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'Pepsi Light'

By NDODS    
I was not going to start uploading until tomorrow, however I after much cogitation and deliberation I took the bull by the horns and went for it.

What I am about to say comes straight from my heart, no pre-scirpted ideas, notions or writings, just straight from the heart.

Since joining ePZ not only have I leaned so much about photography, different techniques, styles, genres, skills and ideas, I have developed quite a few 'online; friendships, which I hope as time goes on can become more personal. Many of you "I shall not mention names in fear of recrimination from others" GrinGrinGrin have been extremely supportive, not only from a photographic perspective, but from a caring and supportive point of view.

Without ePZ my days would be far less meaningful, and in turn my photography would be rather non-existent. Each upload has been created, crafted, nurtured and processed with a great deal of inspiration from others, I simply add my own slant and interpretation. ePZ provides me with not only a focus "please excuse the pun", but with a connection with the outside world, for which I am eternally grateful.

I hope with the support of you all "including the powers to be" SmileSmileSmile to continue being part of this wonderful online photographic community.

Regards Nathan

Tags: Colour Light Ice cubes Cold General Cola Drinks Illuminated Pepsi Illumination Refreshing

Voters: williamsloan, morpheus1955, nonur and 99 more

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2 Oct 2012 1:13PM
I am glad and heartened to hear how much enjoyment you are having. your images are an inspiration to me and i ,am sure many others, keep it upSmileSmile

morpheus1955 14 3 2 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 1:15PM
Good afternoon Nathan, Know this is an image to return with SmileSmile Original and so well captured, when I saw the thumbnail I really had no idea what it was until I read your narrative Smile I will have to look at things more carefully in future Smile Very well done I like this a lot SmileSmile


nonur 12 18 13 Turkey
2 Oct 2012 1:20PM
We are all happy to see you back again dear Nathan, and thanks to Lillian for letting us know about your state.
This is like a gem, wonderful idea and execution. A cracker!
franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 1:21PM
Hello Nathan and I'm so glad that you continue with EPZ..
2 Oct 2012 1:28PM
I can only speak for myself but it gives me so much pleasure to look at your images, it also gives me something to aim for. Yet again another stunning I image.


MoragM 10 1 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 1:32PM
Nathan, you are an inspiration to all of us with your determination, cheerful spirit and super photos!

cats_123 Plus
16 5.0k 30 Northern Ireland
2 Oct 2012 1:40PM
could almost be something taken by the Hubble telescope...what a start!! WinkSmileSmile

welcome back Smile
woolybill1 Plus
14 34 76 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 1:41PM
So glad to see you return, Nathan. I concur wholeheartedly with your thoughts.
This is an amazing, imaginative image: it has taken me a while to work it out but I got there in the end!
2 Oct 2012 1:45PM
back with a bang ice particles flying through space good imagination well executed and good to see you posting again enjoy!!

2 Oct 2012 1:47PM
This is brilliant x
fentiger 19 920 24 England
2 Oct 2012 2:01PM
Great to see you back uploading again ~ there was great deal of concern for you Nathan.

2 Oct 2012 2:03PM
It's a pleasure viewing your work and reading your comments Nathan, keep up the good work, like your image today, didn't have a clue what it was until reading your explanation,
Best Wishes,
Tibetan 8 3 England
2 Oct 2012 2:03PM
People assume Nathan! but assumptions are just that and often not fact! we all give an impression of ourselves but! is that impression really us! only fools assume!, so you and others asked me to stay on Epz. then it was my turn and others to ask you!. no matter what you do or do not do in this life! there is always some wishing to put you down, but I'm unknown to a lot of people! but very very well know by others, I am pleased you are back! carry on regardless, cheers and drink that glass of Coke before it goes flat, regards Leon.GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin nice one.
sparrowhawk Plus
12 282 2 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 2:07PM
brilliantly said my good friend you truly add something special to my world and this site too ! stunning creation as usual

very best wishhes
achieverswales 10 8 101 Wales
2 Oct 2012 2:07PM
This site like the Armed Forces don't you think mate with so much support! Welcome back to your family and back with a stunner.


bobsblues 10 10 2 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 2:09PM
Hope you got a tot of rum in that coke Nathan ,look forward to uploads in the future mate they keep me inspired as with your comments well done and welcome back .SmileSmile
sparrowhawk Plus
12 282 2 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 2:09PM
keep doing what you do its great !!
Jasper87 Plus
10 2.6k 158 England
2 Oct 2012 2:13PM
We could all learn a lot from you as well, Nathan. An excellent return image. Pepsi light most suitable. There's also a lager called Corona as well.

