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barry john 16 25 England
24 Jul 2004 12:18PM
really lovely expression and a great crop
well done
sze4j 16 56 Singapore
24 Jul 2004 12:23PM
A really beautiful expression and crop, niamh! i have no problems with the hair...and i love the color (brings out the bubbliness and her eyes are tops! =)

welcome back!! miss u around...

big click
yuan 16 1
24 Jul 2004 12:24PM
really like this one... =0)
ruzzi 16
24 Jul 2004 12:29PM
Great shot Niamh,pretty little girl!Click.
24 Jul 2004 12:30PM
Agree with the above: lovely expression, nice crop and works well in colour.
jonnie 16 5
24 Jul 2004 12:38PM
Nice crop frames the face nicely. click
24 Jul 2004 12:49PM
All been said Niamh, beautiful portrait shot.
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
24 Jul 2004 12:50PM
The detail in the eyes are simply superb and really make the shot a beautiful portrait of a pretty young girl, well taken NiamhSmile
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
24 Jul 2004 1:12PM
Hi Mia. Aunty Niamh made a very lovely Portrait of you.
You looks very Pretty.
Uncle Jan.
saveme 17 115
24 Jul 2004 1:17PM
Amazing portrait.

Saran 17 63 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 1:22PM
Great light and feel to this - well taken
gemm 16 800 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 1:26PM
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
24 Jul 2004 1:28PM
wowowowowowowowowowowow -- opened the thumb and it's yours -- wot a cracker --
busy at mo --- back later
24 Jul 2004 1:34PM
Really nice portrait, and those eyes are just wonderful
sugarbird 16 223 South Africa
24 Jul 2004 2:25PM
Great you are doing portraits, lovely shot
minoltaandy 17 370
24 Jul 2004 2:41PM
Lovely shot, conveys a fun-loving, almost cheeky personality!
susana 16
24 Jul 2004 2:53PM
Loved it! Mia's expression is great!
To me it reads innocence and giving love.
Hair looks fine!
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 4:26PM
thanks a lot everyone!

stevie 16 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 5:36PM
What an attractive portrait!
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 6:47PM
Hey Niamh,

I like this portrait a lot. You've caught her nice and relaxed which is not always easy to do. The lighting and crop are really good too.
One thing:

I looks a little yellow/orange on my screens. Was this deliberate? Did you shot it under tungsten light for instance? If this was the intention then no problem. I just thought I would mention it in case it was your monitor that needed calibrating.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 7:05PM
thanks steve and rab.

rab, i didn't intend for it to have a yellow/orange hue so i guess it must be a monitor thing. as for calibrating monitors, i have no idea. any pointers?
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 7:34PM
If you use photoshop. Run the Adobe gamma calibration. If you don't know about it, check the help files. To do it by eye. Take a number of pictures of different things. Green fields blue skys, red dresses, yellow and blue flowers. Also take a few picture of faces and skintones and maybe a B&W image too. You can crop these but you not allowed to edit the levels contrast colours etc. Montage them together onto one picture and print it under normal default printer settings. Then when you have the print. Try to match your screen colours and contrast to the montage print.
24 Jul 2004 10:26PM
Hi Niamh
You've been very quiet lately. Glad you're posting again. This is a great portrait - she looks really natural.
24 Jul 2004 10:38PM
I have to agree with Rab about the colour and I sympathise with you about calibration, I have the same problem. It is a beautiful portrait though, keep them coming. Klicked. K.
25 Jul 2004 5:02AM
What a darling..........she is soooo cute..

paul_indigo 17 259 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2004 12:23PM
Lovely portrait. I like the tight framing of the shot. Real impact.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2004 10:14PM
thanks all!

cheers for the tips, rab. i'll have a go at that tomorrow.
BrianM 17 136 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 7:52AM
A beautiful capture and a very appealing image. Nothing wrong with her hair, take away the mess and you take away the child in her. Love it, nice work.
himalk 16 4 Sri Lanka
26 Jul 2004 8:37AM
This is very beautiful... Think colour works well, and the hair's great too !
dunnl 16 7
26 Jul 2004 4:02PM
big click.
ericfaragh 17 149 5 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 5:23PM
Pretty expression, lovely image.
lovelylindax 16 16
26 Jul 2004 10:17PM
She just has to be an angel? This is just gorgeous
Linda x
aalonso 16 2
28 Jul 2004 6:16AM
Thats one of those shots i couldnt imagine in b&w (and believe me..that was a hard thing for me to say...for obvious reasons)..beautifully caught

