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Welcome to my corner of ePhotozine.

I love all aspects of photography. But my true passion is Black & White the tones, textures is what holds my attention. Of late my work is moving more into the surreal creative genre, but I still love the early morning sunrise, there's something magical about the dawn of a day.
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Hello Nick. You have a fantastic portfolio. So many wonderful photos to look through. Great work, and . superb photography.
Lontano 13 8 2 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2018 10:06AM
I am captivated by your portfolio. Such a wide variety of subjects but I love the black and white portraits best. You bring out the character of the sitter. Some of the images are stunning and what an asset to have such a great model in the gentleman with the whiskers.
I share your appreciation of Ansel Adams's zonal system. He was the inspiration behind me going down the black and white path.
I look forward to seeing more excellent portraits.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
15 Jun 2017 7:39PM
Thanks Rae and Carol
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
15 Jun 2017 7:38AM
Thanks Rae and Carol
30 May 2017 6:58AM
I am very impressed with your portfolio. Excellent photography. Your images tell a story and portray the mood of the subjects. Great work.
What a wonderful PF you have, a good mix of subjects all mastered perfectly. I love your still life images especially "The seven ages of man", I will look forward to the next masterpiece.
Carol Smile
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
24 Dec 2016 7:52PM
Thanks Mike Smile
optik 14 15 1 England
24 Dec 2016 4:13PM
really good portfolio Nick, excellent work.
16 Oct 2016 1:02PM
Great, what fabulous images.
MiguelB 7 1 3
14 Jul 2016 11:26AM
An excellent portfolio here and a web great site also. A collection of images that not only inspire but capture your declared passion for photography!
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
2 Sep 2013 10:14AM
Thanks James
A good portfolio good images Smile

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
5 Apr 2013 10:41AM
Thanks Jeremy & George Smile
fazzer 14 54 7 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2013 5:16PM
A stunning portfolio I aspire to getting close to one day
Diggeo 10 13 Greece
28 Feb 2013 7:50PM
Thx for your useful comments on my photo "Calton Hill".
Your portfolio is impresive. I wish some day be able to make some photos like these.
All the best
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
13 Jan 2013 11:54PM
Thanks Sue
Suehh 16 39 6 England
13 Jan 2013 10:08AM
A very beautiful PF - one to dream through
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
8 Nov 2012 12:16AM
Thanks Steve Smile
Steve_S Plus
17 183 3 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2012 8:29PM
I have only had a brief glimpse through your PF Nick, but from what I have seen it is awesome. Will be back to view more when time allows.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
3 Jul 2012 9:41AM
Thank you Bruce reallt appreciated.
DP_Imagery 18 24 6 Wales
3 Jul 2012 9:28AM
Just found your pf - fabulous surreal and creative imagery.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
26 Apr 2012 6:27PM
Thanks Neal
billydo 19 79 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2012 9:42AM
I enjoyed browsing through your portfolio Nick, very creative work throughout. I especially love your candid portraits, and processing. Smile

Thanks vey much indeed for the User Award left on my image "the waiting game". I value and appreciate your judgement.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
25 Mar 2012 7:36PM
Thanks Sue ... sorry for the late reply, I was away all last week.
SueEley 17 279 96 Wales
18 Mar 2012 7:39PM
Really interesting pf and great shots. I like the way you work in themes, too.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
8 Mar 2012 9:19AM
Thanks Simon Smile
BURNBLUE 17 13 1 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2012 4:07PM
Hi Nick, you got a very impressive set of pictures . Am really envious of your mono shots, first class.

