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Grab a pew and browse for a while,you might like what you see.....then again you might not Smile
anyhow thanks for popping in.
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A quick view of newy17's recent activity.

  • Too Cute

    Thanks for your comments GuysWink
    And a big thanks to casiwinkles for GEA award Wink
    • 26 Jul 2013 10:14PM
  • Superwoman

    Real nice mate..Wink
    • 24 Nov 2012 2:43PM
  • China Girl

    Stunning Darren..Wink
    • 24 Nov 2012 2:40PM
  • Rolling Hills and Cypress Trees

    Love the comp Darren Wink
    Beautifully captured.
    • 29 Jul 2012 7:14PM
  • The view from row 65 seat 231 Olympic Stadium.

    Fantastic work Richard Smile
    • 29 Jul 2012 7:11PM
  • Life-Long Friends

    Stunning Wink
    • 15 Jul 2012 9:49PM
  • Venture.

    Crikey that was a quick GEA award Laurel Thanks Wink
    • 15 Jul 2012 8:33PM
  • I really think you should do a book of your outstanding work make,
    it would be a great buy Smile
    I think im right in saying that a lot of people on this site only dream of producing the quality of images you captureSmile me included lol
    • Posted on sut68's profile
    • 28 Nov 2008 5:29AM
  • Ive enjoyed brousing through your fantastic P/Folio Robin,
    and ive got to say i just love the midnight hour Images ,,stunning work Smile
  • Ive got to say i love your architecture shots there superb aswell as your nightshots cracking PF Mac keep them comming,,
  • fantastic p/folio phil ive enjoyed brousing through it ill be back for more lol,,
  • Just came across your p/f and glad i did, some fantastic images which deserved more attention,
    ill be popping back in to enjoy your images,,
    • Posted on Sue_R's profile
    • 4 Feb 2008 5:04AM
  • just been looking through your p/f dave, i carnt comment on all of them cos im off to bed lol been working all night,,but youve got a fantastic p/f stunning image's keep up the good work,
    and i hope you get a hole in one,,god knows you deserve one for going out in this cold lol,
    chears ian,,
  • Hi Darren, i remember when i came across your p/f on the 23/8/07, and ive been back through your pf and you can see how much you have improved on your landscape shots there just beautiful and theres just a freshness about your landscapes just love them,keep them coming,,,
    hopefully come over to your neck of the woods and shoot a few landscapes with you when i get a chance??
  • Hi Amanda, ive just been browsing through your p/folio and you have some superb images with some fantastic light captured,looking forward to seeing more of your image's keep em comming,,
  • Hi Nikki,ive enjoyed brousing through your p/f you have got some fantastic images and ill be keeping an eye on your p/f,,
    p.s great website too,
    chears ian
    • Posted on NikkiW's profile
    • 22 Nov 2007 5:49AM
  • hi ,ive just been browsing through your p/folio and you have some very creative and varied image's,stunning p/folio great work and ill be keeping an eye on your future upload's.
    chears ian.