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A quick view of nicbone's recent activity.

  • Sunset on Higger Tor

    great sharpness/clarity and depth of field spot on. Beautiful spot and shot.
    • 22 Feb 2015 10:41PM
  • Mojo

    nice one - great composition
    • 23 Dec 2010 9:21PM
  • Winter Waves

    nice slow shutter speed blur effect
    • 29 Dec 2004 2:55PM
  • Whats the big wheel ?

    thanks for the comments, much appreciated - I like the spots of light off the cabins with the shallowish dof.
    • 12 Aug 2004 3:00PM
  • Early Light...

    nice composition with the many diagonal lines and the hazy light behind the crest of the hill
    • 15 Jul 2004 4:39PM
  • Out of Reach

    great contrast between the motion of the water and stillnes of the bird + the light on the bird is excellent
    • 15 Jul 2004 2:52PM
  • Cherries

    nice idea, well executed
    • 18 Jun 2004 5:22PM

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