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  • Mountain Landscape by NeilMM3

    Thanks Mary, you should know this place, the snowy peak is Beinn Bheula taken from Beinn a'Mhanaich east of Loch Long.
    • 1 Feb 2010 10:45PM
  • Falls by NeilMM3

    It is in Ayrshire, an area called Lambdoughty Glen with the falls which I think it is called Rosetti Linn waterfall.

    Thanks for yours comments, glad you like it. Not had much time lately for photography.
    • 27 Sep 2009 8:18PM
  • Arrochar by NeilMM3

    Thanks for looking and the comments, but sadly, no I am not local, live in South Ayrshire but do spent a bit of time around this area and across the southern highlands. Sometimes with a camera sometimes not, but this particular day I was on holiday and couldn't resist the chance of going north. Handy when my girlfriend stays in Glasgow west end.
    • 17 Feb 2009 9:02PM
  • Here's looking at you! by NeilMM3

    Cheers Matt, It landed on me, maybe looking for heat as it was quite cold this evening, so hence the handheld shot. Not easy holding the camera in one hand and setting the thing up.

    And all this in amazement.

    Thanks everyone else, Dawn hope all the advice the other day helps

    • 16 May 2008 11:51PM
  • No name by NeilMM3

    Thanks for all your comments and my first RC after 2 and a half years
    • 13 May 2008 10:46PM
  • The eyes! by NeilMM3

    Thanks for all your pervious comments
    • 6 May 2008 6:49PM
  • Wee Tit by LumpyMM1

    And again
    • 2 May 2008 8:59PM
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  • Posted on GlenD's profile

    Glad to see your work is still as good as I expected, keep it up.
    • 28 Aug 2007 11:49PM
  • Posted on KKmoments's profile

    Fabulous pf, Karen. Haven't had much time to look at photos on the site recently, and with so many great pictures to look at now where just one start.
    Keep up the good work, Neil
    • 28 Aug 2007 11:47PM
  • Posted on KBan's profile

    Fabulous pf. Don't get much time to look at a lot of the pictures on the site, but I do try to make time.
    Well done, Neil
    • 28 Aug 2007 11:43PM
  • Posted on KKmoments's profile

    Cracking PF Karen. I think you have gone past the novice stage now
    • 13 Feb 2007 11:10PM

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