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Welcome to my portfolio,
As i am just a novice criticism and suggestions would be very helpful.
Thanks for those already received.
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A quick view of Natzdad's recent activity.

  • Grannies Bonnet

    Thank you all for your votes and comments........Mick
    • 24 Oct 2012 8:15PM
  • Osprey on the move

    Love the determined look on its face
    • 15 Sep 2012 11:47AM
  • BLue Tit

    Version 2 for me,love the pose.............Mick
    • 30 Aug 2012 9:31AM
  • Flynn

    you have captured the glint in his eye perfectly,beautiful image....Mick
    • 24 Aug 2012 8:52AM
  • Sunset on Endrick Water

    Thanks for your constructive comments Nathan,I'm on this sight to learn and without honest criticism we would get nowhere.......Mick
    • 23 Aug 2012 8:38AM
  • Searching

    A favourite of mine too,great work.
    • 23 Aug 2012 8:31AM
  • Battle Scared

    A great way to start the day,viewing a beautiful image,thanks for sharing.
    • 23 Aug 2012 8:29AM
  • A very refreshing portfolio.fantastic street work........Mick
    • Posted on franken's profile
    • 18 Apr 2012 6:24PM
  • A stunning portfolio,Very inspiring, glad I took time out to view.....Mick
    • Posted on jeanie's profile
    • 24 Feb 2012 11:25AM
  • A great portfolio,full of interesting images taken with a lot of enthusiasm,Lovely work all round......Mick
    • Posted on nonur's profile
    • 24 Feb 2012 10:22AM
  • Stunning work
    • Posted on pronabk's profile
    • 12 Jul 2011 8:42PM
  • Hi Carol, I have a fear of spiders and such but I find your portfolio interesting and always have view whenever I log on. A constant supply of great closeups ,Keep up the good work ........Mick
    p.s. love your butterflies
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 17 Jun 2011 10:04AM
  • A really enjoyable trip through your portfolio,beautiful colours .......Mick
  • Thanks for your comments,you have a great selection of HDR's here.Your portfolio is well worth a regular visit................Mick
    • Posted on JackieB's profile
    • 27 May 2011 7:57AM
  • Great portfolio,fantastic work,its been inspirational looking through it.....Mick
  • I find your portfolio inspirational in all categories and visit it most times when I'm on EPZ,keep up the good work.....Mick
  • I often visit your portfolio with admiration,Keep up the great wild life shots......Mick