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keithh 17 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
2 Jul 2004 11:26AM
What's to criticise? If this doesn't get a shed load of clicks, and EC and praised to'll have been robbed.
click (1 of many)
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
2 Jul 2004 11:29AM
got to agree with keith here -- you seem to have jumped very high in the quality stakes -- this is a fine example of portraiture at it's highest level -- this and yesterdays flower in the hands are 2 of the best pieces i have seen on this site --
keep em comin
mattmatic 16 598
2 Jul 2004 11:31AM
Add my click to this brilliant portrait! Wow! Eyes, toning, detail - superb!
Matt :HUGEclick:
2 Jul 2004 11:33AM
I'm jealous! lol I want to do more adults. Agree with everyone superb work Niamh. KLICKED. K.
geegee 16 29 England
2 Jul 2004 11:39AM
Really superb portrait, must agree emphatically with Keith and Fred, this is absolutely outstanding for me!

jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
2 Jul 2004 11:52AM
Hola Niamh. A Real Spanish Caballero. Ol
llonaid 17 2
2 Jul 2004 12:23PM
Hi Niamh. What a super portrait! you've caught your subject perfectly.
Click from me.
synaesthesia 16 389 England
2 Jul 2004 12:26PM
Very nice portrait, click!
saveme 17 115
2 Jul 2004 12:43PM
Great portrait! Excellent toning and lighting.

sze4j 16 56 Singapore
2 Jul 2004 1:06PM
Nice!! Like that look and the tones you've used. Clixx! =)

One thing though : my eyes seemed to be playing tricks when i look left, and then i realised that its his shoulders. But i don't see any on the right, 'cos of the (lack of) it seemed a bit off balance for me personally. Suspect the image could be improved somehow, but am no expert...
magda_indigo 17 418 England
2 Jul 2004 2:40PM
I agree it is a good portrait, but a 'tiny' bit more light on his right side, would have made it perfect for me, noe his eye seems lost in space, if you know what I mean.
This is meant as a constructive criticism. lol (*:*)
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2004 2:57PM
A very good portrait indeed. If you dodge his left eye a little, it will bring it out a bit more but that's so easy a fix that it's not effecting the big click you deserve.
desplus 16 8 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2004 3:39PM
Love the lighting good sharp eyes great shot
suraj 16 India
2 Jul 2004 3:48PM
I like the expression on his face Smile
wonderful lighting...
Good Job!!


ukuwi 16 476 1 England
2 Jul 2004 4:08PM
excellent quality, wish I could do what you have done with the light, superb shot.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2004 4:13PM
hi, thanks so much everyone.

i kind of liked the directional lighting as i thought it added a bit of drama. maybe it just looks odd. hmm.

anyway, your comments have given me something to think about - cheers!

stevieb 16 3.0k 2 Panama
2 Jul 2004 8:11PM
It works for me. Great eyes.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2004 9:36PM
thanks a lot steve - maybe it's a monitor thing.
teena40 16 66
2 Jul 2004 11:03PM
Lovely tones.
sugarbird 16 223 South Africa
3 Jul 2004 2:55AM
A very good adult portrait, try more please
regards Jill
UserRemoved 16 4.2k
3 Jul 2004 1:13PM
I'm looking at this on a cracked, crappy lcd laptop screen and it looks stunning.

Cant wait to see it on the proper screen.

Excellent portrait. What does Solly think of it?
eafy 16 9 Australia
3 Jul 2004 2:01PM
Great moody shot, maybe just a tad more light on his left eye would be good. Lighting is otherwise very dramatic and works well.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2004 2:51PM
thanks for your comments everyone.
3 Jul 2004 6:25PM
Excellent portrait, well done Niamh.
Mavis 18 143 2 England
3 Jul 2004 6:52PM
A great portrait and very striking . After the well known portrait Artist ... Karsh of Ottawa. Keep this up , fantastic work .
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2004 7:05PM
thanks richard and mavis.

oh, joe, i forgot to tell you that solly did like it, thanks for asking, although he only posed to give me practice (i've been trying to get him to pose for me for months). i was more pleased than him, though, that's for sure.
cooky 16 6 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2004 12:14PM
Bet Solly was pleased with this excellent portrait - well done.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2004 9:54PM
cheers kath!
woodlark 16 545 1 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2004 10:18PM
Great : ^ )
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
5 Jul 2004 11:13AM
you look more masculine than i imagined
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2004 4:53PM
thank you kind people!

fred, lol
trahern 17 863 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2004 7:25PM
Excellent portrait Niamh.
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2004 9:20PM
Nice one, very well done, click
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2004 9:20PM
sorry clicked twice!
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2004 1:22AM
thanks folks!
vince 16 48 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2004 7:48AM
Excellent portriat lighting is spot on.