CarolG 14 199 20 Greece
2 Oct 2012 2:28PM
Cracking good to see you back uploading again, Nathan, and what a wonderful image to present us with. A lot of thought and work must have gone into this, very well created. Carol
taggart Plus
16 47 14 United States
2 Oct 2012 2:37PM
Welcome back Nathan--- I love this abstract image, also love how you have placed it in its own box---looking forward to more of your creations!

mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.4k 2290 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 2:52PM
I could echo so much of what you have written above. I have learned so much here, and met some great people. It's a community, like the real world, and as in the real world there are some people that you would cross the road to talk to, some that you would cross the road to avoid. And as in the real world, some of the latter have way too much clout.
Meanwhile this is a beautiful, original image, created out of next to nothing, life's ephemera. It relies above all on light, which is what photography is about. Creating such images is something that you are very good at. Welcome back.
TrevBatWCC Plus
12 13 16 England
2 Oct 2012 3:07PM
Good to see you back, Nathan Smile I re-iterate what you have written - I've learnt a lot since I joined EPZ, both technically and idea-wise. I've also made some good friends...even met up with some! Wink
A very eye-catching and intriguing image here, and excellently presented, super piece of work Smile
Trev Smile
Back where you belong, not only people who enjoy taking and seeing other peoples photos but people who care about the person behind the camera, well said Nathan I concur with everything you say, you were away farrrrrrr to long, now back doing what you and we love to do.

Very clever idea, worked so well good capture.

Glad you're staying Nathan, we all have to live and learn and help others as we go through life. Show me someone who was never helped and I'll show you a lonely person, nobody needs to be lonely, reach out and somebody will take your hand.

All the very best my friend, things go better with Coke or Pepsi, in a glass or in a bottle.

NaturesHaven 9 283 6 England
2 Oct 2012 3:12PM
Hear Hear Nathan...........well said..............I'll say it's lovely that you have returned to EPZ............
rontear Plus
17 23 9 England
2 Oct 2012 3:13PM
I'll drink to that Nathan, good to see you back mate !! Feeling quite thirsty just nowWink
2 Oct 2012 3:14PM
Wonderful image to come back with Nathan.
It can be viewed in so many ways both photographically , mentally and spiritually.
Each image means different things to different people, and each of us will see it in their own way just like life
rayme330 8 17 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 3:14PM
A sparkling and creative image, Nathan.
It is good to see you back at EPZ, I look forward to viewing more of your inspirational images and your encouraging and supportive comments.

RonnieAG Plus
11 154 119 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 3:35PM
Firstly, Nathan, it warms my heart to know that have found it possible to return to the fold, as it were: so glad you're back.
And a fine almost abstract glass of Coke you achieved.......lovely rich light pervading the deeps here and with a fine spectrum of tones.
Suzicoo 8 481 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 3:42PM
Extremely competent abstract image, as already said by many others, so pleased you are uploading again, and have a double refreshing Pepsi on meSmile
Suzicoo... now I am off to get some inspiration!!!GrinGrin
Humblebee 8 1 England
2 Oct 2012 3:50PM
Good to have you back Nathan, have missed your splendid, helpful comments, and most of all your inspirational images - love the new image and it is certainly well worth the wait Grin Grin Grin

Wishing you well ... Carol Grin
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
2 Oct 2012 3:55PM
Good to see you back mucker, I needn't say any more than what's already been said I think....Keep up the good work.

