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“ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst" – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Do you know how many photos you have taken up until now? You will have to take thousands of pictures to reach a point where you can begin to evaluate them objectively. Looking upon your photos as if you were looking at them through someone else’s eyes is a good way to give yourself constructive criticism. Comparing your first photos with your most recent, do you see improvement? Do you remember how you loved some of your first photos – do you still love them or are they now not so good anymore?

Nathan GrinGrinGrin
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Nathan, thank you for the kind words. enjoyed browsing through your profile, beautiful/thoughtful images you capture.......maureen

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Gypsyman 9 678 England
17 Apr 2019 8:10PM
Nathan. Good to see that you still carry on with your Photography.
20 Mar 2019 9:44PM
Thank you for your Vote Nathan. I’m enjoying viewing your images, you are so talented.

I’m very impressed with your photography Nathan and very pleased to follow you on EPZ
Thank you for voting Smile
PetesPix 5 2 1 United States
3 Mar 2016 7:10PM

Quote:Where this a will there is a hope..

Great shot

Thanks for sharing Pete

Regards Nathan Grin

Thanks for the vote, Nathan. But no, it is rather faith ,not will. We humans have hope because we believe we can obtain. If there is no faith that we can obtain, we lose hope and all is left is wishful thinking. No amount of will can give us hope. Think about it. That is why so many lead pointless, hope-less, lost,misdirected lives.
We have to have a RELIABLE compass, and a point of reference outside ourselfs to see our movement, its direction and our relative position.
Jesus Christ is the reference point .(The lighthouse)
The KJV Holy Bible is the compass.
We may obtain HOPE by FAITH.
Every man has faith. It's what we put our faith in that matters. I could put my faith in the Green Man from Mars or in a broken compass and never obtain.
Obviously there are no green men on Mars, and a broken compass will not show true direction.
Romans 12:3
“For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Hebrews 11:1
11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.



Please consider these words , repent of your self will and thoughts, and turn to Christ in full surrender and HE WILL COME to you, save you,cleanse you .make you holy.
Give you TRUE JOY , and PEACE and HOPE.

Have a Blessed day!
Mos8 11 Switzerland
28 Feb 2016 7:30PM
Very human, impressive and touching pf
Thank you for sharing, Nathan
16 Feb 2016 7:13PM
An absolute pleasure to go through you portfolio fantastic photography work ............
3 Feb 2016 5:26PM
Very interesting and varied portfolio. Enjoyed browsing through it. Wonderful shots.
LynneJoyce Plus
11 22 99 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2015 2:19PM
An interesting intro to your portfolio Nathan and a lovely, eclectic mix within it.

It is a salutary lesson to look at our earlier photographs and to note how our skills and interests have developed. It should be compulsory every 10,000 photographs!

Bigdenbo 10 7 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2015 10:10PM
Great portfolio really inspiring ............. Keep sharing!
Hi Nathan. You have a fantastic portfolio. So many wonderful photos to look through. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo's Smile

avacreates 8 448 1 United Kingdom
13 Jul 2015 12:08PM
In answer to your question: I've taken 1000s of photos since the first moment I held my very first DSLR - in fact it was my very first digital camera. I didn't have a clue how to use but I kept experimenting and still delighted with some of the photos I took because I had NO idea I could capture special effects like make the sun look like a star or make someone look like they have a twin. Still so much I have to learn. Loving the journey!

Best Wishes Nathan

14 Dec 2014 11:37AM
Fantastic set of diverse photos. Maria
Ian-Jones Plus
16 133 2 United Kingdom
19 Sep 2014 9:37AM
Hi Nathan. Love the Cartier Bresson quote & the way you've spotted the interest in the mundane. Keep on snapping fella.