Vince Smile
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2004 11:59AM
thanks vince!
david deveson 16 62 2 Italy
6 Jul 2004 5:09PM
Clever to use the muslin, gives you a beautiful soft rich light. Nice one. Strong.
paul_indigo 17 259 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2004 9:41PM
Dramatic light. I particularly like the fact that you kept light in his right eye.

Thanks for your comment on my shot. Busy busy busy is all I can say.
himalk 16 4 Sri Lanka
7 Jul 2004 12:12PM
This is really great Niamh. Agree with paul about the lighting. very dramatic ! Like this a LOT !!!
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
7 Jul 2004 2:53PM
I Told you already, I like the Guy, Niamh.
But after a week looking at him, Like to see a Woman, if you don't mind?lol
Any other Beauty will do aswell!!!
aalonso 16 2
7 Jul 2004 4:25PM
im not the person to make a good technicall comment.....ill touch the spot i know: he's waiting for the pic while trying to look relaxed..that makes it less valid

Its a beautifull shot...great contrast, hands posicion,'ll do fine Smile


(sorry about the absence..)
Atlas 17 621 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 9:29PM
Lighting is spot on, the eyes are sharp... good stuff...could you make your next one female though? :o)))

8 Jul 2004 3:45AM
EXCELLENT. Light and tones are great!
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
8 Jul 2004 8:20AM
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2004 2:34PM
thanks all! i appreciate your comments, as always.

mornin el dinko.
PatriciaWilson 16 617 58 Greece
11 Jul 2004 7:06AM
It's all been said, Niamh. Excellent work! Click!
sze4j 16 56 Singapore
11 Jul 2004 8:30AM
hi niamh, how've u been doing? time for solly #2? =) just dropping a note to say 'hi' and 'hope u're having a good weekend'...must be hard at work with ur biz? me have been busy too, so have not had time to post or to check the site much this week. also, am making a one week trip away next tues, so will be even more quiet from me. in any case, hope u're good! =)
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
11 Jul 2004 6:24PM
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2004 1:17PM
thanks so much, patricia.

hi sze. i've been very busy with work lately and am now in england recovering after a three day reunion with all my irish relatives. great fun but don't think i'll be taking any more photos for a couple of days until the hangover wears off. hope things are going good with you?

evening funkster. hope you're doing good.
sze4j 16 56 Singapore
12 Jul 2004 1:51PM
Cheers, niamh for leaving me a message here. =) Nice to "cool off" and "recharge your batteries", before letting your creative juice ooze out again! lol! Things are fine with me...just received my exam results today and they were not too bad (passed everything!), so now doing my thesis before i am truly liberated! Am jetting off to provence tomorrow...really excited...hope to post some nice summer shots from the land that seldom rains (unlike here...). Will catch up with you again soon..see ya! =)
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2004 10:43AM
take care sze, and really well done your exam results! enjoy your hols.
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
15 Jul 2004 12:15PM
rikewoo 17 347 1 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2004 5:51PM
Very strong character study Niamh. Like the pose with the arms crossed, very effective.

sugarbird 16 223 South Africa
17 Jul 2004 2:25AM
Thanks for the comments on my shots, really appreciate them from you, you are very talented, ta!
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
21 Jul 2004 3:03PM
hi sweety
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2004 2:50PM
thanks for all your comments guys. they're much appreciated.
BrianM 17 136 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 8:24AM
A nice first try, although perhaps a tad sharper would be more in keeping with a male portrait. Nice treatment though and a nice image, I like it. Good work.
niamh 17 34 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2004 5:44PM
cheers brian
noseprints 17 576
18 Feb 2005 3:56PM
title made me laugh. very good portrait.

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