Ade Smile
AnnChown Plus
10 207 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 4:04PM
I'm so glad you're back amongst us Nathan - I did miss your creativity and your supportive comments on my images, and I'm also glad you didn't wait for 'tomorrow' to upload something for us. This is another contender for the Pink Lady competition - you're piling them up... it's excellent work!
CliffGreen 9 8 2 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 4:22PM
Glad you are back - all the best.
carper123 Plus
9 1.3k 8 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 4:24PM
That is one well thought out creative image, a real corker and we have all missed you and your awesome work.
Well done, Nathan.
Darryl. SmileSmileSmile
Gypsyman Plus
10 690 England
2 Oct 2012 4:32PM
Nathan I can add little to what has been said, but you know my thoughts were with you whilst you were away. Eric.
crissyb 8 9 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 4:34PM
Bugger.!!! everything i thought of saying has been said...A Truly AMAZING Shot
KeithPage 13 698 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 4:36PM
Glowing and fizzing - what a return. Brilliant. I raise a glass to many more! GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

howdog 12 25 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 4:51PM
What a shot to return with Nathan!Welcome back Smile
widtink 8 406 2 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 5:08PM
What an image !!! It could be taken in space ! Which it was sort of ! Your space if you get my drift , great that you are back Nathan with all your sound advice and encouragement don't know what went wrong but you are a beautiful person so chin up we are all here for you , anyway gettin back tae the picture its a real stoater Wink

HELANA 10 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 5:11PM
Well come back Nathan and with an amazing image. Your shots are always so different.I really enjoy them.
GordonLack 11 3 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 5:13PM
A superb image Nathan, welcome back as you can see you were missed a lot.

Lillian Plus
11 23 17 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 5:35PM
First time on been beaten to saying at least just one of the above messages Nathan
so I will have to reiterate ALL of the above and say what a great inventive image here
so VERY pleased you are back here again..thanks!
Cheers Nathan
Gerryrys 8 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 5:46PM
Innovative and fun as ever Nathan. Nice, well chosen words about a lovely eclectic community. Welcome back. Were you ever really gone? Grin

SUE118 Plus
12 8 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 5:51PM
Nathan it's great to have you back and I know others feel the same, you take care of yourself my friend and keep going. Nice shot and I could do with that right now. Cheers Nathan.
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
2 Oct 2012 6:10PM
What an original take on a glass of Pepsi.
So excellent to have you back. And lovely heartfelt words.
jdinne 17 16 England
2 Oct 2012 6:33PM
A greatly crafted image Nathan. It is really good you came back. Wonderful words straight from the heart.

Kind regards

Philip_H 8 1.4k United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 6:46PM
Lip smacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, good buzzing, cool talking, high walking, fast living, ever giving cool fizzin.....PEPSI!

ugly Plus
12 9 57 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 6:49PM
A great image..
Very hard to see at first..
After reading about image it made a lot of sence..
I do like the colours....
Well done......

User_Removed 11 80 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 6:49PM
You're an inspiration to me and to many others I am sure, a wonderful sight to see one of your images again. This is an excellent image, well thought out and taken GrinGrin
netta1234 8 382 2 Wales
2 Oct 2012 6:53PM
Came home from work after a verry busy day and yesterday as the school were celebrating 100 yrs yesterday ,so I was tirred.came on site and I feel much better already after seing your comment on my image,I really missed you Nathen I love to read your comment and also looking foreward to see what you've upploaded daily,yes as you said it is nice how we become friends on EPZ and learn from each other,So a big Welcome back my friend ,and you take care and look after yourself.WinkSmileWinkSmileWinkSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
fificat100 9 5 2 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 6:58PM
Most effective abstract. A thoughtful and creative composition.

Brian65 11 2 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 7:06PM
Good to see your back with us, we did miss you my friend. Have a drink on me mate. SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileTongueTongueWinkWink
2 Oct 2012 7:45PM
Any rum in itSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile??????????? Cheers mate!!!!!!! Get one inta ya!!!!!!! Like your abstract, Nathan!!!!! AniaWink P.S. Don't you ever, ever leave this site, againTongueTongueTongueTongueTongue!!!!!! UnderstoodSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile????????!!!!!!? Hope you O.K. Nathan!!!!!!!x
Billyray 12 70 3 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 7:46PM
Hi Nathan, Glad to see you uploading again and with such a cracking shot. I particularly like the ''light halo'' around your image and the colours you have achieved. A heartfelt WELCOME back.
saltireblue Plus
10 11.2k 68 Norway
2 Oct 2012 8:05PM
I would like to concur with Moira's (mrswooly) sentiments, Nathan, however I do feel that three lumps of ice in a Pepsi Light is somewhat decadent. Two would suffice.