Regards Simon.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
26 Nov 2011 4:50PM
Thanks Yat
duratorque 19 427 United Kingdom
11 Nov 2011 1:13PM
You have an outstanding portfolio. Really inspirational.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
25 Jul 2011 10:20PM
Thanks Ian, glad you enjoyed the images.

ianrobinson 13 1.2k 8 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2011 7:04PM
A stunning and inspiring portfolio Nick I very much enjoy looking at your images.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
27 Jun 2011 10:11AM
Thank you Al from someone of your artistic insights that's a compliment indeed.
User_Removed 14 1 8 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2011 9:55AM
A truely outstanding p/f, and a superb demonstration of camera craftmanship.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
17 Feb 2011 7:38PM
Thanks Alec
paddyman 14 66 United Kingdom
17 Feb 2011 11:06AM
Super portfolio and website Nick, very high standard well done.Alec.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
4 Jan 2011 10:12AM
Thank you Derek
derekhansen 14 210 24 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 9:14PM
Teriffic portfolio Nick. Consistently high quality.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
22 Nov 2010 4:04PM
Thanks Jonathan
jonathanbp 14 99 Thailand
19 Nov 2010 7:07PM
Superb portfolio, love the use of colour and tones - Jonathan
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
28 Aug 2010 3:35AM
Thanks Alan, reminds me I must get the site updated !


alansdottir 14 60 7 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2010 11:53PM
You have a wonderful collection of images here, Nick! I love the way your compositions and interpretations capture the essence of the places you photograph...
I'd hoped to get down to the Cromford Exhibition, but I'm away that week, sadly. I've bookmarked your Photium website, though... Great stuff!
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
19 Jun 2010 1:07PM
Thanks Brian & Gilbert Smile
Brian_Scott 13 42 27 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2010 12:27AM
Stunning Portfolio
Cor 14 Belgium
15 Jun 2010 9:31AM
Superb shots
zteamie 13 Scotland
11 Sep 2009 2:06PM
A fantastic collection of shots Nick.
I'm really impressed with the depth to them and the way you have captured both the light and tonality of your subjects.
Keep up the good work Sir.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
7 Sep 2009 6:15PM
Thanks Jerry its most appreciated
jeronius 14 2 1 England
6 Sep 2009 8:24PM
A truely stunning portfolio.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
10 Jul 2009 10:53AM
Just thought I'd catch up with the comments. Thank you everyone most appreciated. Thanks for the PF critique Alan. The examples you state are well known to me, both Nigel & Patrick are in my favourites, and the Moon and Half Dome image from Ansel Adams is still probably my favourite mono landscape image of all time, a photographer we all owe a big favour to as his zone system is the basis of modern metering.

As for the digital manipulations, well I'm still learning Wink

Oh and I'd love a 500/600mm lens one day....
Paintman 16 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
20 Jun 2009 5:07PM
1. What do you like of their PF (if you do)?

I like the high standard of work and understanding of the photographic process Nick shows. Also the warm toned land and seascapes are beautifully composed and processed.

2. What do you think is lacking in their PF?

Composit and digital art work. I have to say though, there is plenty of variety in his portfolio and Nick's website shows this to be the case, so maybe digital manipulation is the wrong direction for him to try.

3. How do you think they can improve their PF?

I think Nick will improve naturally with time and I think he's on the right track with what he produces.

A longer lens, say a 500mm or a 600mm, would give him greater scope for wildlife shooting.

4. What do you like to see in their PF?

I like Nick's land and seascapes the most as they connect with me more than the rest of his work, although I like the seal shots and the night shots too.

5. Whose work would you recommend them to have a look at (if you know any)?

Nigel Pye's wildlife work is superb ( the wader shots are excellent ) and Patrick Smith's land and seascapes are intelligent and very high quality imo. Particularly this one. And this one.

I think a look at Ansel Adams' mono lanscapes wouldn't do any harm either.
HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
20 Jun 2009 2:35PM
Great work
Ian-Munro 15 200 15 Wales
16 Jun 2009 8:52AM
Superb PF really enjoyed the browse. the train images are something else.

