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27/12/2008 - 8:44 PM

Street art. 1

Street art. 1well i have read the above and looked at both versions, in my opinion, the colour version fades into insignificance beside the excellent mono version. in V2 the colour, the background distract from the strength of the portrait and remove significance from the main focal area including the powerfully placed neck of the guitar,
in colour, the guitar case, details in the paving, row of people all attract too much attention as they are sharper and in contrasting colour.
In V1, the mono conversion, excellent in its own right had been supplemented by the softening of the background and a tighter, more effective crop which concentrates attention on the beautifully arranged triangular composition of the eye to frets , down the neck of the guitar and back to the face,
This is a classic case of taking something ordinary in the camera and turning it into something special, i hope it scores high.
21/12/2008 - 8:16 PM

Birds 2, Sparrows

Birds 2, SparrowsThe key part of Ades experiment, was to promote work that is different and outside the box, work that may not attract attention on the site but that which is appreciated and valued by many photographers, there are some who think in this way and develop a style which is both creative and yet appealing at the same time, many of yours exhibit this quality and this is one of them, so far away from the traditional pattern of sucessful image and yet appealing enough to pull votes in its own right, in this way you are doing the experiment without the need to post a conventional eye catcher to foil the alternative.
if you had not said, i would have assumed this was a well planned and executed single exposure, and now that i read otherwise, it does nothing to change my opinion that it a masterpiece and i think it is outstanding.
21/12/2008 - 8:04 PM

Birds 4, Peacocks

Birds 4, PeacocksV1 is beautuful, excellent in composition, a happy grouping that was grabbed at the best possible moment as i expect they were moving and oportunities were fleeting. the two looking at the first one and the ist one looking at the photographer, sharpness, colour, lighting and background are faultless.
V2 is also excellent, but is the classic view that everone sees and takes first, having said that, this is as good an example as i have seen and is difficult to critisise in any way.
V3 the problem for me is that it has no reference without the other two versions, i can see the abstract qualities but there is no real focal point on which the eye can settle, even the beautiful feathers are out of focus in part where i would like to see them sharp, in many ways it reminds me of a christmas decoration, a sort of inverted shuttlecock. i am sorry if you love it , but for me it fits only in its present company as part of a beautiful panel of work, with V3 playing a supporting role.
V1 takes tthe day.
19/12/2008 - 5:24 PM


Hopewell first its nice to round it off to a clean 40
V1 i like the framing of the head in the inverted v shape left by the arm and the fingers on the hand i like,
i would perhaps crop in tighter on the lh and rh in an attempt to try and make it nearer a square, even if it means unticking constrain proportions and squeeze it up to square, much as i like the subject and composition it suffers from a weak sky leaving large bare patches which can be a bit stark, since i see in variations you have had a go at removing the background, what about trying to put a new one in, The thing that suprises me is that the one mod you havnt tried above would be a mono conversion of V1 which i think would be the strongest image.
so its a good image which blows away the other versions, it has attracted a lot of attention which is brilliant, but i would go back on a blue sky day or similar and get it perfect if possible.
intesting shot and full marks having the balls to shove it up front.
17/12/2008 - 1:03 PM

Sunshine & Bee Experiment

Sunshine & Bee ExperimentHI,
V5 the right hand side of this is very nice, sharp, good colours ok on composition, i can see why you wanted to place the hovering insect on the left, but to my mind it detracts from the predominant features of the right side and would be better cropped off leaving a square format, this would make a super shot.
V2 a tight crop on V5 Im guessing, and a good call, nice framing and strong shot, but the cropping is at the cost of a bit of quality, like shooting at the long end of a wide range zoom something has to give. still like it though.
The variety of shots of the trellis, some better than others, maybe too much contrast on the one, however it makes a good pattern abstract which is quite interesting, taking this further, when i do anything like this, i try to introduce another element, say a pair of eyes on the third in the diagonal, anything to break the rythem of the pattern.
all the best,
12/12/2008 - 12:54 PM

Ure - Wensleydale

Ure - Wensleydalev2 has a lot more going on, the contrast is excellent, more like an old wet print, the lines in the foreground adding considerable to the image which would have been a bland comp without them. its the mass and balance of light and dark areas that make it work for me, and i particularly like the ghosting of the figures due to the long exposure. in this instance the vapour trails add and not detract, and the whole thing together actually lifts a fairly mundane municipal building into another level.

v1, is a nice landscape conforming to all the usual rules but somehow comes close but not close enough to the wow factor, possibly the sky needs multipying up with another layer or something or maybe the whites were lifted up too much, im not sure, many of the great recent snow shots left them quite murky to good effect.
V2 By a good margin for me.
03/12/2008 - 10:14 PM

Heart of stone...