pluckyfilly 14 351 33 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 8:18PM
It's true I have only recently become part of YOUR photography world BUT your images so beautifully crafted are an inspiration to me and to many others I am certain. Do please keep up the good work - love your intro and sincerity in the message conveyed, so pleased to see you back and wish you well in all you do Nathan

canonfan 10 7 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 8:19PM
A very warm welcome back from me Nathan. You were sorely missed. You have returned with a stunning shot
pdcche 10 4 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 8:53PM
Is that Morgans spice and coke, lovely image Nathan, great illuminated image with good detai, Peter..
Glad you are back Nathan, rock on..
xwang 11 56 8
2 Oct 2012 9:14PM
Beautifully created image, fantastic colour and light..great work,Nathan. I really like the light shining though...
Glostopcat 14 255 2 England
2 Oct 2012 9:23PM
Good to see you living life to the Max Nathan, this poptastic image certainly has some fizz. Your words of wisdom have been missed by many on here including myself, this is a fab image to herald your return
Irishkate Plus
10 42 118 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 9:27PM
Glad to see you back Nathan and I can only agree with your comments
about learning so much on EPZ. I can imagine this being a lifeline to those
who cannot get out and about as much as others.
Another inspirational image to start back with.
May there be many more to come.
helenlinda Plus
13 367 22 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2012 9:33PM
Glad to see you back-a wonderful sparkling image Nathan SmileSmile
Lynx08 12 1.2k Scotland
2 Oct 2012 10:16PM
Hi Nathan,
Thanks for coming back, the MNC has been much too quiet.

See you Monday.

annettep38 9 220 42 Luxembourg
2 Oct 2012 11:09PM
you are so full of shining ideas!
amazing effect, a pepsi planet
mikbee 13 3 8 Scotland
2 Oct 2012 11:55PM
A very refreshing shot Nathan.
And so refreshing to see you back too !!
pamelajean Plus
14 1.4k 2166 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 12:24AM
I've never had to scroll down so far to leave a comment, Nathan, and that is because all of these EPZers are so keen to welcome you back, and with what wonderful words. You must feel very happy with such a response. I'm so glad you have decided not to relinquish the one thing that has given you so much pleasure.
goso 14 2 1 Australia
3 Oct 2012 1:07AM
Top shot, and good to see you uploading mate ...Bill
By the looks of your last few shots you took me serious about being into commercial advertising
as this one as well has all the colour and style to attract. Well done. WesternRed.
prabhusinha 12 5 5 India
3 Oct 2012 2:02AM
A new angle & superb approach, thanks for sharing. God bless You .
3 Oct 2012 7:27AM
Nicely made, nathan. Deep
CaroleS Plus
10 442 3 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 8:12AM
Grin - you're backGrin and what an image.
moiral 10 12 Scotland
3 Oct 2012 8:46AM
Can only agree with what has already been said Nathan. As I think I have said to you before, you underestimate your impact on people, you were sorely missed.
I love how you can take something as a glass of coke and turn it into a thing of beauty - love this shot. The flare round the rim reminds me of a corona round the sun. Moira
Jocelia 9 2 1 Australia
3 Oct 2012 10:35AM
An inspiration here Nathan that I think is a brain wave….
Love it and your comments…..
BarbaraR 14 843 1 England
3 Oct 2012 11:17AM
A super image and lovely words.
Again, so glad to see you back Nathan, you were
greatly missed during that brief break away.

B. Smile
ali63 8 790 1 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 7:08PM
Great work Nathan, welcome back
pascalg Plus
13 37 1 France
4 Oct 2012 3:28AM
nicely done
DitoInacio 10 1 Brazil
5 Oct 2012 4:15AM
Great POV, exuberant colors and a clever composition!


jasonrwl Plus
10 1.1k 10 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2012 7:20AM
Cracking image Nathan and great to have you back - you worried us for a moment
7 Oct 2012 12:14PM
Glad to make this one 100 Nathan.
Pepsi Light looks just as good as Coke burning Smile

John Smile

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