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Welcome to my portfolio. My main interest is in wildlife photography and I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio of natural history images.
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A quick view of Newtman's recent activity.

  • Lynx Norway by Bertadd

    This is a fabulous shot. I am amazed it has not had more attention.

    • 11 Apr 2011 9:23PM
  • Cuckoo by Dinney

    A very difficult photo to get. Perhaps a touch of unsharp mask would improve it further?

    • 31 May 2010 4:54PM
  • What are they talking ? by dstreny

    Great picture.

    • 25 Feb 2010 1:37PM
  • Winter Mouse by dawnUK

    Lovely shot, a shame you could not get just a little more space left of the animal.

    • 25 Feb 2010 1:30PM
  • Snow Owl... by jacques st-jean

    Great shot that any of us would be proud of. Perhaps just a little more space on the bottom of the picture?

    • 25 Feb 2010 1:28PM
  • Curlew fishing by patrickb

    This is a nice shot, but I think you were a little too close. There should be enough room for the bird's feet, even if you can see them. I think the shot would also benefit from a little attention using the shadows/highlights command in Photoshop. Still a good shot though.

    • 25 Feb 2010 1:22PM
  • The Dive by Geordie_Rooster

    Not easy to capture them like this.

    • 25 Feb 2010 1:19PM
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  • Best lens for landscape/nature photography for canon 5d

    I guess it all comes down to your budget. For all round nature photography I think the Sigma 50-500 takes a lot of beating. Having said that, I mostly use a 600mm with a ...
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  • First D-SLR.

    "I just saw this ... soo true ... its why I love my D70ies, I like them so much I have three ... some of the lenses I use on mine are over 10 years old ... I like ma...
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  • Posted on: Olympus develop technology to produce cameras from wood

    Depending on the wood used (and presumably they will use additional woods to cypress) this could actually be very far from eco-friendly, given that the world's hardwood forests are disappearing rapidly already.
    • 28 Sep 2006 10:54AM

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  • Posted on klewis's profile

    Kevin, this has to be the best bird portfolio on EPZ (sorry everyone else!). The kingfishers are an absolute knockout. Good luck with the rest of your targets for this year.

    • 21 Jun 2006 1:45PM

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