Welcome niamh, nice to have you back


funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
28 Jul 2004 11:32AM
hello my lovely
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 11:44AM
thanks everybody!

hi funkelicious
mattmatic 16 598
28 Jul 2004 2:33PM
Great expression, excellent detail, and I like the crop (and the hair too!).
Well done Niamh!
(Only thing I would have done is to slightly lighten her left eye, but maybe I'd be wrong doing that!)
You can also true WiziWyg from - it's free, and works with LCDs (whereas the Adobe Gamma doesn't always!).

andyr 16 37
28 Jul 2004 5:26PM
wonderful shot niamh, nicely framed.

just a suggestion, if you had wanted to do it in b&w there is an easy technique in photoshop to make the image b&w but keep the eyes blue - if u dont know how just email me and i'll happily go into more depth

jmmd 16 1
29 Jul 2004 1:27PM
outstanding portrait...what a fantastic expression. click
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2004 2:06PM
thanks for all your comments and tips everyone. appreciated.
PatriciaWilson 16 617 58 Greece
30 Jul 2004 8:21AM
Beautiful portrait, lovely expression and a very pleasing image. Top marks, click!
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
30 Jul 2004 3:14PM
What a cutie! Well captured. Children shouldn't have perfect hair anyway. It shows that she has been playing rather than not moving for fear of messing her hair!
Suey xx
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
30 Jul 2004 7:10PM
She, so lovely, well done, click
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
31 Jul 2004 3:54PM
still waiting for a portrait neevyfunk
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
31 Jul 2004 4:11PM
Hi Neamh, Thanks for visit. How is life in Barcelona? No funny British on the Beach?
That half nude Guy was a
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
31 Jul 2004 6:58PM
still waiting for a portrait neevyfunk
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2004 1:51AM
hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments.

self-portrait is coming, truly it is, but i'm up to my eyes building a website right now and have no time. i know that sounds like an excuse but it isn't, honest guv.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2004 1:52AM
hi jan,

life is good in barcelona, thanks, although it's a bit too hot for me right now. (the only time i don't like nice weather is when i have to stay indoors working!)

might pop down to the beach in search of more bums tomorrow.

take care.
magda_indigo 17 418 England
2 Aug 2004 5:50PM
INDIGO AWARD excellent, click (*:*)
rikewoo 17 347 1 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2004 6:41PM
No Niamh, you wouldn't expect a lively little girl like this to stay tidy would youSmile I wouldn't. She looks as if she was playing and you asked her to to stop just for a moment, then off she goes again. Makes her look very naturalSmileLovely photo of a charming little girl.

dani2 16 45
3 Aug 2004 10:30AM
A lovely shot as always. Love it. Click.

niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
3 Aug 2004 12:34PM
thanks a lot everyone. and i'm very chuffed with my indigo award, too!

actually i'll admit that the hair question was really a test to see if anyone noticed the bit of dodgy photoshopping i had to do on a section of her hair - it stands out like a sore thumb to me, but i didn't know if it would to anyone else. it seems it didn't, so that's brilliant!

thanks again folks.
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
7 Aug 2004 1:55PM
Hi Niamh, I never noticed the hair work until you mentioned it, and that is because, the eyes are so captivating, and hold your attention.

still waiting for a portrait neevyfunk!
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
9 Aug 2004 11:35AM
still waiting for a portrait neevyfunk!
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
11 Aug 2004 1:18PM
Cute as in button.
Hair? when do kids ever have tidy hair - au natural.
a11sus 17 568 Northern Ireland
11 Aug 2004 5:59PM
This is brill - wouldn't mind seeing a b&w but this is great in the meantime!
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
11 Aug 2004 8:35PM
still waiting for a portrait neevyfunk!
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2004 11:56AM
hello, thanks for the comments and clicks.

portrait is coming soon.....
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
14 Aug 2004 5:48AM
Oh good, cant waitSmile
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
14 Aug 2004 6:39PM
Still waitingSmile
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
15 Aug 2004 1:08PM
And still waiting!
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
16 Aug 2004 5:38AM
And still waiting!
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Aug 2004 10:09AM
and still waiting!
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2004 1:23PM
i will, i will, promise
Ian G W 17 398 3 England
21 Aug 2004 1:49PM
Excellent portrait.