Heart of stone...i see the idea, its not instant from the thumb, it leaves you searching, the heart, when your eye finds it, is well formed and is mirrored by the rock below,
for me the bulk of interest is in fact in the bottom to centre and i wonder if it would make a stronger image if the top was cropped down to leave a square format, which would actually look very nice on a subject like this.
17/11/2008 - 1:26 PM

My view of Buachaille

My view of Buachailleof the many versions posted over the last week or so, i particularly like the composition in this one. the positioning of the mountain further left in the frame has given a better separation with the tree and in turn has allowed my eyes to follow the mountain down and through the bifurcated flow of the water, the foreground rock being positioned well also. like this a lot, the water and snow on the small area of mountain centre frame are exposed well amd are bright without any blowing and the sky has a nice natural fresh feeling to it.
15/11/2008 - 9:31 PM

Back to the Buachaille

Back to the Buachailleslightly different composition than is usually seen, that is with the mountain either central or to the left of frame, the snow on the mountain is lovely as is the sky. the water has been held in well with no hotspots and a great choice of shutterspeed, not too long ,because it looks like a lot of flow, the bits where it falls down for me are the dark areas which are blocking up details on the left and right of the frame, unless you have burned them in to hold eyes on the water, i would have thought they could have been lifted just a bit. what do you think?
13/11/2008 - 8:52 PM

Estuary sunset

Estuary sunsetthe ingredients of a lovely image are here, just needs a few bits here and there to bring them all together,
when an oportunity arises like this its wise to walk up and down and take a few angles to make sure you get the best view point.
first the most obvious correction would be a slight adjustment in transform, rotate to get the horizon line corrected,
the second would be to say that moving a little to the right would have pushed the right hand boat further into the frame and leaving a little space around it, this would also have put the sun more central on the rear boat.
thirdly i would recommend a quick s curve in curves to lift the saturation and brightness,
fourth and this is just me, i would have cloned out the odd bouy.
all that said its a good effort of a nice subject that with a little work could be much better.
hope this helps.
12/11/2008 - 4:55 PM

(Repost:) Bye-bye Buachaille

(Repost:) Bye-bye BuachailleThe colour balance, composition and brightness are nice on V1. To my eye its the best version of those above. The water details held in nicely for the brilliance of white achieved. if it were mine i would darken the sky down a bit just to push the eye down the mountain to the water, at the moment my eye is pulling up to the top. Its a location and shot id like to take and id be happy if it were mine,
11/11/2008 - 10:52 PM

Bye-bye Buachaille

Bye-bye Buachaillelooks good to me, a nice bit of work in the water, a secondary sharpen after reduction may be a slight improvement. its a classic composition hat just cant fail and you have been double lucky to get the bit of snow on the mountain, the lack of direct light has been a double bonus to enable the lovely exposure in the water.
like it a lot,
13/10/2008 - 12:50 PM

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Fallsits having the forethought to contrive, that makes it a successful image, without the leaf it becomes just another nice water shot, and the flow of water is excellent, the colour makes it special and is very well positioned compositionally
29/09/2008 - 4:38 PM

Hot pass

Hot passits a good shot and believe me ive seen a few miles of weld laid down. i think however that its a bit overexposed at the top in the masks, i do like the arrangement though,
09/07/2008 - 3:24 PM

White Wells Waterfall

White Wells Waterfallits quite nice but perhaps for me a little too milky and soft, could do with a bit more saturation or contrast. i do waterfalls quite bit and seldom find i get the best shots when they are full, i limit to 2 secs max and often a bit shorter than that.Also often i have to burn in a few shadows and mid tones
i like all the rocks in the foreground and despite a few minor niggles its def worth the click,
23/06/2008 - 3:46 PM

Drama at the dusk

Drama at the duskits a great location, a fabulous sky and good composition, if it has a problem it looks as if it could have done with using a tripod and stopping down the aperature a bit more, say f16 to get a better depth of field and a bit more sharpness on the foreground rock, have you tried an unsharp mask, it also looks as if the foreground has been pulled up a bit far and may have been easier to manage if you had used a grad filter to hold back the sky 3 to 5 stops.
hope you dont mind the suggestions,
21/06/2008 - 9:08 PM


PINK UMBRELLAi like the central area and the dark colours work well with the pink umberella, for me, the probem is the heavy vignetting merges with the black background. alternatives would have been a white stroke to seperate the black from black, or a white background, and for me, i may even have considered a square crop with the umberella bang centre,
great idea, pictures good but if you dont mind me saying, the background is too similar to the image.
09/06/2008 - 9:36 PM

Against The Grain(s)

Against The Grain(s)fantastic sky, the cloud formations justify the decision to place the light house in a central position.
i would suggest cloning out the moon which pulls the eye up to the corner, and if it were mine i would crop off some of the btm to make a letterbox shape and concentrate the attention on that wonderful sky.
01/06/2008 - 9:22 PM

As The Tide Turns

As The Tide TurnsThis is a magical sunset and a beautifully composed image. The area of orange created by the sunset is exposed perfectly and has obviously resulted in the overall effect being slightly dark.
If you dont mind me saying, i think this would be even stronger, in fact stunning, if you could make selections above and below the orange area and bring out a little more lightness with levels or curves.
i hope you dont mind the suggestion, its not a critisism of this gorgeous seascape.
18/05/2008 - 9:52 AM

November Sunrise

November SunriseThere is some beautiful mood in this image, maybe a bit too much foreground, perhaps a square crop from the top down would produce an even stronger image,
the recession is lovely and the sky suberb.