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Thank you for looking - and thanks to those who've voted and commented - it gives me great encouragement Grin
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  • Quote:Does your "normal" user not have admin rights on the PC? This might be what's causing a problem..

    You would think so, but in Microsoft world it seems that not all Administrators are equal - an account with administrative rights can create accounts and set permissions, but cannot delve into certain system and application folders. Even switching to the Administrator account doesn't do the trick because it doesn't reflag the rights and permissions on folders and files - something left over from NT days - only by re-starting is that done.

    I will find out the problem one day - if things run true to course it will something that would normally appear to be unrelated - but of course is GrinGrinGrin Something that should be switched off isn't; or, something that should be closed, isn't; both of these are complicated by the fact that the OS takes time to recognise certain changes. In NT it used to be up to 56 minutes in some cases (something to do with powers of 2).

    Many thanks for your suggestion, Nev
  • Thank you Ian and Mal - I'd solved the problem as it had happened before - it just irks me that it does happen.
    Mal - yes, I've had a quick poke around the profiles in Lightroom, not Photoshop as yet - more to play with later GrinGrinGrinGrin
  • Has anyone else come across this when updating Photoshop CC on a Windows 10 platform?

    Update gets partway through and the fails after which Photoshop will not open owing to the fact that some dll files have been deleted/changed in the update. It suggests reinstalling which also fails because the folder ......................
    c:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CC 2018\Required\CEP\Extensions
    .................. is still there. It is then necessary to logon as Administrator, delete the folder (or rename it) and then reinstall. It is then necessary to reinstall any plugins you might have had - in my case NIK software.
    All of this is manageable, but takes time and I feel it should not be happening.

    Is anyone able to shed any light on this?