Favourited! Smile

BreadandShutter 14 16 7 United Kingdom
23 Apr 2009 3:55PM
stunning portfolio !
Rachel99 14 1 2 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2009 5:50PM
Wonderful portfolio. I particularly like your landscapes
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
12 Sep 2008 4:02PM
Thanks Jim & Ashminder, much appreciated.

JimL 16 367 United Kingdom
12 Sep 2008 10:35AM
pleasure to look through your p/f Nick.some lovely images.well done
ashminder 15 13
11 Aug 2008 1:16PM
excellent portfolio, some of the best photos ive seen
VCLex 15 1 Belgium
13 Jun 2008 11:17PM
Absolutely beautiful pictures; they have a calming effect on the soul.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
6 Jun 2008 2:47PM
Thank you for all the kind comments Smile
Chant57 17 395 3 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2008 10:59AM
A delight to see such fine images, from capture through processing the quality of work shines through.
Jwren 18
20 May 2008 11:18PM
A PF of high quality. Well done.

Paintman 16 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2008 1:06PM
An excellent PF to look through. Every photo's very well composed and the quality of each shot and the processing is right up there. Superb body of work.
fishy2 15
16 Mar 2008 6:47PM
AWESOME.......PF.......stunning shots.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
27 Feb 2008 8:05PM
Thanks Andrew
anpix 15 88 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2008 6:32PM
Lovely Photos love the colours
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
3 Feb 2008 9:18PM
Thanks Mal
p100 18 United Kingdom
3 Feb 2008 9:14PM
Outstanding portfolio, I hope to aspire to your standard, having the same model of camera, I can see from your work what can be achived.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
3 Feb 2008 4:37PM
Thanks Matt, And welcome to EPZ by the look of your images youv'e made a good start.

Matman 15 37 United Kingdom
2 Feb 2008 9:10AM
Hi Nick,

It seems to me that the amount of votes that an image gets on EPZ is a really good barometer and you would'nt need to plot a graph to work out the direction your images have been going...Smile

A cracking PF Nick and I hope that I go in a similar direction this year...Smile


Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
21 Jan 2008 9:00AM
Thank you Jerry & Ollie your comments are most welcome.

olbell 15 47 1 England
20 Jan 2008 5:31PM
An awesome portfolio from start to finish, congratulations

Rgds Ollie
jdh2 17 1 1 United States
20 Jan 2008 5:19PM
Great portfolio. You have a real insight as to what makes a great photo.

Regards from Austin, Texas

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
13 Jan 2008 6:51PM
Thank you Dave & Ken. Its most appreciated.

User_Removed 16 485 13 England
12 Jan 2008 2:00PM
breathtaking photography in everyway Nick. A PF just packed to the brim with quality.

16 Dec 2007 5:29PM
Great PF. Enjoyed looking through. Cheers, Ken.
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
14 Dec 2007 12:11PM
Thanks Phil - Just noticed your comment its hidden away at the foot of tha page. I wish we could get aq PM when we get a PF comment !
phil87 15 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2007 3:48PM
some great images in your gallery, castle on a hill image is excellent love bw shots.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
6 Oct 2007 5:30PM
Thanks Mike, Mark and Richard much appreciated.

Richsr 16 91 224 England
5 Oct 2007 1:38PM
Some great images in your Profolio. They give inspiration.
Regard Richard
peely 16 13 England
27 Sep 2007 10:29PM
well done
MikeH 18 218 4 United Kingdom
23 Sep 2007 1:04PM
Like how your portfolio is progressing, you have some good images, must get together on some new locations,
Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
31 Aug 2007 12:50PM
Thanks Stuart, most appreciated Smile

SH2006 17 222 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2007 10:55AM
...and I have just come across your PF Nick. Great work, a real joy to flick through.

Nick_w Plus
16 4.4k 100 England
14 Aug 2007 6:17PM
Thanks Magnus. Smile
magnus 18 661 5 United Arab Emirates
25 Jul 2007 8:46AM
This is a quality pf - well done!

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