(How about seeing the B+W version?)................just a thought!
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
21 Aug 2004 1:51PM
Hello Niamh. Thanks for your comment.
You'r still in Barcelona?
trahern 17 863 United Kingdom
21 Aug 2004 1:53PM
This is excellent work - stunning portrait.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2004 11:35PM
thanks folks
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
27 Aug 2004 3:31PM
Hello Niamh. How're you?
I will pass Barcelona, Sunday morning.
Shall use my Clackson. ! TUUUUUUT TOOOOOOOT.
Al the best, see you later.(on epz)
6 Sep 2004 8:26AM
Hi Niamh. How are you? Hope you post again soon. Te echamos de menos!
f1ash 16 2
6 Sep 2004 10:46AM
Excellent portrait. click
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
6 Sep 2004 2:35PM
promises promises
UserRemoved 16 6.2k 1
6 Sep 2004 11:31PM
Lovely portrait - comp and lighting.

Agree with Rab re yellow hue. If it looks OK to you, then monitor calibration is required.

If you see a yellow hue then suspect the White Balance (my camera occasionally shows a green hue with skin tones). Whichever, its easily correctable
Atlas 17 621 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2004 5:58AM
Gorgeous cute!

Rob ☺☺☺
sbphoto 16 19 Ireland
7 Sep 2004 6:17PM
Beautiful natural pose of a beautiful Girl, Love the eyes and golden glow.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2004 8:08PM
hello, thanks everyone for your nice comments.

hi jan, i hope you enjoyed your time in spain!

hi gareth, im good, thanks. hope you are. i've been missing everyone on epz, too.

fred, i WILL. (promise)

i have nearly finished the website for my new online school. when it's done i will throw myself back into photography and a self-portrait is top of my list.

thanks again folks.
21 Sep 2004 10:16AM
Hi Niamh
thanks for your comments on my photos. The online school sounds interesting. Is the site up yet?
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2004 4:26PM
hi gareth,

some of the pages have gone up although it's not finished yet:

take a look!
24 Sep 2004 9:28AM
Hi Niamh,
It looks very professional. I must confess that I would be daunted by the amount of technical detail involved in setting something like this up. I imagine that it must have involved a tremendous amount of work for you. I hope it pays off. If it does then you will have solved one of the problems I had when teaching that 1/2 the day was lost travelling to different peoples offices / homes. Good luck with it!
paul_indigo 17 259 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2004 12:10AM
Miss you.
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
14 Oct 2004 5:33PM
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
19 Oct 2004 9:30PM
She is Gorgeous, Niamh.
But eh.. notting to shoot anymore at Barcelona?
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 3:41PM
hi gareth, i know what you mean about lugging a bag full of teaching materials around the city. what kind of teaching were you doing?

hi paul - missing you guys, too.

hi fred and jan, been too busy with work, and on top of that i moved into a new flat 2 weeks ago and have been without internet up until today ... nightmare.
4 Nov 2004 10:12AM
Hi Niamh. I was an EFL teacher - 3 years in Parma, Italy and a year in Alicante. Glad you're still about - hope you post again soon.
ukuwi 16 476 1 England
23 Dec 2004 2:06AM
still waiting for a portrait neevyfunk!
hope all is going well for you, and hope you have a gret christmas and new year, missing you on here, sob sobSmile
5 Jan 2005 6:28AM
Happy New Year Niamh!
Hope the online school is working out well for you.
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
7 Jan 2005 2:42PM
you promised
17 Jan 2005 5:01PM
Are you going to return or not :|
7 Dec 2005 10:40AM
gorgeous shot niamh

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