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Thank you for dropping by, I hope you like what you see, but don't be afraid to say if you don't. I appreciate your honest comments - all the help you can offer will be appreciated.

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  • snow

    As I sit here resting my foot, and watching all the lovey and many imaginative snow shots you have uploaded - I pine for this lost opportunity...... We had another inch of snow overnight, and sadly it has claimed one of our large Koi Carp. "Dad"...

    11 Jan 2010 1:15PM | Read


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  • hi all

    Hi Thanks for the messages, and I am sorry I have not been able to keep up with you for such a long time - i have got visitors from the usa for another week yet - so having survived my son and daughter in laws indian weddings over the last week ...

    10 Aug 2009 10:01PM | Read


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  • so excited

    I am so excited, just seen that the Tetley tea "out and about" competition results are out, and I am amazed and excited that my very first entry into a competiition was shortlisted. Congratulations to the three very well deserving winners. Lind...

    13 Nov 2008 7:58PM | Read


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  • 3d

    I have got a bit frustrated today, struggling to find help on how to create the lovely 3d box shapes that have been on the site recently. I have tried numerous sites on the web, but can not find a suitable tutorial. I have ps7.0, is it possible to ...

    9 Nov 2008 2:25PM | Read


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  • spelling

    Not the halloween type, real spelling, I am awful at it - since being on this site I have my dictionary to hand, why o why can't there be s spell checker on here???

    2 Nov 2008 10:56AM | Read


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  • Counterfeit Stones

    Well - has anyone ever seen them? great night out - a good fun packed night out. This is the second time we have seen them and I would go again. The first time was at Barmouth where they did a full weekend music festival with Oasish, Fab Four, an...

    1 Nov 2008 12:35AM | Read


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  • lurgy

    Well today had a job saying awake at work, must be going down with a cold, so sorry but short of typing power tonight, click and run, not what I like to do. Will spend more time at the weekend catching up with it all. Snow all gone here, but ...

    30 Oct 2008 10:11PM | Read


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  • what a day

    Well boring day or what - no computers today at work, could not wait to get home! nice work over the weekend everyone and all Linda :-)

    28 Oct 2008 9:20PM | Read


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  • moving along

    Well, hello everyone, I feel like I have been here ages, I got my membership recently but have been posting as a Pentax user for a couple of weeks prior. I have always wanted to do more with photography, spent a lot of time with my old Olympus OM20 ...

    27 Oct 2008 11:38AM | Read


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