4 Sep 2014 12:36AM
I am in awe of your beautiful portfolio, Nathan. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!
Greetings from Michigan,

1 May 2014 9:17PM
Hi just loved your portfolio full of inspiration and well taken shots.

Chinga Plus
8 3 1 United Kingdom
14 Mar 2014 10:29PM
Hi Nathan,
You display a beautiful portfolio, with great results in so many differents subjects! Grin
Everything is wonderfully captured and nothing was left unattended...
This denotes a deep capability of observing and understanding the reality of finding some good oppurtunities for great quality photography...
My best regards,
12 Mar 2014 12:03PM
Great portfolio with a diverse theme. Enjoyed looking through your images and gaining inspiration. Grin

fotobee Plus
6 4 3 South Africa
27 Feb 2014 10:25AM
Many thanks for sharing your gallery of inspiration! This is how we learn, honing oneself against the best!!
Regards Martin
mistere Plus
6 4 3 England
25 Jan 2014 4:30PM
Excelent work on display here Nathan, have just visited your website as well, Loved your HDR images. You have a gift,
thanks for sharing it.
titchpics 8 7 England
15 Dec 2013 4:10PM
Nathan, firstly many thanks for your kind comments on some of my humble attempts, they are greatly appreciated. For sure ypur portfolio has some fantastic images, will be revisting again without doubt.

happy snapping

Dwaller 12 5 1 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2013 6:26PM
Nathan, you have a excellent PF and some of you shots are as breath taking as the colours in them
Regards David
RobMacormac 14 7 2 England
17 Nov 2013 11:36AM
This portfolio should be banned. It has that noxious substance who name I will not use. Other than this over sight by the Photographer it is really clever.
Mozzytheboy 9 710 4 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2013 5:31PM
I love what you do, who you do, how you do, when you do, which you do, … and as Mrs Brown would say in her poshest voice …"How … do you do." Suitably saved and now I get to know whenever you upload to EPZ so I don't miss a one Smile Great stuff fella. I'm scatty I know!

Mike (Mozzy)
ukgubbi 7 5 India
10 Oct 2013 5:11AM
Thanks for your input on my image. I totally agree with your welcome message. You have a varied and impressive images in your kitty. Wish you happy shooting
rhys47 11 3 2 United Kingdom
11 Sep 2013 4:52PM
A fantastic portfolio and a a really fantastic web site. And that is oh so true about 10.000 images, it is very interesting concept looking back at earlier photos. Whist I am not up to you standard I like to think my images are always improving, which Is the great thing about photography you never stop learning and developing new skills or exploring new ideas.
Regards Rhys
GordonLack 10 3 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2013 8:26AM
Superb Portfolio Nathan

18 Aug 2013 8:05PM
Very nice pf!Grin
21 Jul 2013 10:32AM

Your portfolio has a great selection of images and you website was v interesting to read. Keep posting and I will look forward to viewing


Pinnace 10 12 Wales
12 Jun 2013 8:45AM
Actually, old chum, my early images taken on 35mm film and a couple of lifetimes ago were, even if I say so my oh, so humble self, excellent to, dare I say it, superb. These digital days I seem to have lost not only the thought process to set up a shot properly, but also any real concept of composition. Age and rubbish health clearly came as a set.
30 Apr 2013 11:10AM
Thanks for your kind response re. still-life.
Wonderful photos.
dudler Plus
16 951 1521 England
24 Apr 2013 3:16PM
They say artists transform suffering into beauty.

You are a true artist.
DOGSBODY 11 1.4k 30 England
5 Apr 2013 11:12AM
Some really excellent work in your portfolio. Plenty of variety too. Carry on enjoying yourself. Andy
24 Mar 2013 5:53PM
Greetings Nathan.

I thought I would take a peep at your portfolio after you have made many comments on my images.

What a PF, a joy to look through, variety and dedication and technically executed. It is an inspirational set of images.

Keep up the good work fella. I look forward to seeing more. Many thanks for the comments they are appreciated.


18 Mar 2013 5:17PM
Great portfolio Nathan GrinGrin

best wishes Patty
Ted447 Plus
6 216 1 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2013 5:35PM
Great portfolio ovely variety of images. TedGrinGrin
ColinEJ 13 21 17 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2013 6:51PM
So glad I popped by to see your portfolio of well seen, technically excellent images, with a sprinkling of humour amongst them.

strokebloke 10 493 17 England
6 Jan 2013 8:31PM
A varied and wide ranging portfolio Nathan. I demonstrates a wide spectrum of skill. A pleasure to peruse.
Thank you.
Like yourself, having experienced cerebral trauma, I know how much determination is required to live a 'normal' life again.
All credit to you for your perseverance.
22 Dec 2012 1:59PM
I meant it.........a collection of technically assured images that also have heart, and show your love of the process. creative and uncontrived.
wenzu78 7 7 Malta
11 Dec 2012 8:16AM
Quality pf dear Nathan.

