

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  • Bit late (a decade!), but thanks!!
  • Ah, brilliant, oldblokeh! Thanks - exactly what I was looking for!!
  • Thanks, Snapper, but my question is about the meter itself. I take a reading but when I press up or down to see the reading to see that exposure as a different shutter speed and aperture (as you can in ambient mode) the reading simply resets to zero.
  • I'm new to using a lightmeter - when I take a reading in wireless flash mode I'd like to shift the values up and down as you can in ambient mode; i.e. press up and down until I get the aperture I want to use.

    When I press up or down the f-stop value resets.

    Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong, please?

    I can control the aperture with the flash output but want to adjust using the current output.

    I hope that made sense! Any experienced advice greatfully accepted!!

    Regards, Mark.
  • Is anyone using a battery powered printer such as a Canon PIXMA iP100, please?
  • Cheers, Ade. Someone else mentioned leisure batteries - I'll read up!!
  • Thanks, TTT, but I need to be able to offer 8x6 inch prints, not just 6x4 inch.

    Good to know, though, and thanks for the answer.
  • Is anyone powering a dye-sub printer where there are no power outlet sockets, please?

    How are you managing it?

    Cheers, Mark.
  • I've tried to get dry ice but no luck.

    I think a second-hand insect fogger with mineral oil looks cheap and portable now!! Will report back.

    Like this; Fogger
  • Cheers, all.

    I'm now rethinking - THIS looks cheap and easy BUT - WHERE DO YOU BUY DRY ICE, PLEASE?!!!!!!!!!!


  • Quote:Unless you're a farmer the One thing it's best not to start asking for on the web is the price of nitrate fertiliser. Wink.

    You don't need to be a farmer to grow tomatoes as far as I'm aware! Wink

    From research potassium nitrate is available as fertiliser or tree stump remover in small enough quantities for smoke effects. Just need to find out where from!

    Not using smoke near roads is good advice, I think. I'm more likely to be shooting horror in a wood so no problem!
  • ** UPDATE! **

    Thanks for the help chaps! With 5 cubic metre smoke bombs I managed this -

    I'd like to make my own smoke bombs in future using potassium nitrate and sugar so my next question is - is anyone buying this at a reasonable price?

    Fertiliser seems to be 40 for a 25kg bag (Dec 2013). Can anyone beat this price, please?

  • Cheers, Jeremy! These look cheap enough and have a 1 minute burn time. Ta!
  • I'm planning a shoot involving smoke with coloured flash to set a horror mood - has anyone experience of good smoke solutions, please? I'm thinking of smoke bombs as used by chimney sweeps etc currently, about 5 on ebay for a pack but I'm wondering how effective/noxious they are?!

    Any ideas, please? It will be an outdoor location, little/no wind.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I did not know he was such a talented photographer - I love this; Roni at Monument Valley (nude)

    Great painting by your Dad, also. You will treasure that!

    Happy New Year!

    Mark Woods.
  • That is all.
  • I can only add that I'm an underwater and pool photographer for a well known UK holiday resort and the G12 gives incredibly good underwater results. I've been really impressed. Enjoy!
  • Thanks for your replies.

    I have a Dell Inspiron dual-core desktop and an LG IPS 22" monitor currently - the Sony i3 15.5" Vaio for 349 in Currys is tempting but I wonder if the monitor can compare?

    Portability is sadly the priority for me so I'll be plumping for a Lenovo quad-core with 8 gig of ram or the Sony, both for 349, I reckon.

    Cheers, Mark.
  • I need to replace my desktop PC with a decent laptop in the (hopefully) 500 price region for photo editing Canon 350D images (4 mb files generally).

    Does anyone have recommendations if current machines, please? I'm well versed in PCs, Windows and Linux but have never owned a laptop. The netbook I'm writing this on might be a little under-powered for the task!

    Thankyou in advance for any replies.

    Happy shooting!

    Mark Woods.

  • 6th icon along the top when you click "Add a comment", Kate..."Upload an image".

    Good luck!

  • JACK. I miss him...

  • Just outside my shoebox-sized bedroom.

  • *******************************
    S O L V E D ! ! !

    I'm glad to say that I had the camera repaired for 50 including return postage by this guy on eBay;


    The 350D has been working as new for a month now so I would recommend him.

    The turnaround was very quick and another 1.99 got me a USB cable which I use with Kubuntu (Linux) on my computer. Downloads are quick (USB 2.0).

    The 4gig card is NEVER leaving my camera again!!!

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. HAPPY SNAPPING!!

  • Thanks to all of you...I have emailed Lehmann this afternoon after seeing another post on here, ikett but I'm expecting grave news...

    To make matters worse I've only had it for a month! Second hand so sadly no warranty.

    I will be looking for an adapter in future for an SD card or some other clever invention. Not impressed!

    Nice to know there are sympathetic folk out there! Cheers, guys...
  • Dear All,

    Today I have mostly been being a pillock and have bent and then broken a CF pin on my 350D.

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much this repair will be, please, and where it can be done?

    Thanks very much in advance for any help.

    Mark Woods.
  • File>Folder>Compact all folders

    should do it! It's giving in, though!

    Cheers, Mark.