Way to go.

As diverse as they get.


Mike_Smith Plus
12 592 1 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2012 8:21PM
Hi Nathan just been looking through you pictures you have a superb portfolio with a variety of subjects, keep them coming great work
TonyDy Plus
10 52 3 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2012 1:56PM
An excellent portfolio, Nathan, with something for everyone.
Best wishes, Tony
CDSINUK 7 223 England
12 Oct 2012 5:55PM
thank you for your kind comments on "come the night" i think its the first one thats come out just as i like it, Nathan, your portfolio is so interesting , you are versatile, and i love the way you compose your pictures, its original, bright and colourful, and a pleasure to look through
fificat100 8 5 2 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 7:42PM
Nathan, you have a most impressive pf - a joy to view, and your creativity knows no bounds! SO clever.
Take care and look after yourself.
Best regards, Lavina.
tedtoop 8 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 4:30PM
A really stunning portfolio Nathan. So glad to see you still on here.
widtink 7 406 2 Scotland
28 Sep 2012 7:36PM
All of the above i have only been on EPZ a few months and you were always there with encouragement and your comments were always well recieved Smile Hope you are ok take it easy you are missed already Smile

Fefe Plus
7 33 31 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2012 10:06AM
Totally best wishes to you NathanGrin
27 Sep 2012 11:23PM
Take it easy brother,you know what's best.
10 10 10 England
27 Sep 2012 10:58PM
Mystified Nathen - always read your comments with interest - don't stay away.
netta1234 7 382 2 Wales
27 Sep 2012 10:02PM
I have missed you already Nathen,Please come back to EPZ as I was looking foreward to see what you uploaded every morning and I also loved your comments.
27 Sep 2012 9:44PM
Hope all is well Nathan.
Your comments and experience is sorely missed
27 Sep 2012 9:29PM
Hello Nathan, Your name's back on the comments, so hopefully this will mean you are back. I hope so. As a new member (with a rather mediocre pf) I always appreciated your kind comments. I always found them very encouraging. ATB Don
canonfan 9 7 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2012 7:20PM
Hi Nathan. Would really like to see you back on EPZ. You are sorely missed. Without you the site would be a sadder place
27 Sep 2012 7:09PM
Hope all is well, come back soonGrin
Brian65 10 2 United Kingdom
27 Sep 2012 6:16PM
Please come back Nathan, we miss you.
Tibetan 7 3 England
27 Sep 2012 5:49PM
Come back Nathan everyone wishes you back on here! please do think about it, if you don't we loose and you loose! you help make the good part of the site what it is! and you are unique in the way you make people laugh and that is like gold dust these days, So hope your able to feel like coming back soon, regards Leon.GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin
avacreates 8 448 1 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2012 2:15PM
Hello Nathan,
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and vote - so very much appreciated - helps me immensely. I am hoping that you are of good health these days. Love your portfolio. Take care of yourself, be well, Best Wishes,
Great P/F some fantastic shots I look forward to seeing more of your work
marshfam19 10 5 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2012 6:23PM
Thank you for your comments on some of my images. When I feel as though I am getting nowhere, I look at your portfolio for a boost to keep my trying to improve.
DOGSBODY 11 1.4k 30 England
13 Sep 2012 1:59PM
Some excellent and varied photography in this fine portfolio. Keep up the good work. Andy
31 Aug 2012 1:58PM
Köszönöm, hogy időt szentelsz a képeim elemzésére, ha megtennéd a galériámat is szívesen rendelkezésedre bocsátom, bírálás miatt.

Mauro62 10 Italy
27 Aug 2012 7:01AM
Thank you for your comment on my sunset picture. That evening i put my tripod down and I played a lot and some of the pictures are are really not bad.

25 Aug 2012 5:24PM
Thank you for your comment. Encouraging someone with such a terrific pf thinks one my efforts is worth a positive comment.
21 Aug 2012 3:58PM
Köszönöm az elismerő néltatásokat.
pokey110 10 2 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2012 8:33PM
excellent portfolio. great varierty of images
prin 7 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2012 11:55AM
fantastic portfolio i love all the different and unusual photos.
and thanks you for kind words on my photos prin.
pamkelly 7 47 England
13 Aug 2012 7:22PM
I've enjoyed looking through your great portfolio. Thanks for your comments on some of my shots.
minfin 7 5 England
13 Aug 2012 4:47PM
Looking above there is little else you have missed Nathan. I spent many woodland mornings with the dogs we unfortunately no longer have and found over time, get there at six thirty / seven am and with luck being your master you were in. A promising sun soaked morning on a wet forest ground gives you every chance.

Arty Minfin.
michael66 7 1 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2012 9:36PM
Just had a proper look through your portfolio and there are some great photos there. I love the diversity of your subjects. Will be a follower. Thanks.
Ozzie55 10 9 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2012 3:19PM
Great portfolio Nathan, lots of variety and thanks for all your comments on some of my images Smile
6 Aug 2012 7:52AM
truely excellent, inspiring, lovely yes all of those but much more, sublime, funny, weird this portfolio is a jem
BarryC123 11 43 25 Ireland
5 Aug 2012 11:34AM
Inspiring work, Nathan. A portfolio to be proud of.
1 Aug 2012 1:57PM
Thank You Smile
31 Jul 2012 12:14AM
Hi Nathan, just to say that I'm constantly on your Portfolio. I really love your images and descriptions, make me thinking twice about life!!!!!!!! Trouble what I find is that, English is my second language (fluent in Polish). So, as much I would like make a common sense, I'm simply stuck!!!!!! Nevertheless, I try my best and I will support your artistic talent you have got!!!!!!!!!!! Stay well, continue an excellent work and see you in the next images!!!!!!! Take care, Nathan!!! AniaWink P.S. Thankyou for all your comments!!!!!!SmileSmileSmile
bps11 7 England
28 Jul 2012 3:13PM
A lovely collection of work Nathan.....congrats!
DavidLaverty 8 814 Northern Ireland
28 Jul 2012 11:45AM
A truly excellent portfolio of very nice images - really enjoyed having a look.
Hardin 10 Malta
26 Jul 2012 9:46PM
Wonderful set of photos I have enjoyed the last hour looking at them, Regards Hardin Smile
BERRY 7 1 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2012 12:55PM
Just a quick one on your comment on Tate Modern pic. Good idea about the time exposure. I'll maybe try that on another occasion. No tripod when I took this one.
BERRY 7 1 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2012 4:20PM
Thanks for the comments.

21 Jul 2012 10:00AM
Super Gallery.. really enjoyed having a look through..
Best Wishes
21 Jul 2012 9:47AM
Nathan, i have been looking through your work. and you have very inspirational photos. i look to learn from some of your stuff!
19 Jul 2012 11:35PM
O.K. Nathan, uploaded 'Embrace' on my PC Mono-Chrome version; looks good but who will like it - that's the question?????????????? Thanx for an idea!!!!!! Stay strong!!!!! AniaWink
BERRY 7 1 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2012 1:59PM
Thanks again Nathan for your comment. Like your ' Love on the Rocks' composition.

BERRY 7 1 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2012 5:41PM
Thanks for your comment on 'Parc Guell' Nathan. Particularly like your 'Last Birdman'

14 Jul 2012 2:17PM
Hi Nathan, nice to see you back!!!!!! Hope you're O.K!!!!!! Thankyou for all your comments!!!!! Ania Wink
11 Jul 2012 9:38PM
lovely photos herre
23 Jun 2012 6:47PM
hi Nathan, thanks for the comment on my photo,(Holding tight) after looking at your PF, I feel complimented. It makes me want to go a lot further. i,m going through some issue's health Wise myself. Hope things get better. Thanks. steve.
Ozzie55 10 9 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2012 4:54PM
Great portfolio Nathan, a little bit of everything to look at; thank you for your kind comments on some of my images
hippysnapper 10 17 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2012 10:24PM
Lovely portfolio Nathan. Thanks for your comment on 'Drop Kick'Smile)

19 Jun 2012 12:40PM
Nice shooting......
BigGuy62 9 1
19 Jun 2012 9:27AM
Hi Nathan
Thank you for stopping by my photos as often as you do & your comments are much appreciated. You have a pretty impressive portfolio of photos some lovely images. Nice to see so many subjects covered. Health is a problem for me as well. I can't get down any longer or walk too far. I belong to a couple of local clubs & the trouble with the club judges is they think everyone is mobile and can get into these situations & positions to take photos The friend I take to the clubs she also has problems and we both get fed up hearing it would have been better taken from a lower angle or some such comment. Anyway Nathan enough of my moaning you have a good eye and this is a hobby that makes one look at things more closely and take in the wonders of this world. Best wishes Martin
grache 11 South Africa
19 Jun 2012 7:04AM
Hi Nathan

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my photo. Sorry to hear about your health issues. Your portfolio is amazing by the way. Kindest regards Cherene
shanelaze 8 8 1 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2012 6:48AM
Hope everything works out soon Nathen. Thanks for taking the time to comment. All the best.

9 5.2k 127 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2012 7:07PM
Thanks to you all for your most gracious caring, and comforting messages.

Regards Nathan
ElmsArt 13 82 1 Scotland
17 Jun 2012 6:54PM
Sorry to hear of all you have been going through healthwise. Really hope things do easy off for you soon.

Have been going through your portfolio and find it fascinating. Not only for your obvious eye for what makes a good image, but also for the imaginative tallent you show. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Phantom7 13 29 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2012 7:27PM
It was a pleasure to get wet and incur the wrath of the mighty "Plonky" when we got back.
jdinne 16 16 England
23 May 2012 8:42PM
Hi Nathan

Just got around to browsing through your pf and its full of really stunning images. And I thank you sincerely for your kind comments recently.

Am genuinely sorry to hear about your health issues and do hope you make a speedy recovery.

All the best John

Take care.
RobinF 13 83 1 England
19 May 2012 7:07PM
What a stunning portfolio. I am really seriously impressed.
Best Wishes to you.
denbo 8 England
16 May 2012 9:06AM
Thanks mate WinkGrinWink
Irishkate Plus
9 41 115 United Kingdom
12 May 2012 11:18AM
Sorry to hear you had a bleed to the brain. Was that a TIA or stroke?
Looking at your portfolio it would sem your brain is well intact
as you have produced so many wonderful images.There isn't time to look at everybody's portfolio
but I must find time to look at more of yours.
I also enjoy your comments - some funny - many with honest criticism.
Paul_cats 13 61 22 Scotland
11 May 2012 12:04PM
Wonderful and varied pf. Pleasure to browse through.
clickon 8 1
5 May 2012 8:05PM
Thanks for all your comments, love your work.
SmartAS 10 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2012 10:37AM
An outstanding portfolio Nathan. Great work Grin
I so enjoyed looking through your galleria , some outstanding work & genuinely artistic approaches. Love your attention to detail!
bagman 8 65 United States
16 Apr 2012 3:33PM
You have a very nice little gallery of photos. Diverse and interesting collection of well done piece of work.
15 Apr 2012 10:43AM
Thanks for your comments, as an amature they are well appreciated!
9 Apr 2012 1:08AM
wonderful pictures !
5 Apr 2012 9:25PM
Thank you for your comment on Lake sunset, you have some amazing good photos in your photostream.
aToad 13 Wales
5 Apr 2012 8:50PM
you have a wonderful gallery Grin nice work all of them
wnbeat 14 56 Scotland
3 Apr 2012 10:25AM
Very nice photostream, thanks for the comments the past couple of days
27 Mar 2012 10:31AM
i want to buy a new camera but i don't know which is the best i'm just a little bit confused between olympus SZ-10 & SP610UZ
so i want your advice & i will appreciate your quick response with full details....
my email is :
9 5.2k 127 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2012 6:01PM
A very big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to look at, and further more comment on my somewhat eclectic array of images in my portfolio. Without people like your, I would soon be starting to ask myself if they were worthy of being on this wonderful community.
netta1234 7 382 2 Wales
21 Mar 2012 5:26PM
Thanks for your comment on my sunrise photo,I hope to learn a lot from people like you.
Your portfolio looks brilliant.
Richsr 12 91 223 England
13 Mar 2012 8:51PM
Hi Nathan, like your style of images, good clean and well worked, keep up the good work
12 Mar 2012 4:25PM
Thanks for the opportunity of visiting ur excellent PF. A Combination of perfect eye , minute detail & presentation style all over the uploads.

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